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Major-General Oliver de Lancey MP (1708 - 1785)

Oliver DeLancey in wikipedia Major-General Oliver De Lancey (1718–1785), also known as Oliver DeLancey and Oliver de Lancey, was a merchant, a Loyalist politician and soldier during the Americ...

De Lancey (c.1654 - d.)

? Barberie (De Lancey) (deceased)

Ann de Lancey (deceased)

Ann de Lancey (van Cortlandt) (deceased)

Ann Maria Lawson (de Lancey) (deceased)

Anna Warren (de Lancey), Lady (b. - 1771)

Anne De lancey (Heathcote) (c.1706 - 1778)

Anne Cruger (de Lancey) (c.1735 - d.)

Anne de Lancey (de Marcilly) (deceased)

Caroline de Lancey (Carey) (1779 - 1862)

Person Sheet Name Caroline Carey Birth 27 Aug 1779 Death 2 Apr 1862 Age: 82 Ref Number E39 Father Jean Careye (1740-1810) Mother Marie Le Ray Spouses: 1 Colonel John De Lancey Ref N...

Catherine Hume De Lancey Blyth (Chapman) (1871 - 1957)

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Cecil De Lancey (deceased)

Charles Fitzroy de Lancey (deceased)

Charlotte Child (de Lancey) (deceased)

Charlotte Dundas (de Lancey) (b. - 1840)

Col. John de Lancey (deceased)

Cyril Warren De Lancey (b. - 1951)

David Dorin De Lancey (1853 - 1943)

David Dorin DeLancey Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Learn about removing the ads from this memorial... Birth: May 15, 1853 Dubuque County Iowa, USA Death: Dec. 9, 1943 Woonsocket Sanborn County S...

David Ellsworth De Lancey (deceased)

Donald De Lancey (deceased)

Dorin D. De Lancey (deceased)

Edith De Lancey (deceased)

Edward Floyd de Lancey (1821 - 1905)

Elizabeth de Lancey (Ryer) (1800 - 1862)

Elizabeth de Lancey (Floyd) (deceased)

Elizabeth De Lancey (Colden) (1720 - d.)

Emma de Lancey (deceased)

Frances de Lancey (Munro) (deceased)

Gertrude Peters (De Lancey) (deceased)

Guy de Lancey, Viscount of Laval and of Nouvion, Esq. (deceased)

Harry De Lancey (deceased)

Captain James DeLancey (1732 - 1800)

Captain James DeLancey (1732 – 8 April 1800) was born in New York City, the eldest son of New York Lt. Gov. James DeLancey (1703-1760) and grandson of Etienne DeLancey (1663-1741). James was e...

James de Lancey, Esq. (deceased)

Jane Watts (De Lancey) (deceased)

John DeLancey (Lawrence) (1796 - 1863)

John Peter de Lancey (deceased)

Katherine De Lancey (Lyon) (deceased)

Lavinia Cunningham (de Lancey) (1825 - 1902)

Magdalen de Lancey (Hall) (deceased)

Margaret Munro Rochester (De Lancey) (deceased)

Margaret WATTS (DE LANCEY) (deceased)

Margaret De Lancey (Wilson) (1845 - 1922)

Margaret Wilson DeLancey Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Learn about sponsoring this memorial... Birth: Sep. 20, 1845, Ireland Death: Jun. 10, 1922 Woonsocket Sanborn County South Dakota, USA ...

Margaret de Lancey (deceased)

Maria de Lancey (deceased)

Maria De Lancey (1828 - d.)

Maria Dickson (de Lancey) (deceased)

Martina Grace De Lancey (deceased)

Mary Walton (de Lancey) (1738 - c.1767)

Mary Starr (De Lancey) (deceased)

Maud Hutchins (de Lancey) (1863 - 1961)

Maude McCarty (De Lancey) (1865 - 1949)

Nancy de Lancey (Lloyd) (1828 - 1891)

Nellie De Lancey (Peters) (deceased)

General Oliver De Lancey (c.1749 - 1822)

. General Oliver De Lancey (c.1749 – 3 September 1822), also known as Oliver DeLancey and Oliver de Lancey, was a British Army officer of French Huguenot descent from a prominent family in col...

Peter De Lancey (1708 - d.)

Phila Payne-Gallwey (de Lancey) (deceased)

Phila de Lancey (Franks) (1722 - 1811)

the Franks family came from a long line of successful Sephardic Jews. A story of their dealings in the Revolution is told in Cha. 13 of Loyalist Mosaic by Joan McGee; Dundurn Press, Toroanto (1985)

Phila de Lancey (deceased)

Pierre De Lancey (deceased)

Pierre DeLancey, Lord of Niville (deceased)

Pieter de Lancey (Delancey) (1705 - 1770)

Sarah Rebecca de Lancey (Lawrence) (c.1771 - c.1850)

Buried in St Andrew's Cemetery - New Berlin Section E (E-21)

Sarah Rebecca de Lancey (Lawrence) (1771 - 1850)

Sarah was Warren de Lancey's third wife.

Sarah Rebecca Wilkins (De Lancey) (1823 - 1862)

Stephen de Lancey, Governor of Tobago (1748 - 1798)

Stephen was Governor of Tobago from 1797 to 1799. Stephen DeLancey (1748–1798) was clerk of the city and county of Albany, New York in 1785, lieutenant-colonel of the 1st New Jersey loyal volunt...

Stephen de Lancey (deceased)

Stephen De Lancey (c.1728 - d.)

. The Sacketts of America, Pg. 90-99

Sylvia Gytha De Lancey Chapman (1896 - 1995)

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Thomas W. De Lancey (1876 - d.)

Delaware County, Iowa Biography Directory Thomas W. De Lancey Farmer Milo Twp. Thomas W. De Lancey devotes his time to the operation of a farm of two hundred and one acres in Milo township, ...

Thomas de Lancey (Lawrence) (1802 - 1879)

Warren de Lancey (c.1762 - c.1843)

William A. de Lancey (1796 - 1847)

William Hethcote de Lancey (1797 - 1865)