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Amanda Virginia Rice (Feazel) MP (deceased)

Amanda Frances Isabella Feazel MP (c.1864 - c.1900)

Angelina Feazel MP (1830 - 1860)

Anna Eliza Feazel (Wright) MP (deceased)

Anna E Feazel (Guice) MP (deceased)

Arzula Mae Feazel MP (1838 - 1913)

Barnard Feazel MP (1752 - d.)

Barnard Feazel, Jr MP (c.1807 - d.)

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bertie louise hodges (feazel) MP (1890 - 1958)

Bettie Feazel MP (c.1842 - d.)

Betty Feazel MP (deceased)

Birdie Louise Hodges (Feazel) MP (1890 - 1958)

Bob Feazel MP (deceased)

Bobbie V Potts (Feazel) MP (1915 - d.)

Catherine Feazel (Feezel) MP (deceased)

Catherine Feazel MP (deceased)

Catherine Feazel Bagwell (Feazel) MP (1836 - 1879)

Charles Feazel MP (deceased)

Christina Feazel (Ferguson) MP (deceased)

Christina Feazel MP (deceased)

Christinia Feazel MP (deceased)

Clara Caroline tidwell (Feazel) MP (1879 - 1946)

Cynthia Feazel (Day) MP (1894 - 1989)

Dallas Head Feazel MP (1892 - 1957)

Diane Feazel MP (b. - 2008)

Donald Feazel MP (deceased)

Edna Eugenia Feazel (Turberville) MP (1857 - 1936)

Elfryda Elvida Feazel (Mobley) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Feazel (Bagwell) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Epps Feazel MP (1830 - d.)

Elizabeth Ann Hatcher (Feazel) MP (1830 - 1903)

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Elizabeth Ramsey Miller (Feazel) MP (1853 - 1928)

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Ella Lu Feazel MP (c.1875 - d.)

Ella Lu Feazel MP (deceased)

Emma Feazel MP (deceased)

Frances Feazel MP (1827 - 1913)

Francis Marion Feazel MP (1835 - 1862)

George L Feazel MP (1803 - 1885)

Georgia A. Feazel MP (1848 - 1931)

Other spellings of Georgia Frazelle: FEZELLE, found in the " Blakeney-Stringer-Ware" book. FEAZELLE &FEZELLE found in the "John Ware of Georgia" book. FEOZELLE & FRAZELLE found in a supplement to the J...

georgia ann ware (feazel) MP (c.1848 - d.)

Hale Feazel MP (1839 - 1911)

Hannah Bensinger (Feazel) MP (deceased)

Hannah Feazel (Murphy) MP (1787 - d.)

Hannah Murphy and Jeremiah Feazel were married July 18, 1811 in Columbiana County, Ohio. Jeremiah was born in Bedford Co., VA May 23, 1783 and Hannah was also born in Virginia. We do not know the names...

Hanns Michael Feazel MP (1735 - 1796)

Hans Michael Feazel MP (1735 - 1796)

Helen L Feazel (Bollinger) MP (deceased)

Helen Albritton (Feazel) MP (deceased)

Henry Feazel MP (deceased)

Herman M. Feazel, Jr. MP (deceased)

Highram Feazel MP (c.1867 - d.)

Hiram Feazel MP (deceased)

Inez Feazel (?) MP (deceased)

Isaac Feazel MP (deceased)

Jacob Feazel, Sr. MP (deceased)

Jeremiah Feazel MP (1783 - 1859)

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Jeremiah Feazel, Jr MP (1832 - 1899)

FEAZEL, JeremiahJeremiah FEAZEL, deceased, who in former years was a respected and worthy farmer of Marshall county, and who spent his last years in honorable retirement from business cares in Lacon, w...

John Feazel MP (deceased)

John George Feazel, Sr. MP (c.1765 - 1833)

John FEAZEL MP (deceased)

John Feazel MP (deceased)

John Feazel MP (deceased)

John Feazel MP (deceased)

John Feazel MP (deceased)

John George Feazel MP (1765 - 1832)

John George Feazel MP (1765 - 1834)

John O Hiram Feazel MP (deceased)

Joseph Feazel MP (deceased)

Lallage Feazel MP (deceased)

Lallage Wall (Feazel) MP (1913 - 1999)

Levi Feazel MP (1825 - d.)

Lois Marie Feazel (Ferguson) MP (1923 - 1990)

Lottie Feazel (Hodder) MP (deceased)

Lou Della Feazel MP (deceased)

Loudilla May Feazel MP (c.1872 - d.)

Louisa Feazel (Graves) MP (1854 - 1890)

louise feazel (graves) MP (1854 - 1890)

Margaret Martha Feazel (Raley) MP (deceased)

Margarette Feazel (Pehr) MP (1775 - 1840)

Mariah Feazel (Thompson) MP (1810 - c.1880)

Martha Jane Powers (Feazel) MP (1869 - 1940)

Martha Feazel MP (deceased)

Martha Ann Feazel (Pipes) MP (1834 - 1924)

Martin Feazel MP (deceased)

Mary Margaret Lacey (Feazel) MP (1929 - 2006)

Mary Feazel MP (deceased)

Mary Feazel MP (1831 - 1858)

Mary Feazel was the wife of Milton Feazel. Both Mary and Milton are buried here along with their son William H. Feazel. The couple also had a daughter Eliza.Another contributor says her maiden name was...

Mary Anne Clarissa Feazel (Wise) MP (1813 - 1890)

Mary Hite Feazel (Bullock) MP (deceased)

Mary Mae Honeycutt (Feazel) MP (deceased)

Mary Mae Feazel MP (1799 - 1863)

Mary May Feazel MP (1793 - d.)

Mattie Elizabeth Feazel (Shofner (Sommers)) MP (deceased)

Melvina Feazel MP (deceased)

Michael Feazel MP (deceased)

Michael Feazel, Jr. MP (1758 - 1797)

Michael Feazel MP (1788 - d.)

Micheal Feazel MP (1805 - 1881)

Mildred Feazel MP (deceased)

Millie F Munson (Feazel) MP (1796 - d.)

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Milton Feazel MP (1822 - 1864)

Milton Feazel was the husband of Mary Feazel.In 1850-60 he was a farmer in Hopewell twp, Marshall Co, IL. The 1850 Agriculture census shows the farm had 190 acres, 2 horses, 1 Milk cow, 2 other cattle,...