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Aeghie Tunis Hoff (Covert) MP (1650 - 1681)

Catherine Hoff (Brokaw) MP (1686 - 1728)

Catherine Hoff

Catherine Brenneman (Hoff) MP (deceased)

Derrick Pauluszen Hoff MP (1649 - 1730)

(DNA) Wallabout, Its name can be traced to the 17th century, when a group of Walloons, French-speaking Protestants from what is now Belgium, settled along the nearby bay, which came to be called “W...

Dirck Hoff MP (1594 - 1692)

Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : Dec 20 2016, 16:57:26 UTC

Dr. Edwin Cornue Hoff, M.D. MP (1875 - 1940)

EDWIN CORNUE HOFF , Detroit, Michigan, was born in Carey, Ohio, April 20, 1875, son of Charles D. and Laura Anna (Beebe) Hoff. After attending the district schools at Carey he taught school for one ter...

Elizabeth Moore (Hoff) MP (1755 - 1839)

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 about Elizabeth Hoff Name: Elizabeth Hoff SAR Membership: 80791 Birth Date: 1755 Birth Place: Hopewell, New Jersey Death Date: 1...

George Michael Hoff MP (1766 - 1810)

George Michael "Michael" Hoff's christening on Aug 17 1766 at Trinity Lutheran Church was the first indication of the presence of his father's family in Lancaster. Michael was an apprentice clockmaker ...

Ide Criensdatter Hooft (Hoff) MP (1672 - 1733)

Irvin Lynn Hoff MP (1936 - 1998)

Isabelle Hoff MP (deceased)

Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff, Jr., Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1901 MP (1852 - 1911)

Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff Jr. (30 August 1852 – 1 March 1911) was a Dutch physical and organic chemist and the first winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry. He is best known for his discoveries in c...

John George Hoff MP (1733 - 1816)

Clockmaker. John George Hoff aka "George Hoff" was born in Westerburg, Hesse, Cassel, Germany on Oct 22 1733 . He learned clock making from his father-in-law, George Schnertzel. Another source says "Fr...

John Hoff MP (1776 - 1818)

Clockmaker and maker of Surveying Compasses. In 1803 he advertised that he also "stocked an assortment of ironmongery, cutlery, and saddlery." He was commissioned Justice of the Peace for Lancaster Cou...

Joseph Hoff MP (1700 - 1769)

Joseph Hoff MP (deceased)

Lambert (Lammert) Laurensz: Barzenius van Hoff, SV/PROG MP (c.1660 - d.)

Lambart van Hoff b. circa 1660 NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695 NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695 NGK (Cape Town) Marriages1665-1695 NGK (Cape Town) Marriages 1665-1695 NGK Stellenbosch Ba...

Margaret Hoffman (Hoff) MP (1763 - 1832)

They moved in 1813 from Allegheny County, Maryland (where they had married in 1790) to Barbour County, Virginia, which is today West Virginia. - Margaret Hovis Hoffman b. 1763 d. 18 Aug ...

Maria Ottilia Südekum (Hoff) MP (1899 - d.)

Minnie Enla McElroy (Hoff) MP (1897 - 1987)

Birth: Jul. 20, 1897 Death: Aug. 19, 1987 Family links: Spouse: Otis Matthew McElroy (1890 - 1971)* Calculated relationship Burial: Stonewall Cemetery Ethel Attala County Mississipp...

Moses Hoff, I MP (aft.1759 - bef.1845)

From: "Linda Huff Muessig" Subject: Re: [HUFF] From List Manager - Who am I and what am I doing here? Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 14:54:58 -0500 References: Joseph is the son of Derrick Hoff b. 1649 NY d...

Nils Jensson Hessen Hoff MP (1699 - d.)

Faddere: Lensmann Jon Larsson, Anders Larsson i Larsgård, Anders Hessen, Anne Dorthe i Borgund bar barnet, Anne Persdtr. Hessen. Introdusert: Siri Jonsdtr. Hessen. Det er mulig at presten har skrevet f...

Nils Jakob Skulstad Hoff MP

Nils Jakob Skulstad Hoff er en norsk roer. Han representerte Norge i Rio-OL 2016 i singlesculler. Wikipedia (norsk) NRK-artikkel fra 2011

Paulus Dirckszen Hoff (Van Lutsemburge) MP (1621 - 1692)

1 MICHIEL JANSEN VREELAND (1610 - ~1663) + Fitje Hartmans (1611 - 1697) 2 JANNETJE Michielsen Vreeland (~1643 - 1714) + m. 1659 Dirck Teunissen Van Vechten (1633 - 1702) 3 Elizabeth Dirckse Van...

Sarah Willemse Hoff (Yeats) MP (aft.1651 - bef.1743)

Born in Heemstedt, Holland on 1649 to Teunis Janse Covert and Barbara Lucas Van Kessel. Aechje married Derrick Pauluszen Hoff and had 5 children. She passed away on 1700 in Jamaica, New York, USA.

Sarah Husted (Hoff) MP (1743 - 1820)

Hoff MP (deceased)

Hoff MP (deceased)

HOFF MP (deceased)

"Grandpa" Hoff MP (deceased)

(Carl) Bjarne Akselsen Hoff MP (1920 - 1983)

(S)aartje Kindt (van 't Hoff) MP (deceased)

-nn- van 't Hoff MP (c.1707 - d.)

-nn- van 't Hoff MP (c.1719 - d.)

-nn- van 't Hoff MP (1753 - d.)

-nn- van 't Hoff MP (c.1726 - d.)

-nn- van 't Hoff MP (1728 - d.)

-nn- van 't Hoff MP (c.1708 - d.)

. van den Hoff MP (deceased)

. Hoff (Tabasz) MP (deceased)

. Hoff MP (deceased)

2moresiblings Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff (Anzivina) MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff (?) MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff (Dye) MP (deceased)

? ten Hoff MP (deceased)

? Hoff MP (deceased)

? Van 't Hoff (Schreij) MP (deceased)

? Hoff (Myers) MP (deceased)

?? Hoff MP (b. - 1942)

?? Hoff MP (b. - 1942)

?? Hoff MP (b. - 1942)

?? Hoff MP (deceased)

?? Simons (Hoff) MP (deceased)

??? Hoff MP (deceased)

a Holycross (Hoff) MP (deceased)

A von Hoff MP (deceased)

a van 't Hoff MP (deceased)

A Hoff MP (deceased)

A. Hoff MP (deceased)

Aafje Jans van 't Hoff MP (1837 - 1837)

Aagje Kweekel (van 't Hoff) MP (deceased)

Aagje van 't Hoff MP (1741 - d.)

Aagje van t Hoff, twin. MP (1834 - 1870)

Aagot Hoff MP (1858 - d.)

Aagot Marie Hoff-Hansen MP (1891 - 1976)

Aagot Marie Hoff MP (c.1876 - d.)

Aagot Hoff-Hansen (Hansen) MP (1881 - d.)

Aagot Hoff MP (deceased)

Aalbert van 't Hoff MP (1851 - d.)

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Aalbert van 't Hoff MP (1895 - d.)

Aalbert Anthonysz van 't Hoff MP (1774 - 1842)

Aaltien Egberdina Hoff (Koning) MP (deceased)

Aaltien Egberdina Hoff (Koning) MP (deceased)

Aaltje de Vries (Hoff) MP (1880 - 1955)

Aaltje van den Hoff (Budden) MP (1810 - d.)

Aaltje van 't Hoff (van den Andel) MP (1860 - d.)

Aaltje van 't Hoff MP (1736 - d.)

Aaltje van 't Hoff MP (1720 - d.)

Aaltje Hoekman (in 't Hoff) MP (deceased)

Aard Rinus van 't Hoff MP (1957 - d.)

Aaron Hoff MP (1830 - 1901)


Aaron Hoff MP (deceased)

Aaron Pittenger Hoff MP (1843 - 1858)

Baptism - [date: 4 NOV 1843] [place: Neshanic Ref. Church]

Aart van 't Hoff MP (1799 - 1884)

Aart van 't Hoff MP (1859 - d.)

Aart van 't Hoff MP (c.1800 - 1870)

Aartje Hoff MP (deceased)

Aartje van 't Hoff MP (deceased)

Aase Ingebjørg Hoff (Viseth) MP (1912 - d.)

Aase Hoff (Paulsen) MP (1924 - 2011)

Tante Aase døde i går kveld, lørdag 26.februar. Vi kondolerer alle pårørende.

Aase Bakken (Hoff) MP (1921 - d.)

Aase Hoff MP (deceased)