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Ladislao Nocon Diwa MP (1863 - 1930)

Ladislao Diwa was a Filipino patriot who was among the founders of the Katipunan that initiated the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1896. He worked as a curial del juzgado in Quiapo (1892) and...

Dely MP (1941 - 2007)

Agapita Diwa MP (deceased)

Alicia Crescini Diwa MP (deceased)

Angelito "Nitong" Diwa MP (b. - 2006)

Antonio Diwa MP (1917 - 1991)

Balbina Diwa MP (deceased)

Betty Diwa-Ebuen MP (deceased)

bonifacio dabu diwa MP (deceased)

Candido Diwa MP (deceased)

caridad diwa MP (deceased)

carlos diwa MP (deceased)

Cecilia Crescini Diwa MP (deceased)

Cirila Diwa MP (deceased)

Conrada Abella (Diwa) MP (deceased)

Constancia "Conching" Diwa MP (deceased)

david sr diwa MP (deceased)

Edna Crescini Diwa MP (deceased)

Elmer Diwa MP (b. - 2001)

Esteban Diwa MP (deceased)

Felixberto Diwa MP (1910 - 1966)

Geroncio "Onto" Diwa MP (b. - c.1998)

Guillermo "Emong" Diwa MP (deceased)

Heraclito Crescini Diwa MP (deceased)

Heraclito C. Diwa was accepted into the Philippine Bar Association on 24 December 1937. Reference: "D". Supreme Court of the Philippines: Law List as of 2004. . Date accessed: 14 Feb 2013.

Hercalito Diwa MP (deceased)

Irma Diwa MP (1940 - 2008)

jocelyn penalosa diwa MP (deceased)

Josefa Diwa (Izon) MP (deceased)

Juanito Diwa MP (b. - c.1999)

Juanito Diwa MP (deceased)

Ligaya Diwa MP (deceased)

Lourdes Diwa MP (deceased)

Marcelo Diwa MP (deceased)

Maria Diwa MP (deceased)

Maria diwa MP (deceased)

Maria Diwa MP (deceased)

Maria Quintia Diwa (Quintia) MP (deceased)

Mariano Diwa MP (deceased)

Milagros Guinto (Diwa) MP (deceased)

pantaleon diwa MP (1819 - d.)

Pedro Diwa MP (deceased)

rita diwa MP (deceased)

rosario diwa MP (deceased)

Sally Diwa (Antonio) MP (deceased)

santiago diwa MP (deceased)

Segunda Sampang MP (c.1872 - c.1939)

Owned large tracts of land in San Pedro, Floridablanca, Pampanga

Teresita Diwa (Rosales) MP (deceased)

venusto diwa MP (deceased)

vicenta diwa MP (deceased)