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Osbert Hawkins (de Hawking) MP (c.1393 - 1425)

Date of birth might be 1393. 4th lord (and last in this family?) of Hawkins Manor (which probably was in either Strode (now Strood) (see page 266 of the "Hospitals of Kent" article in Volume 29 of Ar...

Stephen Hawking MP

Oxford, England

Stephen William Hawking CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA (born 8 January 1942) is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the U...

Lady? de Hawking MP (1359 - d.)

Date and place of birth have also been erroneously reported to be circa 1294 at Faversham, Kent, England. lady consort of Hawkins Manor Date and place of death have also been erroneously reported t...

de Hawking MP (1302 - d.)

lady consort of Hawkins Manor

?? Hawking MP (deceased)

[-?-] Tresner (Hawking) MP (deceased)

Agnes (or?) Emmely de Hawking (Bartram) MP (c.1315 - d.)

lady consort of Hawkins Manor

Agnes L. Hawking (Johannessen) MP (1876 - 1955)

Alexander Hawking MP (1600 - d.)

Alice Elizabeth Hawking MP (1949 - 1991)

Andrew de Hawkins (de Hawking) MP (c.1312 - c.1377)

Angelita F. Hawking MP (c.1906 - d.)

Ann Hawking (Matherson) MP (1812 - 1889)

Ann Hawking MP (1812 - 1839)

Anne Luxton Pryor (Hawking) MP (deceased)

Annie Hawking (?Houfe?) MP (1826 - 1911)

Arnold Hawking MP (deceased)

Betsy Harvey Hawking MP (1850 - d.)

Cecelia Hawking MP (c.1854 - d.)

Charles Henry Hawking MP (1847 - d.)

St. Ives Marriage Register 1837–1900 20 Jan 1867 by Banns Charles Hawking 20 bachelor Miner of St. Ives (Father: John Hawking, Shipwright) Elizabeth Curnow 20 spinster of St. Ives (Father: Thoma...

Connie Hawking MP (1884 - 1950)

after her father's bancrupcy - and possibly after his death - she trained as a nurse in Leeds. She maried a farmer who came to the hospital as a patient and had a son. Source of information - autob...

Cyril Ross Hawking MP (1917 - 1995)

David Hawking MP (1932 - c.1990)

David James Hawking MP (1931 - 2013)

de de Hawking MP (deceased)

Deborah Hawking (Boucher) MP (1783 - 1853)

Dick Hawking MP (b. - c.1990)

went to Dracks Grammer School at Selby then University College Oxford and became the headmaster of a secondary schol in Shropshire

Dorothy Webber (Hawking (or Perrie)) MP (1630 - 1663)

Earl Hawking MP (1933 - 2002)

Earl L. Hawking MP (1902 - 1946)

Edith Hawking MP (deceased)

Edith A. Lawrence (Hawking) MP (1909 - 1992)

Edward M. Hawking MP (1896 - 1953)

Edward (Ted) Hawking MP (1881 - 1949)

Edward Frank David Hawking MP (b. - 2003)

Edward Richard Hawking MP (deceased)

Eleanor Knowles (Hawking) MP (1879 - 1934)

Eliza Ann Hawking (Lean) MP (b. - 1927)

Elizabeth Hawking MP (1872 - 1946)

Elizabeth Hawking (Leefe) MP (1854 - 1941)

Elizabeth Wills (Hawking) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Emma Hawking MP (c.1867 - d.)

Elizabeth Hawking MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Hawking (Balkwill) MP (1760 - 1791)

Elizabeth Ann Hawking MP (1852 - 1882)

Estella Hawking MP (deceased)

Eugene R. Hawking MP (1935 - 1967)

eula bell mertin hawking (kennedy) MP (1916 - 2004)

Fanny Liveridge (Hawking) MP (deceased)

Fanny Liversidge (Hawking) MP (c.1878 - c.1966)

Frances J. Ludwig (Hawking) MP (1907 - 1969)

Francis Hawking (Salter) MP (1903 - 1985)

Frank Hawking MP (1905 - 1986)

Frederick James Hawking MP (1886 - 1887)

Genevieve Hawking (Skiba) MP (1907 - 1974)

George Frederick Hawking MP (1874 - 1936)

George Hawking MP (1779 - d.)

George Hawking MP (c.1793 - d.)

George Hawking MP (1895 - 1896)

Gerald "Jerry" Hawking MP (1928 - 2012)

Gertrude Hollandsworth (Hawking) MP (1898 - 1974)

Gladys Hawking MP (c.1908 - d.)

Gladys went by the name Chita, which was also her stage name as a dancer. She was well know in the 1930's and beyond as a dancer with her husband Carlos. They had one daughter together. There were two ...

Hannah Hawking (Atkinson) MP (b. - 1896)

The large granite tombstone in Aldborough Cemetery was erected for her, and also the stained glass window in Boroughbridge Chapel (Methodist)

Hannah Hawking (? Dennis) MP (deceased)

Hannah Hawking MP (1817 - d.)

St. Ives Marriage Register 1837–1900 28 Jul 1840 by Banns John Shugg of full age bachelor Mason of St. Ives (Father: William Shugg, Mason) Hannah Hawking of full age spinster of St. Ives (Father...

Hannah Hawking MP (1856 - d.)

Harold Henry Hawking MP (deceased)

Henry Hawking MP (deceased)

Henry Hawking MP (1811 - 1885)

of Linton, Ellenthorpe and Scarborough. Originally Church of England, he became a Methodist. He took Ellenthorpe Lodge for his son John. He retired and he and his wife Ann (nee Matterson) settled...

Henry Hawking MP (1851 - 1925)

Henry Hawking MP (1915 - 1945)

Henry Hawking MP (b. - 1903)

Henry Hawking MP (deceased)

Henry Boase Hawking MP (1858 - d.)

Henry Hawking MP (1851 - c.1925)

Herbert Anthony Hawking MP (1911 - 1981)

From an email: Dad's birth name was Herbert Anthony Hawking.  Born 6/8/11 in Pittsburgh, PA.  His Dad's name was Herman Arthur Hawking...guess they wanted to carry the same initials.   Some time later ...

Herman Arthur Hawking MP (1875 - c.1930)

email from Chase Deits: Born in Pitminster, England  1/14/1875 and he was a member of the famous Baltic Society which was composed of an Expeditionary Force which accompanied General Pershing in Euro...

Hilda Hawking (Frank) MP (deceased)

Isobel Eileen Hawking (Walker) MP (1915 - 2013)

J. William "Bill" Hawking MP (1915 - 2000)

James Hawking MP (1897 - 1897)

James Hawking MP (c.1849 - d.)

Jane Hawking (Beaton) MP (deceased)

Jane Hawkins MP

Jane Hawking (Hocking) MP (c.1846 - d.)

Jean Ramsey Hawking (Forster) MP (1912 - 1985)

Jean Ramsey Hawking (Forster) MP (deceased)

Joan Hawking (Hickson) MP (deceased)

Joan Hawking (Heddon) MP (1917 - c.2005)

Joan Hawking (Smith) MP (1601 - d.)

John Hawking MP (1837 - 1905)

JP, CC (Justice of the Peace, County Councilor) Circuit Steward, Boroughbridge Circuit (Methodist)

John Hawking MP (1819 - 1891)

John Hawking MP (deceased)

John Hawking, Sr. MP (1846 - 1922)

John F. Hawking MP (1874 - 1945)

John Edward Hawking MP (1918 - 1973)

John Hawking MP (1814 - d.)

=St. Ives Marriage Register 1837–1900= 2 May 1841 by Banns John Hawking of full age bachelor Shipwright of St. Ives (Father: John Hawking, Shipwright) Cecelia Boase a minor [dash] of St. Ives (F...

John Hawking MP (1783 - d.)

John Hawking MP (deceased)

John Hawking MP (c.1846 - d.)