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Chana Shor (Isserles) MP (1610 - d.)

1. Source: The Unbroken Chain, Neil Rosenstein, Page 495 === GEDCOM Source ===@R-2139901516@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files su...

Dinah Malka Isserles (Schrentzel), [RaMA mother] MP (c.1492 - 1552)

Rabbi Dov Ber Isserles, BESHT Gd.son of Ulanov MP (deceased)

Dreisel Meisels (Isserles) MP (c.1551 - 1601)

Rabbi Simcha & Dreizel Meisels Meisels Family Genealogy Wife of Rabbi Simcha Bunim Meiseles (d.9 Adar 1624), died 2 Tevet 5362 = 26/12/1601 -

Eliezer Isserles (br. Rema), of Krakow MP (c.1530 - 1623)

אחיו של הרמ"א זי"ע. נפטר בשנת ה'שפ"ג.

Eliezer Isserles MP (deceased)

Gittel Isserles (Auerbach) MP (c.1466 - 1552)

Golda Isserles (bat Shalom Shachna), [ReMa #2 wife] MP (1532 - 1552)

Rema’s wife (Shachna) died young, at the age of 20 and he later established the "Rema Synagogue" in Kraków in her memory (originally his house, built by his father in his honor—which he gave to the com...

Haim Henschel Isserles MP (b. - 1544)

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Hendele Malka? Günsburg (Isserles), [dau. of ReMa] MP (c.1550 - c.1598)

Hesya Miriam Heschel (Isserles) MP (c.1601 - 1649)

=== GEDCOM Note ===Neil Rosenstein, in Genealogical Golems of the MahaRaL's Family (Avoytaynu spring 2013), states that one wife of Abraham Joshua Heshel was Dinah Wahl; the name of the other wife i...


Baal Shem Tov, Israel ben Eliezar Isserles MP (1698 - 1760)

Rabbi Yisroel (Israel) ben Eliezer (רבי ישראל בן אליעזר) (August 27, 1698 (18 Elul) – May 22, 1760), also called Israel Baal Shem Tov or Besht , was a Jewish mystical rabbi considered to be the founder...

Israel Henshel Isserles MP (b. - 1520)

Rabbi Israel Joseph Isserles (Luria), [RaMA father] of Krakow MP (1490 - 1568)

Parnass (Head) of Jewish community in Krakow. Built a synagogue in honor of his son (Rema/Remuh Synagogue) in the Kazimierz area in Krakow in 1553. According to The Lurie Legacy, The House of Davidic ...

Jekutiel Solomon Leizer's Isserl's (Isserles) MP (c.1602 - 1672)

Joseph Isserles MP (1520 - d.)

Jutta Isserles MP (deceased)

Kendel Segal? Drucker? (Isserles) MP (1530 - 1617)

Sister to RAMA - אחותו של הרמ"א

Kendel Katz (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Krendel Isserles (Eberels), [RaMa #1 wife] MP (deceased)

Leah Rachel (or Chana) Isserles (dau. Ephraim Fischel of Kitov), (Besht 2nd wife) MP (c.1700 - 1750)

Baal Shem Tov Family Tree According to some sources, Israel ben Eliezer, the Ba’al Shem Tov (1698-1760), first married at about age 18; his wife died soon thereafter. Around 1720, he married C...

Malka Ginsberg (dau. Leizer Isserles) MP (c.1555 - 1620)

Managed by: Yigal Burstein (Bursztyn), Rahel Jarach-Sztern, Efraim Kadin & H. (Zvi Avigdor) Stauber

Michle Isserles (Auerbach) MP (b. - 1582)

décédé le 10 mai 1582 selon Randy Schoenberg

Miriam Beila Horowitz (Isserles), REMA's sister MP (c.1530 - 1617)

Miriam Bella Horowitz was the sister of the "holy REMA" - הרמ"א הקדוש - (Rabbi Moshe Isserlis) Miriam Beila Isserles, the sister of Rema, was born in Krakow in 1530. She died in 1617.

Miriam Olga Isserles (Luria), Maharshal's daughter MP (c.1530 - 1594)

According to one source ("Otzar Harabanim", p. 404 #19556) she was the daughter of R. Mordechai Yaffe (Halavush). R. Mordechai Yaffe is a famous 16th century rabbi and it doesn't make sence that he is ...

Miryam? Menkes (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Rabbi Moses ben Israel Isserles, "RaMA" MP (c.1530 - 1572)

Moses ben Israel Isserles (or Moshe Isserlis) (February 22, 1530 / Adar I 25, 5290 – May 11, 1572 / Iyar 18, 5332), was an eminent Polish Ashkenazic rabbi, talmudist, and posek, an inline commentary on...

Mrs. Eliyahu Lipshitz (Isserles - REMA sister) MP (c.1505 - d.)

Salomon Isserles, z. weisser Schild MP (b. - 1619)

Slom Isserles, ancestor of the Maas/Meise family Geni - Salomon Isserles, z. weisser Schild (b. - 1619)- Frankfurt. He was the “kadosh hippur” who was the shaliach tsibbur and was apparently much lov...

Sara Luria (d. REMA Isserles) MP (c.1545 - c.1560)

Shaindel Isserles (Goldman) MP (deceased)

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Sheina Rachel Olinov (Isserles), BESHT Gd.Dau. MP (c.1755 - d.)

Sheindel Isserles MP (c.1515 - d.)

Shprintze Isserles (Katz), [RaMa #3 wife] MP (c.1535 - d.)

Sister of Joseph ben Mordechai Gershon Ha-Kohen. Second wife and mother to the children of the REMA Sprinzel may be an error

Simcha Luria (Isserles) MP (c.1570 - d.)

Tilla (Sheila) Wahl-Katzenellenbogen (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Isserles, BESHT son [of Pinsk] MP (c.1729 - c.1779)

Son of the Besht Tsvi Hirsh lived in Mezhibuzh during his father's lifetime, and some time after, until his first wife's death. According to some traditions, he succeeded his father as the leader of ...

wife, Rabbi David Starch (Isserles) MP (deceased)

ישורון - חלק יג - אלול תשסג - עורך: רבי שלמה גאטסמאן - ID# 46421 page 712

wife, Shmuel Yehuda Katzenellenbogen (dau. Rema Isserles) MP (c.1570 - d.)

wife, Zvi Hirsh Zausmer (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Yekutiel Zalman Isserles MP (deceased)

Rabbi Yisrael Isserles, "The Silent" of Paovlich, BESHT Gd.son MP (c.1760 - d.)

ילדיו של רבי צבי הירש איסרליש, מפינסק: רבי אהרן מטיטוב רבי ישראל מפאווליטש המכונה רבי ישראל שותק רבי דב בער מאולינוב מרת שיינע רחל אשת רבי יעקב מאניפולי אשת רבי משה זאב איורבך מחמלניק

Yitzhak Isserles, "The Rich" [REMA brother] MP (1520 - 1584)

Yosef ben Chaim Isserles, REMA's par. GdFather MP (deceased)

Lived in Krakow, Poland.

[Dau. of ReMa] (Isserles) (deceased)

2. BAT MOSES (REMA) ISSERLES m.Shimon Wolf GINSBURG or Eliezer ben Simeon o (c.1565 - d.)

?? Isserles (Luria) (deceased)

Rabbi Abba Mari Isserles (c.1600 - bef.1680)

Abraham Joseph Isserles (1858 - 1949)

Abraham (Adolph) Isserles (1876 - 1935)

Amalie Sara Isserles (c.1892 - c.1892)

Amelia Katz (Isserles) (1892 - 1986)

Ann Isserles (Blecher) (deceased)

Ann Davis (Isserles) (1914 - 1984)

Anna (Anuta) Perkoff (Isserles) (1872 - c.1953)

Asna Kaufman (Isserles) (c.1879 - c.1942)

Avraham Isserles (1697 - d.)

Avraham Abba Isserlis (Isserles, A.B.D. Cieszanów and Zborov), A.B.D. Cieszanów and Zborov (1801 - 1880)

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Bat Rabbi Moses Isserles (deceased)

Bela Isserles (b. - 1855)

Bela Jaffe (Isserles) (b. - c.1855)

Bella Cantor Isserles (deceased)

Benjamin Isserles (1897 - 1984)

Beslin Isserles (b. - 1628)

Breina Lazaras (Isserles) (Goldman) (c.1421 - d.)

Bunim's Wife Isserles (deceased)

Bylia Gnesia Eliasberg (Isserles) (1835 - d.)

Ceil Isserles (Grodzicker) (1902 - 1986)

Celia Lillstrang (Isserles) (1920 - 2016)

Chaim Isserles (deceased)

Chana Kaufman (Isserles) (c.1840 - 1840)

Chava Isserles (Fanta) (b. - 1752)

Chaya Nessie Isserles (1850 - 1917)

Claire Goldfarb (Isserles) (1903 - d.)

Clara Acorf (Isserles) (1896 - 1986)

Constance Isserles (Loudon) (1937 - 2004)

David Isserles (1892 - 1961)

Descendant of Moses Isserles (The "Rema") (deceased)

Dina Malka Zissel Isserles (Schrenzel) (1495 - 1552)

Dinah Malka Isserles (Shrenzel) (1485 - 1552)

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Dobrish Isserles (Muntes) (deceased)

doughter Isserles (deceased)

Rabbi Dov Ber Isserles of Ulanov (deceased)

Dreisel Isserles (1561 - 1601)

Dreizel MEIZELS (ISSERLES) (1561 - 1601)

Dreizel Meizels (Isserles) (deceased)

Dreizel (Therese) bat ReMa Isserles (1561 - 1601)

Dresel (Dreizel) Sirkin (Isserles) (1561 - 1601)

Dreyzil Isserles (c.1561 - c.1601)

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Edith Isserles (Gollub) (1904 - 1991)

Rabbi Eliezer Isserles, of Pinsk (c.1630 - d.)

Eliot Elias Isserles (c.1888 - c.1942)

Elias Isserles was born in Jezierna to Ephraim and Perl nee Labiner. He was a veterinarian and married to Tonia nee Labiner. Prior to WWII he lived in Lvov, Poland. During the war he was in Lvov, Polan...

Elliot Isserles (1917 - 1967)

Eluzar Isserles (b. - c.1623)

GEDCOM Source ===MH:S40 5462DB0488F9D118288AE1DE0E11517F 11 NOV 2014 22:59:00 GMT-5 MH:SC144

Ephraim Isserles (1795 - 1857)

Ephraim Isserles (1855 - 1938)

Ephraim Frank Isserles (1871 - 1958)

Esriel Chaim Isserles (b. - 1726)

hajashish Israel Isserl bn Chaim r' Isserls zTs"l m'mishpachot Auerbach 1726/27

Ester Ruchel Isserles (Shrentzel) (c.1800 - d.)