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Abigail Very (Crowninshield) MP (1760 - 1792)

Alfred Harris Crowninshield MP (1871 - 1944)

From the Crowninshield Family History: Alfred H., son of Samuel T. and Maria (Streeter) Crowninshield, lived in Hinsdale, then to the Stillman Clark farm in Jamaica; removed to the Village 15 May 1...

Rear Admiral Arent S. Crowninshield MP (1843 - 1908)

Arent Schuyler Crowninshield (March 14, 1843–May 27, 1908) was an rear admiral of the United States Navy. He saw combat during the Civil War, and after the war held high commands both afloat and asho...

Benjamin Crowninshield, U.S. Secretary of the Navy MP (1772 - 1851)

Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (December 27, 1772 – February 3, 1851) served as the United States Secretary of the Navy between 1815 and 1818, during the administrations of Presidents James Madison ...

Capt. Clifford Crowninshield MP (1699 - 1776)

David Crowninshield MP (1766 - 1812)

David Crowninshield was a public official, businessman, and early settler of Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Early Life Crowninshield was born on February 18, 1766 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. His father, ...

David Crowninshield MP (1764 - 1764)

Eliza Ann Crowninshield (Allbee) MP (1929 - 2015)

Eliza Ann Crowninshield, 86, a former longtime resident of Jamaica died Thursday morning, November 26, 2015 at the Thompson House Nursing Home where she had been a resident since June of 2006. Mrs. C...

Elizabeth Crowninshield (Day) MP (c.1703 - 1744)

Cronenshield, Day Richard Cronenshield & Elisabeth Day Int. reads [Crowninsheild] [Elizath.] Married By The Rev. Thomas Prince on Aug. 21, 1734 Marriage Boston, MA

Elizabeth Crowninshield (Allen) MP (1672 - 1711)

Elizabeth Crowninshield MP (c.1772 - 1785)

Francis "Frank" Crowninshield MP (1872 - 1947)

Francis Welch Crowninshield (June 24, 1872 – December 28, 1947), better known as Frank or Crownie (informal), was an American journalist and art and theatre critic best known for developing and editi...

Capt. George Crowninshield, Jr. MP (1766 - 1817)

George Crowninshield Jr. was the adventuring owner of Cleopatra's Barge, first yacht to cross the Atlantic. In the 18th century the Crowninshield family of Salem, Massachusetts had a thriving shippin...

Hon. Capt. Jacob Crowninshield MP (1770 - 1808)

Jacob Crowninshield was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts and appointee to the position of U.S. Secretary of the Navy, which he never filled. His brother Benjamin Williams Crowninshield did succ...

James Crowninshield MP (1736 - 1801)

Jeams CROWNINSHIELD Jeams (Crowningsheild), and Persis Carpenter, both of A., int. Nov. 12, 1757. Marriage Attleborough, MA

John Crowninshield MP (1728 - 1777)

Inscription: In Memory of Mr JOHN CROWNINSHIELD Son of Mr. Clefford Crowninshield Ob.t June 1777 AET. 49 Years.

Leonard C. Crowninshield MP (1803 - 1855)

Leonard was a farmer in Hinsdale, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire. He lived on his father's homestead in Hinsdale throughout his life. The property was passed on to his son Samuel Terrill Crowninshield. ...

Mabel Sarah Crowninshield (Clark) MP (1876 - 1952)

Mabel was a member of the Ladies Benefit Society of the local church. Alfred was a prosperous farmer, cattle dealer, and political representative. Mabel and Alfred were married in Hinsdale, New Hamps...

Martha Crowninshield (Hilliard) MP (1704 - 1796)

Mary Crowninshield (Lane) MP (1737 - 1807)

Mary Crowninshield (Ives) MP (1728 - 1794)

Persis Crowninshield MP (c.1773 - 1822)

Persis Crowninshield (Carpenter) MP (1734 - 1770)

Richard Crowninshield MP (1708 - 1744)

Richard was known to have been a distiller in Providence, R.I. in 1744; removed to Attleborough; children were born at Providence; dau. Sarah was m. at Sutton, Mass., Bethiah at Cumberland, R.I. Rich...

Richard Crowninshield (Crowningshield) MP (1739 - 1819)

Richard CROWNINSHIELD Richard, and Mary Lane, both of A., int. Mar. 28, 1761. Marriage Attleborough, MA

Samuel Terrill Crowninshield MP (1837 - 1921)

Samuel Terrill Crowninshield -- who went by his middle name -- was a farmer who lived on his grandfather David's old homestead in Hinsdale. He and his wife Maria were known for having their long, happy...

Wallace Alfred Crowninshield MP (1900 - 1983)

Wallace was a hunter, fisher, and mail carrier -- and, above all, a family man. He hunted throughout Jamaica and points north as part of various hunting groups. He was employed as a Star Route Mail Car...

Walter Leonard Crowninshield MP (1859 - 1861)

Walter Leonard Crowninshield was the first child of Samuel Terrill Crowninshield and Maria (Streeter) Crowninshield. He died in infancy.

Crowninshield MP (1784 - d.)

Crowninshield MP (1785 - d.)

Crowninshield MP (1788 - d.)

Abigail Crowninshield MP (1790 - 1857)

Anna Crowninshield MP (1777 - d.)

Anna Crowninshield MP (1863 - 1865)

She died of dysentery. (sources: Massachusetts, State Census, 1865, gravestone inscription, Birth Records of Marblehead, MA & Death Records of Marblehead, MA)* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartC...

Anstis Babbidge (Crowninshield) MP (1727 - 1763)


Anstis Williams Crowninshield MP (1815 - d.)

Anstis "Annie" Crowninshield MP (1815 - 1905)

Annie G. Crowninshield Warren ... Birth: Sep. 19, 1815 Salem Essex County Massachusetts, USA Death: Feb. 27, 1905 Boston Suffolk County Massachusetts, USA Family links: Parents: Benjamin William...

Anstis Crowninshield (Williams) MP (1700 - 1773)

Barsina Crowninshield (Hubbard) MP (deceased)

Benjamin Varnum Crowninshield MP (1808 - 1829)

Bvt. Colonel Benjamin W. Crowninshield (USA) MP (1837 - 1892)

Bvt. Col. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (1837–1892) was a member of the Boston Brahmin Crowninshield family. Life He was born in Boston March 12, 1837. His father was Francis Boardman Crown...

Benjamin Crowninshield, Jr. MP (1782 - 1864)

Benjamin Crowninshield MP (1757 - 1836)

Bethiah Parker (Crowninshield) MP (1744 - d.)

Bowdoin Bradlee Crowninshield MP (1867 - 1948)

Bowdoin Bradlee Crowninshield (1867–1948) was an American naval architect who specialized in the design of racing yachts. Life Born October 13, 1867 in New York, Crowninshield grew up in Marb...

Caleb Crowninshield MP (deceased)

Caroline Maria Crowninshield (Welch) MP (1820 - 1897)

Caroline Maria Welch and Edward Augustus Crowninshield Caroline Maria Welch (1820-1897) m. Edward Augustus Crowninshield (1817-1859) Edward Augustus Crowninshield, Jr. (1841-1867) Lt. Francis Welch Cro...

Colonel Caspar Crowninshield (USA) MP (1837 - 1897)

Born: Oct. 23, 1837 Boston, Mass. Died: Jan. 10, 1897 Boston, Mass. From: Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans 1904 Caspar Crowninshield, soldier, was born in Boston, Mass...

Casper Crowninshield MP (1871 - 1910)

Charlotte Brown (Crowninshield) MP (1867 - d.)

Charlotte Chapin Browne (Crowninshield) MP (1868 - 1967)

Chloe Crowninshield (Shield) MP (1777 - 1880)

Marriage date and place, death date and place source come from the following website:

Clara Theis (Crowninshield) MP (1810 - 1907)

Capt. Clifford Crowninshield MP (c.1762 - 1809)

Comfort Crowninshield MP (1770 - 1845)

Comfort Crowninshield MP (c.1811 - 1893)

Cora Crowninshield MP (1845 - 1919)

Cornelia Maria Crowninshield MP (1909 - d.)

Daniel Crowninshield MP (1768 - d.)

Daniel Crowninshield MP (deceased)

Daniel Crowninshield MP (deceased)

Daniel Harris Crowninshield MP (deceased)

David Leonard Crowninshield MP (1872 - 1947)

From the Crowninshield Family Association records: David, son of Samuel T. and Maria (Streeter) Crowninshield, was at one time employed at Hope Street Foundry, Greenfield, Mass., lived a time at Ho...

Dora Crowninshield (Fagen) MP (c.1874 - d.)

Dora was the first wife of David Leonard Crowninshield. Based on correspondence David had with his family back in New Hampshire, Dora is believed to have been buried at Wheeling, West Virginia. David...

Dorothy "Dolly" Crowninshield MP (1781 - c.1840)

Drusilla Maria Wright (Crowninshield) MP (1866 - 1961)

Edward Augustus Crowninshield MP (1817 - 1859)

Edward Augustus Crowninshield MP (1870 - 1938)

Edward Augustus Crowninshield MP (1841 - 1842)

Edward Crowninshield MP (c.1775 - c.1793)

Rev Edward Crowninshield, II MP (1840 - 1883)

Occupation: cordwainer. His parents were John B. Crowninshield and Anna Goldsmith. Edward married Rebecca B. Felton at Marblehead, Massachusetts on Aug. 25, 1861 [first marriage for both]. (sources: Vi...

Eila Sofia Crowninshield MP (deceased)

Eleanor J. Crowninshield (Bostwick) MP (deceased)

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Apr 29 2017, 18:33:02 UTC

Eliza Crowninshield MP (deceased)

Eliza Sarah Crowninshield (Cummings) MP (1868 - 1935)

Elizabeth Crowninshield MP (1759 - d.)

Elizabeth Cole (Crowninshield) MP (1735 - c.1803)

Elizabeth Crowninshield MP (1704 - d.)

Elizabeth Boardman Crowninshield MP (1804 - 1884)

Elizabeth Crowninshield MP (1788 - d.)

Elizabeth Derby (Crowninshield) MP (1727 - 1799)

Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden (Crowninshield) MP (1906 - 1996)

Elizabeth D. Freeto (Crowninshield) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hall (Crowninshield) MP (1858 - 1914)

Elizabeth Crowninshield (Rowell) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Copley Crowninshield (Greene) MP (1848 - 1872)

Elsie Esther Crowninshield MP (1893 - 1996)

Emily Crowninshield MP (1847 - 1879)

Emmaline Minnie Stewart (Crowninshield) MP (1869 - 1961)

Esther Lavernia Jacobs (Crowninshield) MP (1867 - 1962)

1910 United States Federal Census Listed as Esther L Jacobs Birth: Circa 1868 - New Hampshire, United States Residence: 1910 - Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA Husband: Frank D Jacobs Children: Henr...

Eunice Crowninshield (Nutting) MP (c.1732 - d.)

Eva Mildred Slason (Crowninshield) MP (1905 - 1993)

Eva's Social Security Death Index gives her date of death as August 15, 1993, but her official Vermont death record gives a death date of August 21, 1993. Vermont Death Index, 1985-2012 Listed as Eva...

Eva Marie Crowninshield MP (deceased)

Florence Jeralda Crowninshield (Cheney) MP (1897 - 1995)

Florence appears in the 1920 Census as sharing a household with her husband, her brother-in-law Wallace A., and her 9-month-old son Wallace W. Her Census information appears on Film Number 1821876, D...

Frances "Fanny" Cadwallader Crowninshield MP (1839 - 1911)


Francis Boardman Crowninshield MP (1809 - 1877)

Francis Gool Crowninshield MP (1845 - 1847)

Francis Boardman Crowninshield MP (1869 - 1950)

connection to Boca Grande, FL First known as the Banana Patch, the Crowninshield studio was designed in 1927 by Albert Ely Ives for Francis B. Crowninshield and his wife, Louise du Pont Crowninshield...

Lt. Francis W. "Crownie" Crowninshield MP (1843 - 1866)

Frederic Crowninshield MP (1845 - 1918)

Frederic Crowninshield (1845-1918) was an American artist and author. Life Crowningshield was born in Boston on November 27, 1845 into the Crowninshield family. His father was Edward Augustus...