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? Himel MP (deceased)

? McCulla (Himel) MP (deceased)

? Fitzgerald (Himel) MP (deceased)

? Himel MP (deceased)

Abram Himel MP (1915 - c.1941)

Abram Himel MP (1884 - d.)

Ada Braud Cothell (Himel) MP (deceased)

Adam Himel MP (1833 - d.)

Adam Himel MP (deceased)

Agatha A Crochet (Himel) MP (1909 - 1985)

Agnes Odette Lambremont (Himel) MP (1895 - 1985)

Agnes Marianne Himel MP (1761 - d.)

Alexis Himel MP (deceased)

Alexis Himel MP (1791 - d.)

Alexis Edouard Himel MP (1836 - d.)

Alexis Honore Himel MP (1827 - d.)

Alexis Edouard Himel MP (1839 - d.)

Alfred Devesin Himel MP (1836 - d.)

Alice Marie Himel (Poche) MP (1866 - 1889)

Aline Himel MP (b. - 1893)

Amelie Himel MP (deceased)

Amelie Himel (Hermann) MP (1839 - 1915)

Andre Himel MP (deceased)

Andre Himel MP (1740 - 1812)

Andres Himel I MP (1740 - 1812)

Angelique Josephine Himel (Boudreaux) MP (deceased)

Anne Hurwich Cohen Himel (Hurwich) MP (1915 - 2008)

HIMEL, Anne (Cohen) nee Hurwich - Passed away peacefully on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at Baycrest Hospital. Anne Himel, beloved wife of the late Benjamin Himel and Jack Cohen. Loving mother of Miriam ...

Annie Pearl (Himel) MP (1898 - 1988)

PEARL,Annie on Saturday August 26 1989 at Cheltenham Nursing Home, Toronto. Annie Pearl beloved wife of the late Sol Pearl loving mother and mother-in-law of Rebecca Diamond of New Jersey and Sybil and...

Antoine Himel MP (c.1748 - d.)

Antonine Emile Himel MP (deceased)

Armalise Himel (Cantrell) MP (deceased)

Aron Himel MP (1815 - 1838)

"Aharon died during the Polish Revolt unmarried and without offspring." From the memoirs of Yechial Himmel, via Chamutal Himmel His death date is quite clearly 1838, age 23 what events concerning r...

Aron Himel MP (1849 - 1849)

Aron Eliazer Himel MP (1851 - 1867)

Aron Himel MP (1876 - 1941)

Aron HIMEL = KIMEL MP (1894 - d.)

Aron Chaim HIMEL = KIMEL MP (1846 - d.)

Asher Antshel Himel MP (deceased)


Augustine Himel MP (1844 - d.)

Aurelia Dolese (Himel) MP (1867 - 1954)

Aurelia Himel (Martin) MP (1845 - 1921)

Avery Himel MP (deceased)

Avigdor Himel MP (1878 - 1939)

Kolo Necrology HIMMEL Avigdor and family Avigdor Himel was born in Kolo, Poland in 1878. He was married. Avigdor died in the Shoah at the age of 61. This information is based on a Page of Testimony s...

Bajla Himel MP (1896 - c.1942)

Probably died in holocaust

Bajla Pieprzynska (Himel) MP (c.1851 - d.)

Bajla Lewinska (Himel) MP (1883 - d.)

Bajla Gitel Himel MP (1879 - 1906)

Bayla Himel (Kierszbein/Moszkowicz) MP (c.1778 - 1848)

"Known as and nicknamed Beileke because she was very short and well loved. The story goes that she cooked in seven different pots, each son his favorite food, and suggests that they may have been well ...

Bayla Chava Himel (Recht) MP (1866 - 1951)

Bejla Cypra Himel MP (1866 - 1868)

bella gital himel MP (deceased)

Benjamin Himel MP (1904 - 1994)

HIMEL, Benjamin A. on Wednesday, April 6, 1994. Benjamin beloved husband of Anne and the late Edith. Devoted father and father-in-law of Pearl and Jerry Banks, Irving Himel, Mel and Pam Himel, and Miri...

Bennie Himel MP (deceased)

Bessie Himel (Markman) MP (deceased)

Bilha Himel MP (1912 - c.1941)

Boruch Himel MP (1861 - 1861)

Brajne Rozen (Himel) MP (1846 - d.)

Calvin Himel MP (1933 - 2010)

DR. CALVIN HIMEL, MD., FRCS(C) On Monday, July 19, 2010 at Bridgepoint Health. Calvin Himel was the beloved husband of the late Christa Himel. He was the loving son of the late Leo and late Bessie Hi...

Camille Himel MP (deceased)

Carl Himel MP (deceased)

Carl Himel Sr. MP (deceased)

Carlyn Kliebert (Himel) MP (deceased)

Carmalite Josephine Himel MP (1867 - c.1942)

Carmelite Josephine Himel MP (1867 - 1942)

Carmen Himel (Faite) MP (deceased)

Carrie Genevieve Dicharry (Himel) MP (1887 - 1964)

Catherine Juneau Bellegarde Himel MP (deceased)

Catherine Phillippe (Himel (Hymel)) MP (deceased)

Ger,am who Settled on the German coast above New Orleans.

Catherine Himel (Bellegrade) MP (deceased)

Celima Himel MP (deceased)

Celine Albarado (Himel) MP (deceased)

Chaja Himel MP (1926 - c.1941)

Chaja Ester Himel (Lubraniecka) MP (1871 - 1953)

"Born in Lubranets, Poland. She had 4 daughters 5 sons. These four not listed Moshe M b.1902, Mindel F b.1903, Avraham M b.1905, Malka F b.1907, all died as babies or very young." From the memoirs of...

Chaja Sora Himel MP (1863 - d.)

Chana Himel (Zelwer) MP (deceased)

Chane Lubraniecka (Himel) MP (1846 - d.)

Charles Himel MP (deceased)

Charles Himel MP (1763 - 1783)

Charles Maurice Himel MP (1866 - 1954)

Chaym Natan Cohen Himel MP (1844 - d.)

Chejman Dawid Himel MP (1882 - 1898)

Christa Himel MP (deceased)

clara himel MP (deceased)

Clarence F. Himel MP (1914 - 1975)

Clarise W. Himel MP (deceased)

Clerville Himel MP (1819 - 1881)

Clerville Himel MP (1877 - 1918)

Owner of the Minnie and St. Alice plantations in upper St. James Parish, Louisiana.

Clifford Alphonse Himel MP (1875 - 1954)

Corrinne HImel (Duet) MP (deceased)

David Himel MP (deceased)

David Himel MP (1885 - 1971)

David Himel MP (deceased)

David Himel, II MP (1754 - 1799)

Dawid Chyel Himel MP (1866 - 1874)

Dawid Mortka Himel MP (1849 - 1871)

Delphine Himel (Loup) MP (1825 - d.)

Doralise Chiasson (Himel) MP (deceased)

Dorothy Himel (Weisbrot) MP (deceased)

Dorothy Belanger (Himel) MP (b. - 2004)

OCTOBER 3, 2004 Dorothy Belanger *age 83, a native of Schriever and resident of Bourg, died at 10:05 p.m. Friday, Oct. 1, 2004 *visitation today and to funeral time Monday at Samart Funeral Home;...