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Lady Agnes FitzWarin MP (c.1387 - 1433)

Combe Martin Manor, Barnstaple, Devonshire, England Nythway Manor, Devon, England

Alice FitzWarin (de Somery) MP (c.1245 - 1315)

Baroness Anne de Botreaux MP (c.1383 - 1420)

Elizabeth Hankford (FitzWarin), Heiress, 8th Baroness FitzWarin MP (c.1403 - 1427)

Elizabeth FitzWarin, Heiress, 8th Baroness FitzWarin inherited the barony upon the death of her brother. After her death the barony must have been in abeyance between her daughters Thomasine Hankford (...

Eva de Tracy, III (FitzWarin) MP (c.1180 - 1222)

research shows that Warin de Bassingbourne (died 1229) of Bassingbourne and Meldreth, co. Cambridge was married before 1228 to Eve de Tracy, daughter of Oliver de Tracy, baron of Barnstaple, Devon, by ...

Fulk FitzWarin, IV MP (bef.1220 - 1264)

Fulk IV FitzWarin (d.1264), drowned in the River Ouse while fleeing from the Battle of Lewes in 1264.[6] B: Abt 1210 Alveston, Gloucestershire, England D: 14 May 1264 Ouse River _________________...

Fulk FitzWarin, Lord of Whittington and Alderbury MP (c.1110 - 1170)

Fulk I FitzWarin (d.1170/1), a supporter of King Henry II (1154-1189), of Whittington in Shropshire and Alveston in Gloucestershire, son of the "shadowy or mythical" Warin of Metz, Lorraine.[2] Fulk I ...

Fulk FitzWarin, X, 6th Baron FitzWarin MP (1389 - 1407)

Sir Fulk FitzWarin, 6th Lord FitzWarin 1,2,3,4,5,6 b. 1 April 1389 or 3 May 1389, d. 31 October 1407 Father Sir Fulk FitzWarin, 5th Lord FitzWarin7 b. 2 Mar 1362, d. 8 Aug 1391 Mother Elizabeth...

Fulk FitzWarin, 3rd Baron FitzWarin MP (c.1315 - 1349)

Sir Fulk FitzWarin, 3rd Lord FitzWarin1,2,3,4 M, #29477, d. 25 July 1349 Father Sir Fulk V FitzWarin, 2nd Lord FitzWarin5 b. 1277, d. c 6 Jun 1336 Mother Eleanor de Beauchamp2,5 b. c 1282, d. a 1...

Sir Fulk FitzWarin III MP (aft.1160 - 1258)

Fulk III FitzWarin (The tale of Fulk FitzWarin has been noted for its parallels to the Robin Hood legend.) Fulk III FitzWarin (c. 1160–1258) (alias Fulke, Fouke, FitzWaryn, FitzWarren, Fitz Warine,...

Fulk FitzWarin, V, 1st Baron FitzWarin MP (1251 - 1315)

Because he married a Welshwoman, he appears in the Welsh genealogies. See Peter Batrum, (May 6, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) Sir Fulk IV FitzWarin, 1st Lord FitzWarin, Baron of Whittington Castle 1,2...

Fulk II "Brunin" FitzWarin, Lord of Whittington and Alveston MP (c.1138 - 1197)

Fulk II FitzWarin (fl.1194), married Hawise de Dinan, daughter and co-heiress of Joceas de Dinan.His younger son was William FitzWarin who on being granted the Devon manor of Brightley for his seat, ad...

Fulk IX (VIII) FitzWarin, 5th Baron FitzWarin MP (1362 - 1391)

Fulk Fitz Warin, Knt., 5th Lord Fitz Warin, son and heir, born and baptized at Combe Martin, Devon 2 March 1361/2. He was legatee in the 1385 will of his grandfather, Sir James de Audley. He was heir b...

Fulk VI (V) FitzWarin, 2nd Baron FitzWarin MP (c.1277 - c.1336)

Sir Fulk V FitzWarin, 2nd Lord FitzWarin 1,2,3,4 b. 1277, d. circa 6 June 1336 Father Sir Fulk IV FitzWarin, 1st Lord FitzWarin, Baron of Whittington Castle2,5 b. 14 Sep 1251, d. 24 Nov 1315 Mo...

Fulk VIII (VII) FitzWarin, 4th Baron FitzWarin MP (1341 - 1374)

Sir Fulk FitzWarin, 4th Lord FitzWarin 1,2,3,4 b. 2 March 1341, d. 12 February 1374 Father Sir Fulk FitzWarin, 3rd Lord FitzWarin2,4 d. 25 Jul 1349 Mother Margaret de Beaumont2,4 d. a 1346 ...

Fulk XI FitzWarin, 7th Baron FitzWarin, dsp MP (1406 - 1420)

Guillaume FitzWarin, Sir MP (c.1251 - 1290)

William FitzWarin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sir William FitzWarin (d.c. 1299) was an English soldier active during the First War of Scottish Independence. Life FitzWarin was made cons...

Hawise FitzWarin MP (aft.1276 - bef.1345)

Hawise Fitz Warin Born: 1295 Marriage: (1): Sir Robert De Hoo Knight Marriage: (2): Ralph De Goushill Died: 28 Sep 1344, Grey Friars, Dunstable, England, at age 49 Spouses/Children:: 1. Sir...

Hawise FitzWarin (de Dinan) MP (1147 - 1226)

Hawise FitzWarin, Lady of Wem MP (1207 - 1253)

Hawise FitzWarin, Mistress of John "Lackland" MP (c.1167 - c.1217)

according to, these are her children: Hawise de Tracy F, #104921 Last Edited=20 Feb 2002 Children of Hawise de Tracy and John I 'Lackland', King of England Oliver (?)1 d. 129...

Sir Ioun / Ivo / John FitzWarin, Sir MP (1347 - 1414)

Family and Education b. and bap. Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wilts., 30 Nov. 1347, s. and h. of Sir William Fitzwaryn† KG, of Whittington, Salop, by Amy, da. and h. of Sir Henry Haddon of Caundle Haddon and ‘...

Mabel FitzWarin MP (1247 - 1297)

B: Abt 1245, Whittington, Shropshire, England D: Bef May 24 1297

Ralph Fitz Warin (Fitzwarin) MP (c.1148 - d.)

Richard Fitzwarin (Fitz Warin) MP (c.1150 - d.)

Sir William (Guillaume) FitzWarin, Governor of Montgomery Castle MP (1316 - bef.1361)

Person Sheet Name Sir William FitzWarin KG [49, FitzWarin article, Vol V, pp. 512-3], [62, p. 58], 19G Grandfather Death 18 Oct 1361 Burial Wantage, Berks (MI) General Of Whittington, Salop, etc. Cam...

Agmes Cole (Fitzwarin) MP (deceased)

Alianore FitzWarin MP (c.1377 - c.1433)

Alianore FitzWarin MP (c.1377 - c.1433)

Alice Fitzwarin MP (1285 - 1333)

Alice Fitzwarin MP (1285 - 1333)

Alice Longslow (FitzWarin) MP (c.1279 - d.)

Asceline FitzWarin MP (1277 - 1309)

Cecily FitzWarin MP (deceased)

de Crevequer FitzWarin MP (deceased)

Eleanor / Alionore FitzWarin (de Beauchamp) MP (c.1278 - 1341)

arrow arrow arrow arrow Robert De Beauchamp IV (1217-1259) Alice De Mohun (1222-Bef 1266) William De Vivonia (1219-1259) Maude De Ferrers (1230-1298) John De ...

Elizabeth Hankford (FitzWarin), 8th Baroness FitzWarin MP (c.1404 - c.1427)

Emmeline de Hungerford (Fitzwarin) MP (1145 - 1200)

Eugenia Fitzwarin MP (1208 - 1307)

Eugenia Fitzwarin MP (c.1208 - d.)

Eva Whittington and FitzWarin (of Whittington & Alveston) MP (c.1108 - 1155)

Eva FitzWarin MP (c.1215 - d.)

Fulk Fitzwarin, Lord of Whittington MP (deceased)

Fulk Fitzwarin, Lord of Whittington MP (deceased)

Fulk FitzWarin MP (c.1050 - c.1100)

Hawise FitzWarin MP (deceased)

Hawise FitzWarin MP (1276 - d.)

Hawise FitzWarin MP (1276 - d.)

Hugo Fitzwarin MP (1125 - d.)

Isabel FitzWarin MP (1280 - d.)

Ives FitzWarin MP (1351 - 1379)

Ives FitzWarin MP (1351 - 1379)

Ives FitzWarin MP (deceased)

Joan Fitzwarin (de Beaumont) MP (deceased)

Joan Fitzwarin MP (deceased)

Jonet FitzWarin MP (c.1200 - d.)

Mabel FITZWARIN MP (c.1231 - d.)

Margaret Fitzwarin MP (1275 - d.)

Margaret FitzWarin MP (deceased)

Margaret FitzWarin MP (deceased)

Margaret "The Younger" Fitzwarin (Audley) MP (deceased)

Maud FitzWarin (Argentine) MP (c.1353 - 1377)

IGI Individual Record FamilySearch™ International Genealogical Index v5.0 British Isles Maud Argentine Pedigree Female Family event(s): Birth: About 1355 Of, , Dorset, England Marriages: ...

Miletta FitzWarin (DeWhittington) MP (c.1148 - d.)

Philip FitzWarin MP (deceased)

Philippa FitzWarin, (nun) MP (deceased)

Warin FitzWarin FitzWarin MP (1130 - 1156)

William Fitzwarin MP (c.1155 - d.)

William FitzWarin MP (c.1240 - d.)

William Fitzwarin MP (deceased)