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Roger Karoutchi MP

Karoutchi (born 26 August 1951) is the French Ambassador to the OECD.[1] He is a former Secretary of State to the French Prime Minister, with responsibility for Relations with Parliament.[1]Contents [s...

Abraham Karoutchi (deceased)

Abraham Karoutchi (deceased)

Abraham Karoutchi (deceased)

Alice Roy (Karoutchi) (deceased)

Alice Karoutchi (deceased)

Antoinette Karoutchi-Edery (Karoutchi) (deceased)

Binjamin Karoutchi (deceased)

David Karoutchi (deceased)

David Karoutchi (deceased)

Elie Karoutchi (deceased)

Esther Karoutchi (Abitbol) (deceased)

Esther Knafou (Karoutchi) (deceased)

Freha Karoutchi (Sebag) (deceased)

Genevieve Karoutchi robeck (deceased)

Habib Karoutchi (deceased)

Hanina Karoutchi malka (deceased)

Hanna Ettedgui (Karoutchi) (deceased)

Haviv Karoutchi (deceased)

Heftsiba Karoutchi (deceased)

Itzhak Karoutchi (deceased)

Joseph Karoutchi (deceased)

Luna Karoutchi (Ettedguy) (deceased)

Mardochée Mordekhai Karoutchi (deceased)

Mazal Karoutchi (Ettedguy) (deceased)

Meir Karoutchi (c.1880 - d.)

Meir Karoutchi (deceased)

Meyer Karoutchi (deceased)

Nissim Karoutchi (deceased)

Pinhas Karoutchi (deceased)

Place holder Karoutchi (deceased)

Rachel Acerraf (Karoutchi) (1926 - 2017)

Salomon Karoutchi (deceased)

Sara Nahmany (Karoutchi) (deceased)

Simi Zohar (Karoutchi) (deceased)

Simy Simha Karoutchi (Zafrani) (deceased)

Sol Karoutchi (deceased)

Solica Karoutchi (Bensimon) (deceased)

Sultana Karoutchi (deceased)

Tamar Karoutchi (Benchetrit) (deceased)

Tamar Karoutchi (deceased)

Yahil Karoutchi (deceased)