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Charlotte Buschmann Sorge (Cheé) MP (b. - 1832)

Doris Louise Norberta Donawa MP (1908 - 2001)

Chee MP (deceased)

Tin Chee Yuen (Hung) MP (deceased)

Tien Fong Tin Chee Yuen MP (deceased)

Kee Foung Tin Chee Yuen MP (deceased)

"5th Auntie" CHEE MP (deceased)

"Kok Kum Mo" CHEE MP (1930 - 2008)

"Sok Kong" CHEE MP (deceased)

"Sok Por" CHEE MP (deceased)

"Tai Sok Por" CHEE MP (deceased)

"You Ou" CHEE MP (deceased)

"You Tong" CHEE MP (deceased)

"You Ya" Chee MP (deceased)

(Son#4)Grandfather Chee MP (deceased)

- Chee MP (deceased)

? Chee MP (b. - 1959)

? Chee MP (deceased)

Chee Huck ? MP (deceased)

Abdullah Salleh MP (deceased)

Ah Kwong CHEE 朱 MP (deceased)

Ah Leong Chee MP (deceased)

Ah Swee Chee MP (deceased)

Albert Joseph Chee MP (1926 - 2014)

Albert Noa Chee MP (1909 - 1975)

Albert Noa Chee (Noa) MP (1909 - 1975)

Alex Cheong Kwai Chee MP (deceased)

Alexander CHEE MP (2015 - d.)

Alice Chee (Tan) MP (deceased)

Alice Wong Yoke Chee MP (b. - 1982)

Alice Elsie Wong Hop (Ah Chee) MP (1910 - 1962)

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Amelia Chee MP (deceased)

Amelia Goo Chee MP (deceased)

amy Chee MP (deceased)

Andrew Chee-Awai MP (deceased)

ANG KEH CHEE MP (deceased)

Ann Mee Hong Chee MP (deceased)

Ann Poy Kin Chee MP (deceased)

Anna Chee MP (1973 - d.)

Anna Chee MP (deceased)

Annie R Neskai (Chee Begay) MP (1910 - 2002)

Annie Lim (Chee) MP (deceased)

Annie Chee MP (deceased)

Anthony Chee MP (deceased)

Anthony Chee-Awai MP (b. - c.1945)

Anthony Ho Chee Tai MP (deceased)

Arthur Chan Ah Chee MP (1895 - d.)

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Awok (Anthony) Chee Awai MP (deceased)

Babs Chee-Awai MP (deceased)

Twins with Baba. From Uncle Kendrick Chee awai

Bah Chee (Teo) MP (deceased)

Bak Siang 徐木善 Chee MP (deceased)

Basil Chee-Awai MP (deceased)

Grace Chee-awai's godfather.

CHEE Bay Hoon, 徐馬雲, 21,18,9世 MP (1924 - 2005)

Beatrice Lum Chee MP (deceased)

CHEE Bee Cheng 徐美清, 19,16,7世 MP (1885 - 1938)

DEATHS. Malaya Tribune, 19 May 1938, Page 10 Mr Chee Bee Cheng passed away peacefully on May 18, 1938 at his residence, No 208, Pasir Panjang, at the age of 53, leaving behind his wife, two sons and ...

Benancio Chee MP (deceased)

CHEE Beng Chiang 徐明章, 20,17,8世 MP (b. - 1946)

Beng Choo Chee MP (1907 - 1967)

CHEE Beow Kong 徐苗光, 15,12,3世 MP (c.1771 - c.1832)

Post-humous name 諡: 良順 Liang Shun

Beverly Maydell Chee (Wise) MP (1933 - 1990)

CHEE Bock Cheng 徐目清, 19,16,7世 MP (deceased)

Chee Chin Bok MP (c.1922 - 1991)

Chee Huck Boo MP (deceased)

Chee Huck Boon MP (deceased)

Boon Tat Chee MP (deceased)

Brother Chee MP (deceased)

bua low chee MP (deceased)

ANG Buay Neo 洪麥娘 MP (b. - c.1938)

Carmen (Baba) Chee-Awai MP (deceased)

Carmen Kawai Martina'Uli Chee MP (deceased)

Cecilia KekipiKamakahukilani (Chee) MP (deceased)

Chan Weng Chee MP (deceased)

Chan Chee Seng MP (deceased)

Chan Chee Kah MP (deceased)

CHEE Chark Chun, 朱, 15世 MP (deceased)

Chark Farng CHEE 朱 MP (deceased)

Charles CHEE MP (b. - 1939)

Charlie Chee MP (deceased)

Charlotte Chee (Moules) MP (1803 - d.)

Chee Khay Hin Chee MP (deceased)

Foo Chee Lam MP (deceased)

Chim "Mei" Tin Yung Yuen MP (1914 - 1997)

CHEE Teck Cheong, 徐德松, 21,18,9世 MP (1922 - 1992)

Chee Tet Tong Chee MP (deceased)

Chee Yeng,Seow/Sun MP (deceased)

Chee Kiat Bong 徐吉夢,Chee Jin Siew 徐仁壽, 18,15,6世 MP (1839 - 1881)

Post-humous name 諡: 兼善 Kiam Sian The title 清代奉政大夫 was found on his tombstone. 奉政大夫 means 文散官员 (無擔任固定職事的官員). It's quite common, many Chinese in SEA have bought or have been given 官位

CHEE Buay Kim MP (deceased)

CHEE Swee Neo @ Cherding,Chee Ding 徐瑞娘 MP (1919 - 2017)

Cheng Yee CHEE MP (b. - 1998)

CHEE Cheok Lam, 朱灼林 MP (1893 - 1956)

CHEE Cheong Jing, 朱, , 20世 MP (deceased)

CHEE Cheong Kooi MP (deceased)

CHEE Cheong Lan, 朱昌蘭, 20世 MP (deceased)

Cheong Lei Chee MP (deceased)

Cheong Nam CHEE 朱 MP (deceased)

Cheong Yew CHEE 朱 MP (deceased)

Chee Cheuk Tee MP (1931 - 2003)

Cheuk Tee Chee MP (deceased)

Chew Poh Chee 周寶治 MP (deceased)

CHEE Chi Chee, 朱, 4世 MP (deceased)