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Annie Glenn Elias MP (1893 - 1978)

Birth: Dec. 22, 1893 Death: Oct. 25, 1978 Her actual burial site can be found here in Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia, USA: Anne Glenn Elias Leavell Family links: Spouse: ...

Buddy Elias MP (1925 - 2015)

Buddy Elias (* 2. Juni 1925 in Frankfurt am Main; eigentlich Bernhard Elias † 17. März 2015 in Basel) war ein Schweizer Schauspieler.

Bettij Moses Elias (Praeger) MP (deceased)

Daria Elias MP (deceased)

Dibo Elias MP (c.1883 - 1912)

Name: Mr Dibo Elias Age: 29 years Occupation: General Labourer 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Ticket No. 2674 , £7 4s 6d Died in the s...

R' Dov Ber Elias of Vilna MP (deceased)

Eduard Elias MP (1838 - 1897)

vader ? Joseph Elias geb.1811: deze naam staat vermeld in de geb.-akte van kind Mietje als getuige.

Edward Austin (born Elias Arnstein) MP (1804 - 1856)

Take the name of AUSTIN in England. Being convicted the 1st december 1831 at London Gaol Delivery for a term of 7 years. Transported to Australia on the Hercules, 14 June 1832 . [sources Australian J...

Ellen fitz Elias, Heiress of East Cowton MP (c.1179 - 1265)

Ellen fitz Elias , Heiress of East Cowton Birth: ABT 1179 in East Cowton, Yorkshire North Riding, England Father: Elias FITZWIGAN , of East Cowton b: ABT 1140 in East Cowton, Yorkshire North Ridi...

Erich Elias MP (1890 - 1984)

Helene / Leni Elias (Frank) MP (1893 - 1986)

Henri Alexander Elias MP (1829 - 1903)

en.wikipedia.... ; Henri Alexander Elias (21 March 1829 – 26 February 1903) was a Dutch civil servant, who made a career in the administration on the Dutch Gold Coast. Governor of the Dutch ...

Hilario Ascasubi de Elias MP (1807 - 1875)

Hilario Ascasubi Hilario Ascasubi fue un poeta argentino nacido el 14 de enero de 1807 en la actual ciudad de Bell Ville, provincia de Córdoba y falleció el 17 de noviembre de 1875 en l...

Ida Stern (Elias) MP (1863 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Stern, Ida geborene Elias geboren am 13. Juni 1863 in Hoya / - / Hannover wohnhaft in Berlin (Charlottenburg) und Berlin (Wilmersdorf) Depor...

Johan Engelbert Elias MP (1875 - 1959)


Johanna Elias (de Jongh) MP (1805 - 1883)

Jorge Serrano Elías, Presidente de Guatemala MP

Joseph Elias, jr. MP (c.1895 - 1912)

Name: Mr Joseph jr. Elias Age: 15 years Last Residence: in Kafr Mishki Lebanon Occupation: General Labourer 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Ti...

Joseph Elias, Sr. MP (c.1873 - 1912)

Name: Mr Elias Joseph (Shahin) Age: 39 years Last Residence: in Kafr Mishki Lebanon 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Ticket No. 2675 , £...

Jozeph Mathias Elias MP (1811 - 1891)

ELIAS, Joseph (1811-1891) Elias, Joseph, textielfabrikant (Hannover) 5-6-1811 - Strijp 19-4-1891). Zoon van Matthias Elias, graanhandelaar, en Bettij Praeger. Gehuwd op 2-7-1834 met Johanna de Jong...

Leopold Isaac Ellissen MP (1752 - 1839)

Mathias Elias MP (deceased)

Pieter Elias MP (1804 - 1878)

Robert Downey, Sr. MP

New York, New York, United States

Described by an associate as "a big jovial bear", Robert Downey Sr. translated his irreverent, mordant humor to the screen as the writer-director of several experimental cult classics of the late 1960s...

Stephen Elias MP (1921 - 1980)

Tannous Nasrallah Elias MP (c.1895 - 1912)

Name: Mr Tannous Elias Nasrallah Age: 22 years Last Residence: in Kafr Mishki Lebanon Occupation: General Labourer 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April ...

Zahie 'Maria' Khalil (Elias) MP (c.1892 - 1912)

"Another story that came from Hardin is the story of Hanna Touma, a man who was in love with a girl from his hometown called Zahiyya Khalil. Both decided to travel to the United States to start a b...

Elias (deceased)

Elias (deceased)

Elias (deceased)

Elias (c.1833 - 1920)

Elias (deceased)

Élias (c.1785 - d.)

See entry under Elias(Eles) Armin Isac Elias firs jew to be permitted to setle in Arad Hungary 1717

Dr. Elias (deceased)

Elias (deceased)

(מלי (מלכה elias (deceased)

///Deceased Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

"My mother has a brother in England who has considerable wealth. When he learned that the children of his only sister had left the Jewish religion and had become Christians he believed it was only a qu...

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (2nd wife) (mother of Mannoush) (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? Elias (deceased)

? (Syriania) Elias (they had 3 boys, 1 girl) (deceased)

?? Elias-Shaul (deceased)

??? Elias (deceased)

??? Elias (deceased)

[Kandi] Karel Elias (1777 - c.1858)

A. Elias (deceased)

Aaron Elias (1883 - 1961)

R' Aaron Elias of Mstislavl (deceased)

Aaron David Elias (1855 - 1856)

Aaron Elias (b. - 1960)

Aaron Shalome Joseph Elias (1849 - 1902)

Aaron David Aaron (Elias) (c.1880 - 1941)

Aart Elias (deceased)

Abang Puteh Abang Elias (deceased)

abdalla elias (deceased)

Abdalla Elias (deceased)

Abdallah Elias (deceased)

Abdul Majid bin hj. Elias (deceased)

Abdul Wahid Elias (deceased)

Abdulahad Elias (deceased)

Abdullah Eliahu ELIAS (Shlomo-David) (1850 - 1911)

Abe Ellias (ELIAS) (1923 - d.)

He was the kindest, greatest man, father, grandfather and husband, and most of all, was just a nice guy.

Abe Elias (deceased)

Abe Elias (c.1918 - 1995)

Abel Eljas (Elias) (1884 - d.)

Sünd. 1884 Vaivara kk.ümberkirj.lehed 1891.-1900.a.Jõhvi

Abel Cortés Elías (1882 - 1963)

Abertina Wilhemina Henrietta Elias (Glade) (1870 - 1950)

Abigail Aida Elias (1890 - 1941)

Abraham Elias (1895 - 1965)

Abraham "Albert" Elias (1908 - 1970)

abraham johann elias (deceased)

Abraham Elias (1864 - d.)

Abraham Elias (1897 - d.)

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham Menachem Elias (1839 - 1908)

Abraham Benjamin Elias (1890 - 1940)

Abraham Elias Alias Aron (70) (1763 - 1796)

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham J. Elias (c.1838 - 1914)

Burma Appachen (b. - 1978)

Abraham Elias (1845 - d.)

Kind: Abraham Elias Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Winschoten Geboortedatum: woensdag 18 juni 1845 Vader: Daniel Levi Elias Leeftijd: 39 Beroep: inlandse kramer Moeder: Bettje Mozes Frietlander Gebeurte...

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham Jekutiel Zalman Elias (b. - 1839)

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham Aaron (Elias) (deceased)

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham Elias (deceased)

Abraham E Elias (deceased)

Abraham Lodewijk Elias (1824 - d.)

Abraham Solomon Elias (1885 - 1975)

data extracted from Michael Coffield's database of Jews from Kastoria Greece (Turkey) -JWM

Abram Elias (1947 - 1948)

Abram J Elias (1922 - 1980)