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Lady Alice Le Despencer MP (c.1362 - 1392)

Alice Despenser Birth: Abt 1364 in Parlington, Lincolnshire, England Parents: Philip le Despenser, Elizabeth Married: John de Sutton Death: 1392 Links: OLD BELOW Father: Phillip...

Anne le Despenser (le Despencer) MP (1252 - 1322)

Okay, that was odd, the death location didn't even tranfer over... so I pasted the choices first, then Bjorn's profile, then mine... here in the about me. Field Main Profile Alternate Data Middle...

Anne le Despencer MP (1358 - 1426)

2nd cousin 2x removed of John of Gaunt (common descent from Edward I) Her husband's Grandmother was Isabel Le Despencer, so it appears that Anne is a distant cousin? She was his third wife and th...

Baroness Margery Wentworth (Despencer) MP (1397 - 1478)

Find A Grave Memorial # 48875313) - Name: MARGERY DE SPENCER (full given name Margaret, nickname "Margery"), Birth: 1385, Death: 20 APR 1478. Father: PHILIP DE SPENCER, Mother: ELIZABETH TIBE...

Dorothy Despencer (Hill) MP (b. - 1393)

Eleanor Despencer MP (c.1268 - 1351)

Elizabeth de Despencer (de Burghersh), 3rd Baroness Burghersh MP (c.1342 - 1409)

Edward le Despencer, 1st Baron le Despencer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Edward married Elizabeth de Burghersh, daughter of Bartholomew de Burghersh, 2nd Baron Burghersh. They had the fo...

Elizabeth le Despencer, Baroness Zouche MP (c.1367 - 1408)

Geoffrey le Despencer, Lord of Martley MP (c.1185 - 1251)

Geoffrey le Despencer (Latin: Galfridus ) (?-1251), Lord of Martley (Worcestershire), custodian of land of John de St. John as guardian of his heirs. son of Thomas le Despencer and Recuara (mother'...

Hugh le Despencer, 2nd Baron le Despencer MP (1308 - 1349)

Hugh le Despencer, 2nd Baron le Despencer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh le Despencer (1308 – 1349) was the eldest son and heir of Hugh the younger Despenser, son of Hugh the eld...

Joan DeSpencer (Pollard) MP (c.1338 - 1372)

Joan de Furnival (le Despencer) MP (c.1258 - c.1322)

Joan Le Despencer MyHeritage family trees Wallace Web Site, managed by James N. Wallace (Contact) Birth: 1258 Death: 1340 Parents: Hugh II Le Despencer, Ellen Le Despencer (born Basset) Siblings: Hug...

Margaret le Despencer MP (c.1310 - 1337)

Pernell le Despencer (le Despenser) MP (1225 - 1230)

Pernell le Despenser is the daughter of Sir Hugh le Despenser.1 She married Geoffrey le Sauvage.1 Citations [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3...

Philip le Despencer (Despencer), 2nd Baron le Despencer MP (1365 - 1424)

Philip Le Despencer, 2nd Baron le Despenser (c.1365 Nettlestead, Suffolk, England - 20 June 1424) was the son and heir of Philip le Despencer, 1st Baron le Despencer.[1] Philip is listed in the Compl...

Recuara Le Despencer MP (1162 - 1200)

Unknown D'Arbitot Le Despencer MP (c.1094 - d.)

unknown father of Thomas Le Despencer MP (deceased)

unknown mother of Thomas Le Despencer MP (deceased)

Ada (Elizabeth) Despencer (c.1262 - d.)

Sir Adam le Despencer (b. - 1295)

Adam Spencer (Le Despencer) (1261 - 1349)

Sir Adam de Despenser M, b. after 1249, d. circa 1297 Adam was born after 1249 at Great Rollright, Oxfordshire, England. Adam departed this life circa 1297 at Great Rollright, Oxfordshire, England....

Alice le Despencer (Warsted) (1422 - d.)

Alix ala Despencer (De Bourgogne) (deceased)

No valid source documents found for marriage to Almaric deSpencer. Disconnected 12/5/2015

Almaric Despencer (c.1150 - 1189)

Almaric Despencer (deceased)

Almeric Le Despencer (1115 - 1207)

Almerick DeSpencer (deceased)

Ann Despencer (deceased)

Anne le Despencer (1337 - d.)

Anne de Hastings (le Despencer) (c.1402 - d.)

Anne Despencer (Bassett) (1208 - 1281)

Anne Le Despencer (c.1248 - d.)

Anne Le Despencer (c.1248 - d.)

Anne Boteler (Despencer) (b. - 1408)

Aveline (Oliva) Despencer (c.1266 - 1363)

Aveline (Oliva) Despencer (c.1266 - 1363)

Baron Thurston of Despencer (1185 - 1251)

although of the right age to be a son of Thomas le Despencer, he is not shown in fmg.

Cicely le Despencer (c.1354 - d.)

Edward le Despencer (c.1387 - d.)

Edward Despencer (c.1312 - 1342)

Edward II Despencer (deceased)

Eleanor Le Despencer, Baroness Okehampton (1248 - 1328)

Eleanor Despenser (F) 921 Pop-up Pedigree Relationship=20th great-grandmother of Raymond John Newcombe. Appears on charts: Pedigree for Raymond John Newcombe to the time of his 20th great...

Eleanor Le Despencer (c.1252 - 1328)

Elizabeth Despencer (1322 - 1389)

Elizabeth Le Despencer (1306 - 1313)

Elizabeth Mrs Despencer (c.1350 - d.)

Baroness Elizabeth le Strange (1345 - 1401)

Elizabeth Spencer (unconfirmed last name) Birth:  1345 - Goxhill, Lincolnshire, England Parents: unknown Married: Philip le Despencer Death:  Aug., 1401 Burial: Newhouse Abbey...

Emma Le Despencer (de Harcourt) (1202 - 1265)

Emmeline de Beauchamp (le Despencer) (c.1089 - d.)

Galfridus Geoffrey Le Despencer (1193 - 1242)

Galfridus Geoffrey Despencer (deceased)

Geoffrey Le Despencer (1155 - 1251)

Geoffrey le Despencer (deceased)

Gilbert Despencer (c.1320 - d.)

Gilbert le Despenser (c.1309 - 1381)

Gilfridus le DeSpencer (c.1155 - 1251)

Hugh II Le Despencer (1223 - 1265)

Hugh Le Despencer (c.1308 - d.)

Hugh Despencer (b. - 1326)

Hugh III Le Despencer (1236 - 1326)

Hugh Despencer (c.1152 - 1199)

Hugh Le le Despencer (c.1197 - 1238)

Hugh le Despencer (c.1400 - c.1400)

Hugh Despencer (1261 - d.)

Hugh Le Despencer ;[Sir Knight] (b. - 1265)

Hugh Le Despencer (c.1308 - d.)

Hugh IV Le Despencer (b. - 1326)

Sir Hugh Despenser (b. - 1401)

Hugh Le Despencer (1194 - 1238)

Hugh II Le Despencer (b. - 1265)

Hugh Despencer (deceased)

Sir Hugh Despencer (deceased)

Isabel Le Despencer (c.1270 - 1334)

Isabel Le Despencer (c.1312 - d.)

Isabel Le Despencer (c.1312 - 1376)

Isabel le Despencer (deceased)

Isabel le Despencer (deceased)

Isabel Le Despencer (c.1270 - 1334)

Isabel Le Despencer (c.1312 - d.)

Isabel Le Despencer (c.1312 - 1376)

Isabella le Despencer (le Despenser) (1242 - d.)

Joan Despencer (c.1316 - 1394)

Joan Le Despencer (c.1252 - d.)

Joan Despencer (c.1264 - d.)

Joan de Ferrers (de Despencer) (c.1235 - d.)

Joan Despencer (c.1316 - 1394)

Joan Le Despencer (NN) (b. - 1309)

Joan or Anne Le Despencer (deceased)

Joan de St Amand (Despencer) (1283 - 1351)

Joan Despencer (c.1264 - d.)

John le Despencer (1418 - 1470)

John Despencer, Esq (c.1310 - c.1386)

Lucia Le DeSpencer (DeOxfordshire) (1126 - 1189)

Lucia le Despencer (Unknown) (deceased)

Lucia Le Despencer (of Oxfordshire) (1125 - 1169)

Lucy Le Despencer (deceased)

Margaret de Rycote (Despencer) (c.1280 - c.1302)

Margaret Despencer (c.1310 - d.)

Margaret (Margery) Despencer (1397 - 1478)