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Abby Joseph Cohen MP

Abby Joseph Cohen (born February 29, 1952) is an American economist and financial analyst on Wall Street. As of November 2015, she continues to serve as a partner and senior U.S. investment strategis...

Anna Joseph MP (1909 - 1914)

Miss Anna ("Mary Joseph") Peter / Joseph Born: Saturday 21st August 1909 Age: 2 years Last Residence: in Scraal Lebanon 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th A...

Anna bat Joseph, The Prophetess of Arimathea (Enygenus) MP (c.17 - 81)

In L'Estoire del Saint Graal , Pelles, maternal grandfather of Galahad, is said to be the son of Pelleham , the Maimed King, son of Lambar, son of Manaal, son of Catheloys, son of Aminadap, son of Josu...

Anne Henrietta Waley Sanderson (Joseph) MP (1915 - d.)

Antoine Cauchon dit Joseph MP (1672 - d.)

Dov Yosef MP (1899 - 1980)

ויקיפדיה Movie (Hebrew) - Dov Yosef, minister of commerce and industry, in a speach against the black market

Caleb Joseph MP

Caleb Martin Joseph (born June 18, 1986) is an American professional baseball catcher for the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball.

Catherine Joseph (Rizk) MP (1889 - 1915)

Mrs Catherine Peter / Joseph (née Rizk) Born: 1889 Age: 24 years Last Residence: in Seraal Lebanon 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Tick...

Catherine Mathilda Waley Dennis (Joseph) MP (1921 - d.)

Corban Joseph MP

Corban Raymond Joseph (born October 28, 1988) is an American professional baseball second baseman who is currently plays for the Bowie Baysox in the Baltimore Orioles organization. He made his Major ...

Edwin George Joseph MP (1887 - 1975)

Eleazer (Lazarus) Joseph MP (1763 - 1817)

Eliazer Joseph MP (deceased)

Eliyahu Bekhor ben Raphael Joseph Ḥazzan (Hazan) MP (c.1840 - c.1908)

Elijah Bekhor ben Raphael Joseph Ḥazzan (d. 1908) moved to Jerusalem at the age of ten with his grandfather, Rabbi Ḥayyim David ben Joseph Raphael Ḥazzan. From the 1860s, he fulfil...

Elizabeth Empson (Joseph) MP (1418 - 1475)

Ernest Martin Joseph MP (1877 - 1960)

Ernest Martin Joseph, OBE (8 Jan 1877-30 Aug 1960), architect and youth worker. He was a leading designer of synagogues, including the Art Deco synagogue at Sheepcote Street, Birmingham, and the classi...

Evelyn May Price Joseph (Veazey) MP (1919 - 2013)

Flora Wertheimer (Joseph) MP (1846 - 1922)

Francis George Joseph MP (1881 - 1944)

Françoise Joseph MP (1633 - 1673)

Freda Mallick (Joseph) MP (1877 - 1949)

Helen Joseph MP (1905 - 1992)

Helen Beatrice Joseph (née Fennell) (8 April 1905 – 25 December 1992) was born in Easebourne near Midhurst West Sussex, England and graduated from King's College London, in 1927. After ...

Henrietta Sarah Hainebach (Joseph) MP (1843 - 1884)

Verstorbene Seligenstadt 1884/67

Jane Marian Joseph MP (1894 - 1929)

Joses ben Joseph MP (c.1 - 79)

According to the imaginative reconstruction of David Hughes, Jesus' brother Jose(ph) had two sons, Josue El-Harami and Jasna "Piliste" . See David Hughes, The British Chronicles (2007), Vol. 2, Table 2...

Judah (Abū ʾl-Ḥasan) ben Joseph ibn Ezra (ben Abraham ibn Ezra) MP (c.1070 - c.1157)

Judah (Abū ʾl-Ḥasan) ben Joseph ibn Ezra, also called ha-Nasi in some sources, was born into a distinguished family in Granada in the latter part of the eleventh century. At the ti...

Julia Titus (Joseph) MP (1845 - 1932)

Baron Joseph of Portsoken MP (1918 - 1994)

Keith Sinjohn Joseph, Baron Joseph, Bt, CH, PC (17 January 1918 – 10 December 1994), was a British barrister and politician. A member of the Conservative Party, he served in the Cabinet under ...

Margaret Miriam Joseph (Johnstone) MP

Margaret Frances Waley Hemming (Joseph) MP (1910 - d.)

Matilda Joseph (Waley-Cohen) MP (1885 - 1945)

Michael Joseph MP (1907 - 1991)

Master Michael J. ("Michael Joseph") Peter / Joseph Born: Saturday 11th May 1907 Age: 4 years Last Residence: in Scraal Lebanon 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesda...

Mina van Gelder (Joseph) MP (deceased)

Minna Wetzstein (Joseph) MP (1882 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Wetzstein, Minna Mina geborene Joseph geboren am 11. Juli 1882 in Rüddingshausen / Gießen / Hessen wohnhaft in Treis a. d. Lumda...

Naphtali Joseph MP (deceased)

Nathan Solomon Joseph MP (1834 - 1909)

Nathan Solomon Joseph (1834–1909) a British philanthropist, social reformer, architect, and Jewish communal leader.[1] Joseph collaborated on the design of a number of important synagogues, ...

NN Joseph, 1 MP

NN Joseph, 2 MP

Peter Nathaniel Waley Joseph MP (1913 - d.)

Rabbi Akiva MP (40 - 137)

Akiva ben Joseph (ca.40–ca.137 CE), widely known as Rabbi Akiva (Hebrew: רבי עקיבא‎), was a tanna of the latter part of the 1st cen...

Rachael Adler (Joseph) MP (1838 - 1912)

Rebecca Grace Kisch (Joseph) MP (deceased)

Robin Ellis Waley Joseph MP (1908 - 1933)

Sir Samuel George Joseph, 1st Baronet MP (1888 - 1944)

Sir Samuel George Joseph, 1st Baronet (15 August 1888 – 4 October 1944) was the 615th Lord Mayor of London. Samuel Joseph made a name for himself when in 1908, together with his cousin, Sydn...

Shawneene Joseph (Whabee Abi-Saab) MP (1874 - 1947)

Mrs Shawneene George/Joseph (née Whabee Abi-Saab) Born: Sunday 29th March 1874 Age: 38 years Last Residence: in Youngstown United States 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg...

Shimei / Semel / Semein Ben Joseph MP (-411 - d.)

Luke 3:26.

Stegg Joseph MP (deceased)

Stephen Francis Waley Joseph MP

Joseph of Mannheim, Germany MP (deceased)

William Franklin George Joseph MP (1882 - 1918)

JOSEPH, WILLIAM FRANKLIN GEORGE Rank: Second Lieutenant Date of Death: 27/05/1918 Age: 35 Regiment/Service: Royal Berkshire Regiment 6th Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. Panel Reference: Memorial: SOISSONS MEMORIAL...

Ḥayyim ben Yosef Ḥazzan (bat Joseph ben Elijah Ḥazzan) MP (b. - c.1712)

The Ḥazzans (Ḥazan) were a Sephardi rabbinical family first mentioned in seventeenth-century Izmir (Smyrna). Several members of the family served as rabbis in communities of the Ottoman E...

Joseph (Gershon) (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (1756 - 1846)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (1890 - d.)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (1869 - 1946)

Joseph (deceased)

JOSEPH (1869 - 1869)

Joseph Urban's First Wife (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph Houston (1894 - 1966)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (1870 - d.)

Joseph (1926 - 1923)

Joseph (1903 - d.)

Joseph (1678 - d.)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (deceased)

Joseph (c.1814 - d.)

Joseph (deceased)

" Pa bèm" JOSEPH (deceased)

"Ti ti " JOSEPH (deceased)

'Chumpa' Joseph (deceased)

(French) Joseph (deceased)

(Mosche) Veitel Joseph (1819 - 1859)

(Sybil) Matilda Montefiore (Joseph) (1890 - 1917)

Carolina Joseph (Loeser) (1834 - c.1889)

(unknown) Joseph (deceased)

- Joseph (deceased)

- Joseph (Decaen) (deceased)

- Joseph (Poirier) (deceased)

-- Joseph (deceased)

-- Joseph Thi -- 鄭 子 進 (deceased)

--- Joseph (Klee), Jr. (deceased)

--- Drake (Joseph) (deceased)

--- Kracke (Joseph) (deceased)

. Joseph (deceased)

... Hentschel (Joseph) (deceased)

... Joseph (deceased)

... Joseph (deceased)

/Joseph/ Joseph (deceased)

105 Joseph (deceased)

329(11) Joseph Jeyaveeran (deceased)

3rd son - name not known Joseph (deceased)

? Joseph (Carlyn) (deceased)