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Charles Rocket MP (1949 - 2005)

Charles Adams Claverie (August 24, 1949 – October 7, 2005)—known by such stage names as Charlie Hamburger, Charlie Kennedy, and, most famously, Charles Rocket—was an American film and television actor....

? Claverie (Martin) MP (deceased)

? Claverie (Harper) MP (deceased)

Agatine Claverie MP (c.1911 - d.)

Agnes Claverie MP (deceased)

Agnes Davillier (Claverie) MP (c.1862 - d.)

Alvin Claverie MP (deceased)

Aminthe Jeanne Winfrey (Claverie) MP (deceased)

Amynthe CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Ann Claverie (Nathaniel) MP (1936 - 1993)

Anne Dupeyron (Claverie) MP (c.1798 - 1869)

Il s'en faut de quelques kilomètres (deux!), mais Monguilhem se trouve dans le Gers. Et le Gers n'a même pas encore commencé à parler d'archives en ligne. Ont-ils seulement Internet? Si quelqu'un...

Annie Holt (Claverie) MP (1862 - 1911)

Antoine Aristide Claverie MP (deceased)

Antonia Claverie MP (deceased)

Arnaud de CLAVERIE MP (1704 - 1782)

Arnaud de CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Auguste-Henri Claverie MP (1883 - 1921)

Augustine (Gussie) Claverie MP (c.1864 - d.)

Bernard CLAVERIE MP (1789 - d.)

Bernard CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Bernardine Claverie (Naveau) MP (deceased)

Berthe Claverie MP (deceased)

Bertrand Claverie MP (deceased)

Beth Claverie (Crelin) MP (deceased)

Bruna Asensio (Claverie) MP (1911 - 2014)

Carl Claverie MP (deceased)

Carlos Claverie Rodriguez MP (1935 - 2007)

Carlos Claverie Meister MP (deceased)

Catherine PEYRAS DIT CLAVERIE MP (1774 - 1775)

Catherine Laussu (Claverie) MP (deceased)

Catherine Claverie (Sarihou) MP (deceased)

Catherine Denise CLAVERIE MP (1793 - d.)

Catherine Claverie (Labrit) MP (1831 - 1883)

catherine CLAVERIE MP (1791 - d.)

Catherine-Louise CLAVERIE MP (1785 - d.)

Celeste CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Celina (Lena) Madeline Claverie (Kobel) MP (1844 - 1914)

Charles Joseph Louis Léopold CLAVERIE MP (1876 - 1947)

Claudia Claverie MP (1843 - 1958)

Daniel Claverie MP (deceased)

David CLAVERIE MP (1709 - d.)

Denise Barbazan (Claverie) MP (bef.1681 - d.)

Denise Catherine Lavigne (de Claverie) MP (deceased)

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Dominick Claverie MP (deceased)

Dorothea Eva Claverie (Stucke) MP (1876 - 1912)

Edward Claverie MP (c.1916 - d.)

Elmo Claverie MP (c.1923 - d.)

Eléonor de Claverie MP (deceased)

Emile Joseph Justin CLAVERIE MP (1853 - 1886)

Ernest Claverie MP (c.1914 - d.)

Eugenio Sarrabayrouse Claverie MP (1873 - 1959)

Eva Reinhart (Claverie) MP (deceased)

Francis Claverie MP (1897 - 1924)

Frank Edmond Claverie MP (1895 - 1919)

Frank Claverie (Jr), Jr. MP (1917 - 1986)

François Antoine Claverie MP (deceased)

George Claverie MP (deceased)

George Claverie MP (deceased)

Géralde Claverie MP (deceased)

Harry Claverie MP (1913 - 1974)

Hector Claverie MP (deceased)

Helen Claverie (Carriere) MP (b. - 1990)

Helen Carriere Claverie married to Robert Claverie lived for a long time in New Orleans. Robert died and was buried in New Orleans. Helen continued to live in New Orleans until, in poor health, she ent...

Helen Alvina Claverie (Lee) MP (1918 - 2009)

Helen was born February 18, 1918 to Olaus and Bertha Lee in Barron, Wisconsin. She spent her early years on a dairy farm outside of Barron. When she was 19, she moved with her family to Oregon where sh...

Henri-Daniel CLAVERIE MP (1786 - d.)

Hubert Claverie MP (deceased)

Irene Claverie (Williams) MP (deceased)

Isaac de CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Jacob de CLAVERIE MP (1580 - d.)

Jean PEYRAS dit CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Jean Etienne CLAVERIE MP (1798 - d.)

Jean CLAVERIE MP (1750 - d.)

Jean CLAVERIE MP (1705 - d.)

Jean CLAVERIE MP (b. - 1872)

Jean Claverie MP (deceased)

Jean PEYRAS dit CLAVERIE MP (deceased)

Jean dit Argoulet Claverie MP (bef.1681 - aft.1695)

Jean Joseph Claverie MP (1873 - d.)

Jean-Bernard Claverie MP (1844 - 1920)

Jean-Henri CLAVERIE MP (1784 - 1824)

Jean-Pierre CLAVERIE MP (1714 - d.)

Jeanette Fortayon (Claverie) MP (b. - c.2013)

Jeanette Claverie MP (deceased)

Jeanne Claverie MP (deceased)

Jeanne Claverie MP (deceased)

Jeanne de CLAVERIE MP (1676 - d.)

Jeanne CLAVERIE MP (1889 - 1946)

Jeanne Julie Darre (Claverie) MP (1802 - 1866)

Jeanne Claverie (Lavit) MP (bef.1681 - d.)

Jeanne Claverie MP (1861 - d.)

Jeanne-Therese Claverie MP (1911 - 1911)

Jennie Claverie MP (deceased)

Jessie Ita Ellis (Claverie) MP (deceased)

John Claverie MP (deceased)

Frank worked as a florist in San Fransisco. His parents are believed to have been marble workers from Spain who died whilst building Norte Dame. They collected marble from the mountains between Spain a...

John Claverie MP (deceased)

John Claverie MP (c.1870 - d.)

Joseph Léon CLAVERIE MP (1795 - d.)

Joseph de CLAVERIE MP (1679 - d.)

Joseph CLAVERIE MP (1747 - 1840)

Joseph Claverie MP (c.1879 - d.)

Joseph Claverie MP (1800 - 1849)