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Teofisto Tayko Guingona, Jr MP

Teofisto Tayko Guingona Secretary was a Secretary of Justice, Senator of the Philippines. He served as the 12th Vice-President of the Philippines. More here:

Arsenia Jamora Guingona (deceased)

Benjamin Guingona, Jr. (deceased)

Benjamin Guingona, Sr. (deceased)

Carmencita S.Guingona (deceased)

Concepcion Guingona (deceased)

Concepcion Guingona (deceased)

Eduardo Guingona (deceased)

Engracia(Onia)S.Guingona (deceased)

Felicidad Guingona (deceased)

Filomena Guingona (deceased)

Francesca Sanchez Guingona (deceased)

Francisca Guingona (deceased)

Generoso Guingona (deceased)

Generoso Guingona (deceased)

Generoso Guingona (deceased)

Jose Guingona (deceased)

Josefa(Pepot)G.Murillo (deceased)

Julia Jamora Guingona (deceased)

Natividad Tenefrancia (Guingona) (deceased)

Shirley Guingona (deceased)

Teofisto Jamora Guingona, Sr. (1883 - 1963)

Teofisto Jamora Guingona was a Filipino politician who served as a mayor, congressman, senator and governor. More here: .

Teopisto Guingona Sr (deceased)

Vicente Guingona (deceased)

Vicente Guingona (deceased)