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Andrés Garchitorena MP (1876 - 1919)

Wikipedia Probate record:

Enrique Centenera MP (1908 - d.)

Enrique Centenera was a Filipino journalist and writer. Wikipedia Marriage certificate

Francis Garchitorena MP (1938 - 2005)

Garchitorena was a Filipino Sandiganbayan Presiding Judge from 1986 to 2002.Francis studied in Ateneo de Naga University and graduated from the Law School of Ateneo de Manila University in 1962. He was...

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Mariano Garchitorena MP (1898 - 1961)

Mariano Garchitorena was a Filipino politician. Wikipedia Marriage certificate with Caridad Pamintuan Marriage certificate with Brigida Villanueva Marriage register with Brigida Villanueva

#3 Garchitorena (deceased)

? Garchitorena (deceased)

Agapita Garchitorena (Pilapil) (deceased)

Agapita Garchitorena (Claudio) (deceased)

Alejandro Garchitorena Garchitorena (deceased)

Fausta Garchitorena (1861 - d.)

Source:* Fausta Garchitorena's Copy of Baptismal Certificate:

Amparo Garchitorena (deceased)

Ana Centenera Garchitorena (1896 - 1983)

Andres Centenera y Garchitorena (deceased)

Andres Florentin Pamintuan Garchitorena (deceased)

Angel Garchitorena (deceased)

Angela Garchitorena (Buen) (deceased)

Ángela Garchitorena (1859 - d.)

Sources:* Juan Moriz and Ángela Garchitorena's Marriage Information: Ángela Garchitorena's Copy of Baptismal Certiifcate:

Antonia Garchitorena Centenera (Garchitorena) (deceased)

Antonia Cajigal Garchitorena (deceased)

Arturo Claudio Garchitorena (deceased)

Augusto Garchitorena (deceased)

Baldomera (Uy-keko) Badiola (Garchitorena) (1888 - 1967)

Garchitorena is a naturalized name, originally, Chinese family name was Uy-keko

Consuelo Garchitorena-Toral (deceased)

Consuelo Garchitorena (deceased)

Dolores Arandes (c.1909 - d.)

Remark: There is a tree conflict with this profile: Private

Eduardo Alcantára (b. - bef.1926)

Eliseo Garchitorena (deceased)

Elvira Garchitorena (1879 - d.)

Baptismal certificate Marriage

Enrique Garchitorena (deceased)

Esperanza Garchitorena (Melgarejo) (deceased)

Eusebia Garchitorena (Teoxon) (deceased)

Federico Garchitorena (c.1886 - 1961)

Sources:* Federico Garchitorena and Salvacion Centenera's Marriage Register: Federico Garchitorena's Death Register (Part 1): Federico Garchitorena's Death Register (Part 2):

Felix Borjal Garchitorena (deceased)

Feliza Garchitorena (deceased)

Signature taken from her pension claim record:

Felisa Garchitorena (1863 - aft.1898)

Baptismal certificate ( Assets of the deceased copy) Pension claim * Marriage certificate

Filomena de Hitta (1877 - d.)

Flor Garchitorena (1902 - 1981)

Note: Her year of death is also possibly 1988.

Francisco (Uy-keko) Garchitorena (deceased)

Francisco de Paula Arandez y Garchitorena (1901 - d.)

Source:* Francisco de Paula Arandez y Garchitorena's Baptismal Register:

Gonzalo Përez (c.1900 - d.)

Herminia Garchitorena Natividad (1878 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Honorata (Atay) Guevarra Topacio - Garchitorena (deceased)

Isabel Garchitorena y del Buenviaje de la Estrada (1874 - 1879)

Jesualdo Claudio Garchitorena (deceased)

Jesús Garchitorena (1884 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Jose Garchitorena (deceased)

Jose Garchitorena (deceased)

Jose (Pepe) Claudio Garchitorena (deceased)

Jose Maria Cajigal Garchitorena (deceased)

Signature taken from her special power of attorney:

Josefa Garchitorena (1874 - aft.1912)

Marriage information Special powers of attorney:* 1909 * 1912

Josefina Garchitorena (deceased)

José Francisco de Asís Antonio Vicente Arandes y Garchitorena (1897 - d.)

Source:* José Francisco de Asís Antonio Vicente Arandes y Garchitorena's Baptismal Register:

José Garchitorena (deceased)

Source:* José de Garchitorena and Josefa Cagigal's Copy of Marriage Certificate: : A MyHeritage tree states that José Garchitorena died in 1896, however it is not clear if this is accurate.

José Romero (1893 - 1902)

Baptismal certificate Death

Juan Onsalo Garchitorena (1755 - d.)

Juan Antonio Claudio Garchitorena (deceased)

Juan José Onsalo Garchitorena (1757 - d.)

Juana Garchitorena (deceased)

Julia Garchitorena (1883 - d.)

Baptism Baptismal certificate

Juliana Garchitorena (Abragan) (deceased)

Julieta Garchitorena Toral (1915 - 1998)

Leonila Reyes (Garchitorena) (deceased)

Lourdes (Lulu) Recto Garchitorena (deceased)

Magdalena Medina Santos (Garchitorena) (deceased)

Mancia Pamintuan Garchitorena (deceased)

Manoy ? Garchitorena (deceased)

Manuel Romero (1881 - aft.1894)

Baptismal certificate

Marcial Mingo Garchitorena, Sr. (1929 - 2003)

Carmen Alcántara (b. - aft.1889)

Pension claim * Marriage certificate

Carmen Pérez (1875 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Mariano Garchitorena (1835 - bef.1896)

Baptismal certificate

María Antonia Garchitorena Cajigal (deceased)

María Estefanía Onsalo Garchitorena (1752 - d.)

María Garchitorena Maritorena (deceased)

María Garchitorena (b. - aft.1893)

Carmen Romero (1888 - aft.1937)

Baptismal certificate

Pura Romero (1884 - 1937)

Baptismal certificate Death:* Consular ( ImgBb )

Mercedes Urbina Garchitorena (deceased)

Pedro Garchitorena (deceased)

Petra Garchitorena de Hitta (deceased)

Aurora Garchitorena (1867 - d.)

Source:* Roberto Espalding and Aurora Garchitorena's Marriage Information:

Pio Eustaquio Claudio Garchitorena (deceased)

Placida Agatha Del Rosario Alcover de Garchitorena (1845 - 1900)

Querico Garchitorena (deceased)

Ramon Paraiso Garchitorena (deceased)

Raymundo Garchitorena (deceased)

Rita Garchitorena (1878 - d.)

Source:* Cándido Centenera and Rita Garchitorena's Marriage Information:

Rosa Garchitorena (deceased)

Salvacion Centenera Garchitorena (Centenera y de Hitta) (c.1902 - aft.1961)

Source:* Federico Garchitorena and Salvacion Centenera's Marriage Register:

Salvador Garchitorena (1881 - d.)

Baptismal certificate

Santiago Garchitorena (b. - aft.1824)

Segundo Borjal Garchitorena (deceased)

Teofista Garchitorena (deceased)

Tomás Alcántara (1857 - 1910)

Source:* Tomás Alcántara and Josefa Laplana's Marriage Information:

Tomas (Tomasing) Topacio Garchitorena (1907 - 1966)

Valentina Pérez (deceased)

Vicente Claudio Garchitorena (deceased)

Don Vicente Basa Garchitorena (deceased)

Vicente Garchitorena (1833 - 1886)

Baptismal certificate Marriage certificate Burial certificate

Vicente Garchitorena (1873 - 1923)

Baptismal certificate