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Tracy Murdock MP (c.1959 - d.)

Tracy Murdock -Irish-Japanese real estate agent and a talented designer - has been designing for LA’s celebrities and its business elite for over a decade now [2011] and has been published in several d...

Barbara Mizushima (Hayakawa) (deceased)

Fumito Hayakawa (deceased)

Fusae Hayakawa (1914 - d.)

Hana Kawasaki (Hayakawa) (1884 - 1966)

Kazuo Hayakawa (deceased)

Kazuyoshi Hayakawa (deceased)

Kiku Hayakawa (mochizuki) (deceased)

Kimiko Hayakawa (deceased)

Kiyo Matsubara (Hayakawa) (c.1907 - c.2006)

Kiyoshi Hayakawa (deceased)

Margedant Hayakawa (Peters) (1915 - 1998)

Margedant Peters Hayakawa was the wife of former U.S. Senator S.I. Hayakawa and daughter of the founding editor of the Evansville Press newspaper. Born in Evansville, Indiana, she matriculated at the...

Masami Hayakawa (c.1920 - d.)

Masatoshi Hayakawa (deceased)

Moto Oomori (Hayakawa) (deceased)

Nabe Hayakawa (deceased)

Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa, U.S. Senator (1906 - 1992)

Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa was a Canadian born American academic and political figure of Japanese ancestry. He was an English professor, served as president of San Francisco State University and then a Uni...

Sanji Hayakawa (deceased)

Seki Hayakawa (deceased)

Setsu-chan Hayakawa (deceased)

Shigeki Hayakawa (deceased)

Shigeno Hayakawa (deceased)

Shigeru Hayakawa (deceased)

Shizue Hayakawa (deceased)

Takeo Hayakawa (deceased)

Yoshino Hayakawa (deceased)