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... d'Austrasie MP (c.633 - 700)

Info from Birth: unknown Metz Departement de la Moselle Lorraine, France Death: unknown, Belgium Birth:632 Death: Princess Family links: Spouse: Theodard Bishop de Liège d'...

Adèle d'Austrasie, Abbess of Pfalzel MP (c.632 - 735)

Adèle d'Austrasie, Abbess of Pfalzel . There is some doubt whether she was a historical figure. She is frequently confused with the Addula who was mother of Albéric and grandmother of St. Gregory of Ut...

Saint Adèle of Austrasia MP (c.678 - 735)

St. Adele, Widow. A daughter of King Dagobert II of Germany, St. Adele became a nun upon the death of her husband, making provisions for her son, the future father of St. Gregory of Utrecht. She foun...

Berswinde d'Austrasie MP (c.650 - 690)

Berchinde Berswinde Meroving (daughter of Sigebert King of Merovingian and Hymnegilde) died date unknown

Bobon / Ratbod d'Austrasie MP (c.530 - 585)

Chrotlind d'Austrasie MP (c.675 - c.710)

Chrotlind might have been a daughter of Théodéric III (de Vajay, Chaume & Kelley), although she is not named by Schwennicke or Isenburg. However, the identity of her mother is disputed. Maurice Cha...

Daughter of Theudebert d'Austrasie MP (b. - 613)

The Liber Historiæ Francorum records that " Theudericus [rex]" wished to marry " neptem suam…filiam fratris sui " but that Queen Brunechildis dissuaded him. Paulus Diaconus records that " mense Iulio…A...

Emma of Austrasia MP (c.700 - 743)

Grimoald I, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia MP (c.615 - 658)

Alt data from merges: birth 616 - death 656Accepted Wikipedia names for this person are:German: Grimoald der Ältere (note: the majority of what was Austrasia was located in what is presently Germany)Fr...

Magdala d'Austrasie MP (c.690 - d.)

Magdalene (Magdala) of NARBONNE & Carcasonne poss. aka Magdala d' AUSTRASIA Born: ? Died: aft. 718 Husband/Partner: Sigebert (III; IV; I; Comte) de RAZES Children: Sigebert IV (V; II; Comte) de R...

N.N. d'Austrasie MP (c.590 - 600)

There is some doubt about her identity. Eckhardt says that Chrodoald married about 610 an unknown daughter of Gisulf , a Lombard duke ( Merowingerblut II: Agilolfinger und Etichonen , 1965). However, S...

N.N. d'Austrasie MP (c.740 - d.)

Romhilde of d'Austrasie MP (c.545 - d.)

Sigolène d'Austrasie MP (deceased)

... De Hesbaye (D'Austrasie) MP (690 - d.)

... D'Austrasie (De Bourgogne) MP (deceased)

? D'Austrasie (?) MP (deceased)

? D'Austrasie (De Bourgogne) MP (deceased)

? D'Austrasie (De Neustrie) MP (deceased)

Adèle d'AUSTRASIE (de TRÊVES) MP (deceased)

Albéric d'AUSTRASIE MP (625 - d.)

Anstrud de Champagne (d'Austrasie) MP (deceased)

Bebo d'Austrasie MP (deceased)

Bobbon Ratbod , Duc d'Austrasie d'Austrasie MP (deceased)

Carloman II D'Austrasie MP (deceased)

Chlotar IV d'Austrasie MP (b. - 719)

Cunegonde d'Aquitaine (d'Austrasie) MP (deceased)

Cunégonde d'Austrasie MP (deceased)

Emma d'Austrasie MP (685 - 798)

Ermengarde d'Austrasie MP (c.576 - d.)

Geberge D'Austrasie (De Lombardie) MP (deceased)

Hadeltrude D'Aquitaine (D'Austrasie) MP (b. - 604)

Hubert d'Austrasie MP (645 - 698)

Hugobert Sénéchal de Bavière de PRUEM d'AUSTRASIE MP (645 - 698)

Irmine d'Austrasie (d'Oeren) MP (deceased)

Mummoléne d'AUSTRASIE D'Austrasie MP (b. - 558)

N mordomo du Palais d' Austrasie MP (deceased)

N.N. d'Austrasie MP (c.622 - d.)

Ratbod D'Austrasie MP (deceased)

Robert Mordomo du Palais d'Austrasie MP (deceased)

Romilde De Frioul (D'Austrasie) MP (deceased)

Rothilde of Austrasia (Fictitious) MP (deceased)

Réginotrude De Bavière (D'Austrasie) MP (deceased)

Sigoald D'Austrasie MP (552 - 608)

Theodrate (Irmina) de PRUEM d'AUSTRASIE (d'OEREN) MP (645 - 706)