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Alix (D'Aubergne) du Puy, Princess Dauphine MP (1180 - d.)

Alleman Dupuy, III Chevalier, Lord of Perins (Du Puy) MP (1220 - 1304)

Alleman Dupuy, IV Chevalier (Du Puy) MP (1270 - 1329)

Alleman du Puy V MP (1300 - 1362)

Alleman du Puy de Montbrun MP (1132 - 1227)

Alleman Jean Du Puy, I MP (b. - 1115)

Bartholomew Dupuy (Du Puy) MP (c.1652 - 1742)

Bartholomew "the Huguenot" Dupuy Beginning in the reign of Francis I, the Reformation gained many adherents in France (see Huguenots). In 1560 religious conflict flared up in the first of the feroc...

Deurard du Puy (de Poissen) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Schoonmaker (du Puy) MP (1721 - 1775)

Floride du Puy (de Moiran) MP (1120 - d.)

Gilles Gillet Roland du Puy the 1st MP (1320 - 1390)

Guillaume du Puy du Fou MP (deceased)

Helena du Puy (Shoemaker) MP (1727 - d.)

Hughes du Puy, 2nd Chevalier Crusades in 1140 MP (1100 - 1180)

Chavalier, Seigneur de Pereins, Rochefort Apifer and Montbrun. He went to the Crusades in 1140, with Ame III, Comte de Savoye, and "Acquit beau-coup de Gloire in 1147"; in the arny of the Emperor Conra...

Hugues Taillefer du Puy du Fou MP (c.1045 - 1137)

Hugues du Puy MP (1020 - d.)

Hugh went on the First Crusade with Godfrey of Bouillon in 1096. In recognition of his services in the First Crusade, Hugh was appointed Governor of Acre, and he lived there for some time with his wife...

Jacques du Puy (Depuy) MP (1446 - c.1505)

Jean Dupuy (Du Puy) MP (1626 - 1680)

Jean the Huguenot !!!By the King, ordered that only Catholics could live in France!!!! Beginning in the reign of Francis I, the Reformation gained many adherents in France (see Huguenots). In 156...

Edouard du Puy MP (1771 - 1822)

I Svenskt Biografiskt Handlexikon finns en av många biografier om denne utmärkte violinist och operasångare. Han kom till Sverige för tjänsten som kunglig kapellm&#...

Nicholas du Puy MP (1738 - 1808)

The place of death is listed as Shawnee. It is unknown what state this city is in. There is a Shawnee in Ohio and one in Pa as far as I know.

Pierre Dupuy (Du Puy) MP (1555 - 1640)

Raphael du Puy MP (c.1009 - 1062)

The temple of Mercury was located at the chapel on the hill in Le Puy during roman times. The top of the mountain or hill in Le Puy had special healing powers from the Rock, if one were to lay on it. T...

Raymond du Puy de Provence, I. Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem MP (1083 - 1160)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Raymond du Puy de Provence (1083–1160) was a French knight and was the first Grand Master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights Hospitaller) from...

Rénaud du Puy du Fou MP (c.1015 - 1060)

Abigail Conselye (du Puy) (c.1695 - d.)

Adolph Dupuis (du Puy) (deceased)

Seigneur de Poreins, d'Apifer, and de Rochefort. He went to the Crusaders, with three of his children and his wife in 1096. He founded the Abby d'Aiguebella, Order of the St. Bernard, was one of the "G...

Agnes du Puy du Fou (c.1100 - 1159)

Aimier Du Puy (deceased)

Ainer Roland du Puy (Dupuy) (deceased)

Alazie de Puech (du Puy) (c.1240 - d.)

Alexandre du Puy, marquis de Saint André Montbrun (1600 - 1673)

Alexis du Puy, Seigneur de Montcuquet & de Cabrilhes (deceased)

Alfhild Maria Kristina du Puy (1877 - d.)

född i Katarina, Ibland kallad Alfrida i vissa dokument. Alfhild i Katarina födelsebok. Barnmorska 1905-11-23.

Alice Margareta Johansson (Du Puy) (1901 - d.)

Alienore du Puy du Fou (du Juch) (b. - 1482)

Alix Du puy (De Tournon) (deceased)

Alleman Du Puy (1371 - d.)

Alleman Du Puy (deceased)

Alyone Du Puy (deceased)

Anna du Puy (Prys) (1730 - 1773)

Anna Carolina Löf (du Puy) (1867 - 1943)

Anne du Puy (1673 - d.)

Marie Facon . Zij is getrouwd te Guînes (62) op 11 november 1668 voor de kerk (getuigen waren Daniel de Ruelle, Pierre Hibon, Jean Facon en Jeanne de le Motte) met Jean du Puy. Uit dit huwel...

Anne del Puech de Cagnac (c.1530 - d.)

Anne du Puy (deceased)

Anne du Puy du Fou (deceased)

Anne du Puy du Fou (Bouer de Le Frogerie) (1452 - 1501)

Anne de Terson (du Puy de la Rayne) (deceased)

Annette du Puy de Vatan (deceased)

Anthony Eugenius Robert du Puy (1910 - 1984)

Antje du Puy (b. - 1757)

Antoine du Puy de Murinais (deceased)

Antoine du Puy du Fou (deceased)

Antoine du Puy, Sieur de Longuevergne (deceased)

Antoninette Françoise du Desbalmes (du Puy) (1764 - 1842)

Arnoldus Petrus Du Puy (1932 - 2004)

Artoit Du Puy (1373 - d.)

Astrid Anna Linnéa Johansson (Du Puy) (1903 - 1903)

Augusta Elizabeth du Puy (1823 - 1855)

Augusta Madeline du Puy (1898 - 1979)

Auguste Herman du Puy (1872 - 1879)

Axel Rudolf Du Puy (1893 - 1969)

Aymar du Puy, seigneur de Montbrun (b. - 1551)

Barthelemy Du Puy I (b. - 1583)

Barthélémy du Puy (Dupuy), Seigneur de Cabrihes (deceased)

Barthélémy du Puy (DUPUY) (deceased)

Bastet du Puy, seigneur de Montbrun (b. - 1424)

Bernard du Puy (del Puech) (deceased)

Berthe du Puy du Fou (c.1105 - 1133)

Bertrand de Jau Jaille duPuy (du Puy) (deceased)

Béatrix Du Puy (deceased)

Béatrix du Puy (deceased)

Camilla Cecile Victoire du Puy (1790 - 1871)

Mauritz Du Puy (1866 - 1922)

Caroline Jeanne du Puy (1825 - 1830)

Catharina Schoonmaker (du Puy) (1701 - 1741)

Catharina du Puy (1684 - 1690)

Catharine Marie Louise du Puy (1821 - d.)

Catherine du Puy du Fou (La voyrie) (deceased)

Catherine de Roquefeuil du Puy de Bar (1690 - d.)

Catherine Du Puy (deceased)

Catherine du Puy (1485 - d.)

Catherine Tack Schoonmaker (du Puy) (1710 - c.1743)

Christening was day of birth, November 12, 1710. Gerrit and Catherine were married in 1734 in Kingston, Ulster, NY.

Catherine du Puy (deceased)

Catherine de Villiers (du Puy du Fou) (deceased)

Celeste du Puy du Fou (1597 - 1652)

Charles Du Puy (deceased)

Charles du Puy, seigneur de Monbrun (1530 - 1575)

Charles du Puy (1823 - 1898)

Charles John du Puy (1868 - 1930)

Charles John Henry Conrad du Puy (1826 - 1905)

Charles René du Puy, marquis de Montbrun (b. - 1666)

Claire du PUY (deceased)

Cornelis du Puy (1688 - 1778)

Daniel du Puy (1723 - 1793)

Deidere Taulignan du Puy (deceased)

Edit Gustava Du Puy (Jansson/Björkman) (1892 - 1972)

Bor enligt folkräkningen 1900 som fosterdotter till korpral Albert Rudolf Magnus Björkman med hustru Agnes Charlotta Hellman i Karlskrona (Kongl. Carlskrona Amiralitet).

Edith Urania Augusta du Puy (1870 - 1932)

Edith Urania Gertrude du Puy (1913 - 1995)

Edouard du Puy (c.1805 - 1852)

1822-07-12 ansöktes om urarva konkurs, faderns dödsbo. Proclamadag 1823-01-27, Dom 1823-05-10. Som kurator hade kammarmusiker J Preusmark utsetts. (Källa: Tidigmoderna konkurser)

Edward George du Puy (1861 - d.)