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Aletta Catharina Drotskie (c.1806 - 1869)

Aletta Susanna Drotskie (deceased)

Alida Maria Drotskie (Kruger) (deceased)

Anna Magdalena Drotskie (Visser), g6h6 (1858 - d.)

Anna Susanna Magdalena Drotskie (Koorts) (c.1862 - d.)

Anna Maria Visser (Drotskie) (deceased)

Anna Aletta Drotskie (c.1858 - 1948)

Anna Louisa Helena Vermeulen (Drotskie) (1839 - 1900)

Colleen Drotskie (deceased)

Colleen Kathleen Drotskie (Colleen Kathleen Bergset) (deceased)

Ellen Magdalena Hendrina Lundall (Drotskie) (deceased)

Frieda Drotskie (deceased)

Gabriel Johannes Drotskie (deceased)

Glaudina Geertruida Drotskie (van Zyl) (1877 - d.)

Jacobus Drotskie (deceased)

Jacobus Johannes Drotskie (1925 - d.)

Kobus Drotskie (deceased)

Johanna Drotskie (deceased)

Johanna Magdalena Drotskie (deceased)

Johanna Maria Drotskie (1857 - 1968)

The year she died, she appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest person in the world. Belfast Refugee Camp 1900-1902 Personal Details Name: Mrs Johanna Maria Joubert Other Names: M...

Johanna Maria Drotskie (Greeff) (1941 - 2006)

Johannes Godfried Dewald Drotskie (deceased)

Johannes Drotskie (deceased)

Johannes Jacob Frederik Drotskie (c.1858 - d.)

Johannes Dewal Godfried Drotskie (1841 - 1926)

Johannes Jacob Drotskie (1864 - d.)

Lambertus Susanna Kruger (Drotskie) (1920 - d.)

Lambertus Myburgh Drotskie (1930 - 1990)

Lena Lemcke (Drotskie) (b. - c.2011)

Magdalena Cornelia Drotskie (c.1850 - d.)

Maria Catharina Barandina Drotskie (Sherman) (1927 - 1984)

Maria Johanna Magdalena Drotskie (1842 - d.)

Martha Petronella Drotskie (deceased)

Martha Maria Carolina Mitchell (Drotskie) (1910 - 1977)

Marthinus Godfried Drotskie (Drosky), c3d1 (1813 - d.)

Marthinus Godfried Drotskie (1818 - d.)

Peet Drotskie (deceased)

Peet Drotskie (deceased)

Tjaart Johannes Drotskie (deceased)

Willem Adriaan Johannes Drotskie (1843 - d.)