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Maria Villanueva Kalaw MP (1912 - 1992)

A famous name, a scholar’s intellect, an impressive background in social work and undiminished good looks were the passport of Maria Kalaw Katigbak to the Philippine Senate. MKK was a high sch...

Maximo M. Kalaw MP (1891 - 1955)

Maximo Manguiat Kalaw was a political scientist, writer, educator and legislator (representing the 3rd District of Batangas). More here: .

Teodoro Villanueva Kalaw, Jr. MP

Teodoro "Teddy" Villanueva Kalaw, in his youth, was the King Consort to his sister, Maria, Miss Philippines at the 1931 Manila Carnival. He was a lawyer, an engineer, an accountant and a soldier. The...

? Calamuchia Kalaw (deceased)

? Kalaw (Amat) (deceased)

Adela Kalaw Kalaw - Sanchez (deceased)

adelia kalaw roxas (deceased)

Adelia Roxas (Kalaw) (deceased)

Adelina Kalaw Kalaw (deceased)

Adelina Kalaw (deceased)

Amado Kalaw (deceased)

Amado Kalaw (deceased)

Ambosia Recio Kalaw (deceased)

anastacio reyes kalaw (deceased)

Arecio Kalaw (deceased)

Arminda Abo Kalaw (Protacio) (deceased)

arsenia kalaw (deceased)

Augusto "Naning" Tejico Kalaw (1919 - 2006)

Azucena Tejico Kalaw (deceased)

Carl Ludvig Fabian Kalaw (deceased)

Carmen Luz Librea (deceased)

Carmen Mayo-Kalaw (1927 - 2011)

Carmen Librea Kalaw (deceased)

Catalina Recio Kalaw (deceased)

Cipriano Kalaw (deceased)

Cipriano Gonzales Kalaw (deceased)

Cipriano Kalaw (deceased)

Cipriano Kalaw (deceased)

Cipriano Kalaw (deceased)

Clemencia Kalaw (b. - 1953)

Don Ramon Aguila Calao (deceased)

Donata Lacorte Kalaw (deceased)

Edgardo Tejico Kalaw (deceased)

Edgardo Tejico Kalaw (deceased)

Elena Teresa Kalaw Katigbak (1916 - 1985)

Emilia Kalaw Manguiat Tapalla (Kalaw) (deceased)

Emilio Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Enriqueta Kalaw (deceased)

Ester Librea Kalaw (deceased)

Evaristo Aguila Kalaw (deceased)

Evelina Pines (Kalaw) (deceased)

Felicidad Villanueva Kalaw (deceased)

Felicidad Kalaw (deceased)

Felisa Kalaw (Katigbak) (deceased)

Filomeno Kalaw (deceased)

Florentina Inciong Kalaw (deceased)

Gabriela Kalaw Kalaw (deceased)

Gabriela Kalaw Kalaw (deceased)

Godofredo Kalaw Kalaw (deceased)

Godofredo Kalaw (deceased)

Gregorio Librea Kalaw, Jr (deceased)

Gregorio Kalaw (deceased)

Gregorio Katigbak Kalaw (deceased)

Gregorio Katigbak Kalaw (deceased)

Jacinto Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Jose Kalaw Kalaw (deceased)

Jose Kalaw (deceased)

Jose Kalaw (deceased)

Jose Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Josefina Kalaw (deceased)

Ludwig Fabian Kalaw (c.1486 - d.)

Ludwig Paul Kalaw (c.1525 - d.)

Ludwig Valentin Kalaw (deceased)

Luis Cornelio Kalaw (deceased)

Lydia Tejico Kalaw (deceased)

Manuel Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Manuela Villegas (Kalaw) (deceased)

Manuela Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Marcos Kalaw (deceased)

Marcos Kalaw (deceased)

Maria Kalaw (deceased)

Marie-louise Kalaw (deceased)

Martha Kalaw (deceased)

Martine Kalaw (deceased)

Maximiano Kalaw (deceased)

Maximo Tejico Kalaw (deceased)

Mercedes Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Moises Manguiat Kalaw (1904 - 1962)

Natividad Katigbak Kalaw (deceased)

Nilda Kalaw Liñan-Villanueva (Kalaw-Liñan) (1929 - d.)

Nilda Kalaw Liñan-Villanueva (deceased)

nora kalaw (deceased)

Pacita Villapando (Kalaw) (deceased)

Pedro Kalaw (deceased)

Pedro Manguiat Kalaw (deceased)

Petronilo Recio Kalaw (deceased)

Presca Kalaw Plete (deceased)

Primitivo Recio Kalaw (deceased)

R. Kalaw (deceased)

Reynaldo Kalaw Kalaw (deceased)

Reynaldo Kalaw (deceased)

Robert clement Kalaw (1908 - d.)

Rosa Katigbak Kalaw (deceased)

Rosario Kalaw (deceased)

Rosario Manguiat (Kalaw) (deceased)

Rosario Alonsa Manguiat Kalaw (c.1896 - c.1993)

Rosenda Kalaw (deceased)

santo kalaw (deceased)

Segunda del Rosario (Kalaw) (deceased)

Socorro Katigbak Kalaw (1893 - d.)