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Adriano de Guzman Florentino (1926 - 1943)

Albert Florentino (deceased)

Alberto Florentino Sr. (1907 - c.1998)

aleir rufino florentino (1944 - d.)

Ambrósio Florentino de Medeiros, Cel (1852 - 1943)

Espírito de Clã, do autor Manoel Onofre Jr, 3a edição, Offset Editora, Natal - RN - 2013.

Amelia M. Vare (Florentino) (1929 - 2016)

Anastasia Florentino (deceased)

Andrea Florentino (deceased)

Andres Udasco Florentino (deceased)

Aneilio Florentino (deceased)

Angel De Guzman Florentino (1916 - d.)

Angela Florentino (Spetrino) (1874 - d.)

Angelica Florentino (deceased)

Angelina Ludlam (Florentino) (deceased)


Anna Florentino (deceased)

Anthony Louis Florentino (1911 - 1998)

Antonia Florentino (deceased)

Antonio Florentino (deceased)

António Florentino (deceased)

Apolonio Florentino (deceased)

Asuncion F Serrano (1904 - 1990)

Avelina Florentino (Flores) (deceased)

Basilia "Kaka Ilyang" Florentino (Basilia Angeles) (deceased)

Belen Florentino Manalang (Belen de Guzman Florentino) (1931 - 1959)

Betty Florentino (deceased)

Bregida Udasco Florentino (deceased)

Bryan Sibog Florentino (deceased)

Bárbara de Oliveira Florentino de Oliveira (deceased)

Caridad Florentino (c.1872 - c.1930)

Carmela Florentino (Scotto) (deceased)

Catherine Florentino (1915 - d.)

clementina baptista florentin/florentino (deceased)

Clodualdo De Guzman Florentino (1928 - 1979)

Corazon San Gabriel Florentino (1954 - 1987)

Dianne Lorraine de Leon florentino (deceased)

Domenico Antonio Gaetano Florentino Di Nicola (deceased)

Domenico Florentino (deceased)

Domingo florentino (deceased)

Dominick Florentino (1880 - 1957)

Dominick Florentino (1907 - 1966)

Dorival Florentino de castro (deceased)


Ela Florentino (deceased)

Elena Florentino-Valenzuela (deceased)

Eleuteria Florentino (deceased)

Stanislao Reyes' mother was Eleuteria Florentino-Reyes, sister of Leona Florentino, the poetess and mother of Isabelo de los Reyes. Eleuteria was aided in the resistance movement by her daughter Salome...

Eliseu Florentino da Mota (1923 - 2005)


Elpídio Florentino Alves (deceased)

Engracia Florentino Ordonez (Engracia de Guzman Florentino) (1912 - 1984)

Felipa Florentino (deceased)

Felipe Florentino (deceased)

Filomena San Buenaventura Florentino (San Buenaventura) (deceased)

Filomena Florentino (deceased)

Filomena Hart (Florentino) (1918 - 1991)

Florence Florentino (deceased)

Francisco Flôr Florentino (deceased)

Francisco Florentino (deceased)

Frank Florentino (1912 - d.)

Frank Florentino (1886 - d.)

Gabriel Florentino (b. - 2006)

Gabriel Florentino (deceased)

Jade (deceased)

Geronimo Florentino (deceased)

Giovanna Florentino (Mendolia) (1920 - 2006)

Helena Gomide Florentino (deceased)

Hugo Florentino (deceased)

Irene Florentino (deceased)

Isabel Florentino (deceased)

Isabel Florentino-Florentino (deceased)

Jacoba Cabrera Florentino (Cabrera) (deceased)

James Florentino (1915 - 1997)

James Florentino (1906 - 1912)

jesus florentino (deceased)

Jesus Florentino (deceased)

Joan Florentino (Barsby) (deceased)

JoAnne Florentino (Hurley) (1943 - 1990)

John Florentino (deceased)

John Anthony Florentino (1873 - d.)

Jose de Leon Florentino (1900 - 1987)

Josep Florentino de San Joaquin (deceased)

Josephine Florentino (1929 - d.)

José Florentino de Queiroz (deceased)

fonte : "Martins" do autor Manoel Jácome de Lima, Coleção Humanas Letras - Coleção Mossoroense - vol 852 - CCHLA/ UFRN - Natal/1995

José Santos Florentino (deceased)

Joâo Florentino (1933 - 2001)

João Florentino (deceased)

Juanita Marquez Florentino (Bagaybagayan) (1914 - 1986)

Julia Florentino (deceased)

Kathryn P Bragg (Florentino) (deceased)

Leocadia Florentino (deceased)

Leona F. Florentino-de los Reyes (c.1849 - c.1884)

Leona is known as the ‘Mother of Philippine Women’s Literature'. Because of her feminist ideals, which were considered radical during her time, Elias separated himself and his son, Isabel...

Leona Florentino (1849 - 1884)

Leona Florentino-de los Reyes was a Filipino poet in the Spanish and Ilocano languages. She is considered as the "Mother of Philippine women's literature". More here: .

Leonora Florentino (Cresencia) (1925 - 2005)

Lola Florentino (Foz) (deceased)

Lorenzo Udasco Florentino (deceased)

Loreto Florentino (deceased)

Louis Florentino (deceased)

Louis Florentino (deceased)

Louis Florentino (1909 - 1984)

Lucy DiDomenico (Florentino) (deceased)