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Jean-Baptiste Guillory, I MP (1746 - c.1813)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for LOUISIANA. DAR Ancestor # A048275

Jean-Baptiste Guillory MP (c.1766 - d.)

Joseph-Gregoire Pierre Guillory MP (1712 - 1782)

The GUILLORY families of Louisiana can trace their ancestry to a couple whose marriage is recorded in the Mobile, Alabama, Church Archives on August 1739. Gregoire (Joseph) GUILLORY, a resident of Daup...

Marguerite Guillory, freed slave MP (c.1713 - d.)

? Guillory (deceased)

[--?--] Guillory (deceased)

Aaron Trent Guillory (deceased)

Abraham Guillory (deceased)

Abraham Guillory (deceased)

Achille Guillory (deceased)

Adam Guillory (deceased)

Adame Odom Guillory (1879 - d.)

Addis Guillory (Dupont) (1917 - 2009)

Adelaide Guillory (1801 - c.1930)

Adelaide Guillory (1801 - d.)

Adelaide Dupont (Guillory) (1846 - 1933)

Adelaide Guillory (deceased)

Adele Guillory (Rabalais) (deceased)

Adele (Odile) Pousson (Guillory) (1830 - 1904)

Adeline Mayeux (Guillory) (1862 - d.)

Adeline Mayeaux (Guillory) (deceased)

Adeline Guillory (1814 - d.)


US Social Security Death Index Search Result Name: DESHOTEL, ADELLA Social Security Number: 433-78-6744 Applied for in Louisiana Date of Death: May 1987 Date of Birth: 10 Sep 1897 Residence (...

Adenise Josson Guillory (1850 - d.)

Adevice Guillory (1810 - d.)

Adieus Guillory (1886 - 1960)

Adolph Guillory (deceased)

Adolph Guillory (1895 - d.)

Adrien Guillory (deceased)

Adrien Guillory (deceased)

Agatha Guillory (deceased)

Agnes Guillory (Fontenot) (deceased)

Agnes(Fontenot) Guillory (deceased)


Aimee Guillory (deceased)

Aimée Firmine Guillory (1784 - d.)

Aimée Guillory (Poinsard) (deceased)

Alberta Eddens (Guillory) (b. - c.1977)

Alcee Guillory (1837 - d.)

Alcee Mathieu Guillory (deceased)

Alcide Guillory (1844 - d.)

Alduya Guillory (deceased)

alena Guillory (deceased)

Alexandre Guillory (deceased)

Alexandre Guillory (c.1850 - d.)

alfonzo Guillory (deceased)

Alfred Guillory (deceased)

Alfred Joseph Guillory (1902 - 1978)

Aliane Richard (Guillory) (1910 - d.)

Alice Guillory (deceased)

Alice Guillory (deceased)

Alice Guillory (Beverly) (deceased)

Alice Glynn (Guillory) (1932 - 1978)

Alicia Robinson-Guillory (deceased)

alicia eaglin (guillory) (deceased)

Aline Guillory (Deshotel) (1909 - 1985)

Alitia (Elisia) Guillory (deceased)

Allen Guillory (deceased)

Alphage Guillory, Twin (deceased)

Alphege Alphage Guillory, Pere (deceased)

Alphonse Guillory (c.1858 - d.)

Alphonse Romain Guillory (1893 - d.)

Alphonse (Alphius) Guillory (1853 - 1920)

Alphonsinage Guillory, Twin (deceased)

Alphonsine Guillory (1888 - d.)

alphonsine papillion (guillory) (deceased)

Alphonso Guillory (deceased)

Alphonso Guillory (deceased)

alphonso melvin guillory (deceased)

alton guillory (deceased)

Aluda Soileau Guillory (deceased)

Alvena Guillory (deceased)

Alvin Guillory (deceased)

Alzire Guillory (Jeansonne) (deceased)

Amanda Guillory (1875 - 1950)

Ambrisine Guillory (c.1860 - d.)

Ambroise Guillory (deceased)

Ambrose Guillory (c.1868 - d.)

Amelie Guillory (deceased)

Amos Guillory (deceased)

Amy LeBlanc/ Guillory (deceased)

André Guillory (c.1767 - d.)

Angelo Guillory (deceased)

Angelo guillory (deceased)

Ann Asta Guillory (LaCour) (1928 - 1989)

Anna Louise Guillory (David) (1927 - 1985)

Anne Guillory (c.1856 - d.)

Anne Guillory - Vallery (deceased)

Anne Marie Guillory (deceased)

Anne Marie Josephe Guillory (1770 - d.)

Antoine John Guillory, Jr. (1960 - 2009)

Antoine Guillory (c.1815 - d.)

Antoine Gurie (Guillory) (deceased)

Antoine Guillory (deceased)

Antoine Guillory (deceased)

Antonia Guillory (deceased)

Arguild Guillory (deceased)

Arlington John Guillory (1931 - c.2015)

Armibus Guillory (deceased)

Artelous Guillory (deceased)