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... d'Austrasie MP (c.633 - 700)

Info from Birth: unknown Metz Departement de la Moselle Lorraine, France Death: unknown, Belgium Birth:632 Death: Princess Family links: Spouse: Theodard Bishop de Li...

Adèle d'Austrasie, Abbess of Pfalzel MP (c.632 - 735)

Adèle d'Austrasie, Abbess of Pfalzel . There is some doubt whether she was a historical figure. She is frequently confused with the Addula who was mother of Albéric and grandmother of St....

Saint Adèle of Austrasia MP (c.678 - 735)

St. Adele, Widow. A daughter of King Dagobert II of Germany, St. Adele became a nun upon the death of her husband, making provisions for her son, the future father of St. Gregory of Utrecht. She foun...

Berswinde d'Austrasie MP (c.650 - 690)

Berchinde Berswinde Meroving (daughter of Sigebert King of Merovingian and Hymnegilde) died date unknown

Bobon / Ratbod d'Austrasie MP (c.530 - 585)

Chrotlind d'Austrasie MP (c.675 - c.710)

Chrotlind might have been a daughter of Théodéric III (de Vajay, Chaume & Kelley), although she is not named by Schwennicke or Isenburg. However, the identity of her mother is disputed. ...

Daughter of Theudebert d'Austrasie MP (b. - 613)

The Liber Historiæ Francorum records that " Theudericus [rex]" wished to marry " neptem suam…filiam fratris sui " but that Queen Brunechildis dissuaded him. Paulus Diaconus records that "...

Emma of Austrasia MP (c.700 - 743)

Grimoald I, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia MP (c.615 - 658)

Alt data from merges: birth 616 - death 656Accepted Wikipedia names for this person are:German: Grimoald der Ältere (note: the majority of what was Austrasia was located in what is presently Ger...

Magdala d'Austrasie MP (c.690 - d.)

Magdalene (Magdala) of NARBONNE & Carcasonne poss. aka Magdala d' AUSTRASIA Born: ? Died: aft. 718 Husband/Partner: Sigebert (III; IV; I; Comte) de RAZES Children: Sigebert IV (V; II; Comte) de R...

N.N. d'Austrasie MP (c.590 - 600)

There is some doubt about her identity. Eckhardt says that Chrodoald married about 610 an unknown daughter of Gisulf , a Lombard duke ( Merowingerblut II: Agilolfinger und Etichonen , 1965). However, S...

N.N. d'Austrasie MP (c.740 - d.)

Romhilde of d'Austrasie MP (c.545 - d.)

Sigolène d'Austrasie MP (deceased)

... De Hesbaye (D'Austrasie) (690 - d.)

... D'Austrasie (De Bourgogne) (deceased)

? D'Austrasie (?) (deceased)

? D'Austrasie (De Bourgogne) (deceased)

? D'Austrasie (De Neustrie) (deceased)

Adèle d'AUSTRASIE (de TRÊVES) (deceased)

Albéric d'AUSTRASIE (625 - d.)

Anstrud de Champagne (d'Austrasie) (deceased)

Bebo d'Austrasie (deceased)

Bobbon Ratbod , Duc d'Austrasie d'Austrasie (deceased)

Carloman II D'Austrasie (deceased)

Chlotar IV d'Austrasie (b. - 719)

Cunégonde d'Austrasie (deceased)

Emma d'Austrasie (685 - 798)

Ermengarde d'Austrasie (c.576 - d.)

Geberge D'Austrasie (De Lombardie) (deceased)

Hadeltrude D'Aquitaine (D'Austrasie) (b. - 604)

Hugobert Sénéchal de Bavière de PRUEM d'AUSTRASIE (645 - 698)

N mordomo du Palais d' Austrasie (deceased)

N.N. d'Austrasie (c.622 - d.)

Numolène D'Austrasie (b. - 558)

Ratbod D'Austrasie (deceased)

Ratbod D'Austrasie (deceased)

Robert Mordomo du Palais d'Austrasie (deceased)

Romilde De Frioul (D'Austrasie) (deceased)

Rothilde of Austrasia (Fictitious) (deceased)

Réginotrude De Bavière (D'Austrasie) (deceased)

Sigoald D'Austrasie (552 - 608)

Theodrate (Irmina) de PRUEM d'AUSTRASIE (d'OEREN) (645 - 706)