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Marcelo T. Boncan MP (1889 - 1948)

Marcelo T. Boncan was a Filipino lawyer and politician. He represented the second district of Tayabas at the House of Representatives of the Philippines from October 6, 1928 to June 5, 1934. Encyclop...

Jao Tsung-i 饒宗頤 MP (1917 - 2018)

Jao Tsung-i (Chinese: 饒宗頤; pinyin: Ráo Zōngyí) is a Chinese-born Hong Kong scholar, poet, calligrapher and painter. A versatile scholar, he contributes to every field of humanities, including archaeolo...

Antonio Yap Jao Boncan (c.1877 - d.)

Benita Jao Mamuri (Jao) (deceased)

Benito Jao (deceased)

Boon An Jao (deceased)

Celestina Boncan-Zamora (c.1892 - d.)

delfin jao (deceased)

Dominga Tiu (Jao) (c.1920 - c.1996)

Domingo Jao (b. - 2007)

Emiliano Yap Jao Boncan (deceased)

Esmeraldo Jao (deceased)

FELIMAN JAO (deceased)

Felimon Jao (deceased)

FLORA JAO (DENEROS) (deceased)

German Abella Jao-Boncan (c.1900 - d.)

Imannuel Vencer Jao (1990 - d.)

Isabel Jao (deceased)

Jennifer Jao (deceased)

Joao da Cunha Lobato (Jão) (deceased)

Joey Jao (deceased)

John Jao (b. - 1999)

John Mark Vencer Jao (1987 - d.)

Jose Jao (deceased)

Kang Sui Lao (Jao) (deceased)

Khouw Kim Jao Nio (Bian Kwie) (deceased)

ko gue jao (deceased)

Linh-Ban Jao (deceased)

Liong Jao (deceased)

Jao Loan Nio (deceased)

Lucila Jao-Martinez (1936 - 1992)

Lydia Jao (Hong) (1934 - 2007)

Marcelo Yap Jao Boncan (1889 - 1929)

Mario Jr Jao (deceased)

Mario Jao (deceased)

Que Kho Jao (deceased)

Rosli Joy Vencer Jao (1985 - d.)

Jao Sib Kwong (b. - 1966)

Siok Luan "Amy" (1944 - 2009)

Jao Tang Chang (1914 - 1987)

Jao That Kwong (deceased)

To Kee Jao (deceased)

Tony Jao (deceased)

William Jao (1959 - d.)

William Jao (22 - d.)

William 譚 銘舟 (Tom Ming Jao) (Tom) (1927 - d.)

Y. C. Jao 饒引之 (c.1899 - 1951)

Tsing Hua, 1922* Univ. of Missouri, B.J. '24, Journalism* Univ. of Pennsylvania, B.B.A '26, Finance & Banking AP honors journalist executed in 1951 by Chinese officials

Zosima Jao (deceased)