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Keke kaJama (deceased)

Magunuza kaJama (deceased)

Mawa kaJama (deceased)

Mfolozi kaJama (deceased)

Mkabayi kaJama, Regent Princess of the Zulus (c.1760 - c.1840)

Mnkabayi (Mkabayi) c1760-c1840=She was the elder sister of the Zulu chief Senzagakhona, for whom she acted as a co-regent during his youth (c1780s) She remained unmarried in order to retain her politic...

Mmama kaJama (Mkabayi's twin sister) (deceased)

Mzondwase kaJama (deceased)

Nobongaza kaJama (deceased)

Nomahawu kaJama (deceased)

Nomaphikela kaJama (deceased)

Phalo kaJama (b. - c.1759)

Senzangakhona kaJama, King of the Zulus (c.1762 - c.1816)

Sizile kaJama (deceased)

Vubukulwane kaJama (deceased)

William Kajama (deceased)

Zivalele kaJama (deceased)