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Armand V. de Jesus Fabella MP (1930 - 2008)

Armand V. Fabella was a Filipino businessman and educator. He served in various capacities under four presidents – Marcos, Macapagal. Aquino and Ramos. More here:

Jose F. Fabella MP (1888 - 1945)

Jose Fernandez Fabella was a noted public health advocate.

Juan Lavadia Fabella MP (1858 - 1916)

Juan Fabella served as mayor of Pagsanjan, Laguna during the Spanish and American regimes.

Vicente F. Fabella MP (1891 - 1959)

Vicente Fernandez Fabella was an accomplished CPA and the founder of the precursor of the present-day Jose Rizal University in 1919. .

Adolfo F. Fabella (deceased)

Adriano Fabella (deceased)

Amelia Fabella-Co (deceased)

Apolonio Fabella (deceased)

Belen Abarquez Avancena (Belen Fabella Abarquez) (1931 - 1998)

Benita Fabella (deceased)

Bruna Fabella (deceased)

Calixta Fabella (deceased)

Calixto Fabella (deceased)

Caridad Zaguirre Fabella (deceased)

Caridad Fabella (deceased)

Cecilio Fabella (deceased)

Dionisio F. Fabella (deceased)

Diosdado Fabella (deceased)

Edith Neri Fabella (1915 - 2)

Emeterio Fabella (deceased)

Ena Elefanio (Ena Fabella) (deceased)

Enrique Fabella, Sr. (deceased)

Enrique Fabella, Jr. (deceased)

Ernesta Dumlao Fabella (Fadera) (deceased)

Escolastico Fabella (deceased)

Nena Pamintuan (deceased)

Estanislao Fabella (deceased)

Estanislao Fabella (deceased)

Esteling Estela Fabella (Noble) (deceased)

Estelito Faderanga Fabella (deceased)

Evelyn Fabella-Villalon (1921 - 1990)

Felicita Fabella (deceased)

Felix Fabella (deceased)

Felix Fabella (deceased)

Florencio Fabella (deceased)

Francisco Fabella (deceased)

Getulio Fabella (deceased)

Gil Fabella (deceased)

GuadalupeFabella (1897 - d.)

Guadalupe Yan Fabella Abarquez (Guadalupe Yan Fabella) (1897 - 1984)

Herardo Potenciano Fabella, Jr. (deceased)

Herardo Fabella, Sr. (deceased)

Inocencio Fabella (1891 - d.)

Jaime Fabella (deceased)

Jorge Fabella (deceased)

Jovita Fabella (deceased)

Johnny Fabella (deceased)

Julio Fabella (deceased)

Julita Fabella (Julita Edeza) (deceased)

Julita Edeza-Fabella (deceased)

Luis D. Fabella (deceased)

Luz Limuaco Fabella (deceased)

Manuel Fabella (deceased)

Maximo Fabella (deceased)

Modesta Fabella (Quilapio) (deceased)

Narcisa Abella Fabella (deceased)

Nicasio Fabella (deceased)

Noel Fabella (deceased)

Noel Fabella (deceased)

Nora Vasquez (Fabella) (deceased)

Obdulia Fabella (deceased)

Paula Fabella (deceased)

Pedring Fabella (deceased)

Pedro Fabella (deceased)

Pedro Fabella (deceased)

Peregrina Fabella (Peregrina Zaguirre) (deceased)

Pura Fabella (c.1911 - c.1918)

Remedios Lugod (Fabella) (deceased)

Rey Fabella (deceased)

Ricardo Fabella (deceased)

Rosario Neri (deceased)

Rosario F. Fabella (deceased)

Salud Fabella (1893 - d.)

Salud F. Unson (deceased)

Salud Fernandez Fabella-Unson was the President of the Pagsanjan Women's Club. More here:

Santiago Fabella (deceased)

Segundino Fabella (deceased)

Segundino Fabella (deceased)

Seraphin Fabella (deceased)

Simona Fabella (deceased)

Sixta Umale-Fabella (deceased)

Sixto Fabella (deceased)

Solidad Collantes (Fabella) (deceased)

Tomas Fabella (deceased)

Tony Fabella (deceased)

Valeriano Fabella (deceased)

Vance Fabella (b. - 2001)

Vicente Fabella (deceased)

Virginia Fabella (deceased)

yolanda fabella (deceased)