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Hon. Nicasius de Sille MP (1610 - 1674)

Nicasuis was born september 23, 1610, in Arnheim. He studied at Leyden and the Univerity of Orleans where he graduated "with the cap," a Doctor of Law, as his father had done before him. He married 1...

Nicasius de Sille, de Oudere MP (1543 - 1601)

Zie Mechelen Mapt... ; en.wikipedia.... ; Nicasius de Sille (1543–1600) was a 16th-century statesman from Belgium who served as a special ambassador from the Netherlands to several nations, a...

Adrianus de Sille MP (1545 - d.)

Anna de Bruyn (de Sille) MP (1640 - 1711)

1661 Jun 12; Hendrick Kip , Anna de Silla; Cornelia; Nicasius de Silla

Anne de Sillé, Dame de Sillé MP (b. - c.1457)

Anthony de Sille MP (1699 - 1760)

Anthony de Sille MP (1753 - d.)

Antonia de Sille MP (1788 - 1862)

Antonius De Sille MP (1429 - 1484)

Antonius de Sille, was a page for Philip, Duke of Burgundy.

Arnoldus de Sille MP (1541 - d.)

Barbara de Sille (van Der Goes) MP (1515 - 1572)

Barbara de Sille MP (1547 - d.)

Catharina de Sille MP (bef.1777 - d.)

Catharina Anthonia de Sille MP (deceased)

Catharina Cornelia de Sille MP (1784 - 1786)

Clara De Sille MP (c.1578 - d.)

Cornelia de Sille MP (1676 - 1717)

Domete de Sillé-le-Guillaume MP (1182 - d.)

Elisabeth de Sille MP (1702 - d.)

Elisabeth de Sille MP (deceased)

Elisabeth de Sille MP (deceased)

Ermengearde De Sille MP (deceased)

Geradientje De Sille MP (1642 - d.)

Gerardina de Sille MP (1642 - 1681)

Daughter of Nicasius de Sille and Cornelia (Neeltje) Meulmans

Gerardina de Sille MP (c.1615 - d.)

Guijsberg de Sille MP (c.1616 - 1648)

Guillaume III de Sille MP (1160 - 1200)

Guillaume II de Sillé-le-Guillaume MP (1070 - 1138)

Guillaume I de Sillé-le-Guillaume MP (1010 - 1060)

Guillaume de Sillé MP (1363 - c.1396)

Guillaume de Sillé MP (deceased)

Henri Elize de Sille MP (deceased)

Henricus Eliza de Sille MP (deceased)

Henrietta Wilhelmina de Sille MP (deceased)

Henriette Wilhelmine de Sille MP (deceased)

Hersende de Sillé, dame de Doucelles MP (c.1190 - d.)

Hugues II de Sillé-le-Guillaume MP (1110 - 1164)

Hugues I de Sillé-le-Guillaume MP (1040 - 1087)

Isabeau de Sillé MP (deceased)

Jacob De Sille MP (deceased)

Jasper de Sille MP (1480 - 1513)

Johanna De Sille MP (1576 - d.)

Johanna de Sille MP (1739 - 1765)

Johanna de Sille MP (deceased)

Johanna Sophia Maria de Sille MP (deceased)

Johannes de Sille MP (1556 - d.)

Johannes de Sille MP (deceased)

Johannes de Sille MP (deceased)

Functie Secretaris v.d. dingbank Helvoirt en Esch Datum 24 April 1776

Johannes Kouwens de Sille MP (deceased)

Laurens de Sille MP (1643 - 1729)

.1664 Nov 09; Hendrick Kip, Anna De Silla; Catharina; Laurens De Silla , Gardina De Silla witness to his niece Catharina's baptism in New Amsterdam.

Laurens de Sille MP (1572 - 1637)

Laurens de Sille MP (deceased)

Laurens Adriaan de Sille MP (deceased)

Laurens Adriaan de Sille MP (deceased)

Laurens Adriaan de Sille MP (deceased)

Laurina de Sille MP (deceased)

Lucretia de Sille MP (1697 - d.)

Maria Bosetta Cornelia de Sille MP (deceased)

Maria Johanna Adriana de Sille MP (deceased)

Maria Rosetta de Sille MP (deceased)

Marie de Sillé, dame de Grandchamp MP (deceased)

Marie de Sillé MP (deceased)

Nalboy De Sille MP (1644 - d.)

Nicasius de Sille MP (1677 - 1677)

Nicasius de Sille MP (deceased)

Nicasius De Sille MP (1610 - bef.1674)

Nicassius De Sille MP (1610 - 1713)

Nicolaas de Sille MP (1552 - d.)

Nicolas Jasperse de Sille MP (1510 - 1546)

Petrus De Sille MP (1645 - 1663)

Regnoris De Sille MP (1618 - d.)

Renier de Sille MP (c.1614 - d.)

Robert II, seigneur de Sillé MP (deceased)

Rosetta Catharina de Sille MP (deceased)

Sophia Wilhelmina Wynanda Cornelia de Sille MP (1790 - 1794)

Victorine Seraphine de Sille MP (deceased)

Walburg Nicasius de Sille MP (1639 - 1686)

baptism: 1662 Jul 05; Frans Kregier, Walburg de Silla; Elisabeth; Marten Kregier, Nicasius de Silla

Wallburg De Sille MP (1639 - d.)

Wallburg De Sille MP (1639 - d.)

Wallburga De Sille MP (1639 - 1686)