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Abraham Abba Zvi Katzenellenpogen MP (b. - 1914)

R' Aryey Leib Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Brest MP (b. - 1837)

Russian rabbi; born at Brest-Litovsk, where he died Aug. 13, 1837. Both his grandfather and father were rabbis there; he succeeded the latter in 1797, while still a young man, and held the position unt...

Frieda Levine (Katzenellenpogen) MP (deceased)

Joel Ashkenazi Katzenellenpogen MP (1549 - 1605)

Joel Ashkenazi dit Katzenellenbogen est marié à "une fille de Samuel Juda Katzenellenbogen (1521-1597)" Neil Rosenstein, The Unbroken Chain, 1990, page 5, G3.1 Younger daughter of R. ...

Yaakov Chaim Katzenellenpogen, ABD Lvov MP (c.1600 - 1660)

né vers 1600? Neil Rosenstein, The Unbroken Chain, page 584, G5.3 R' Jacob Katzenellenpogen succeeded his father as A.B.D. of Lvov and was also the Head of the Yeshiva. He died there on Febr...

??? Katzenellenpogen (Katzenellenbogen) (deceased)

Achsa Eliasberg (Katzenellenpogen) (deceased)

Bathsheba Rabinowich (Katzenellenpogen) (deceased)

Channah Katzenellenpogen (Ornstein) (deceased)

listed in Unbroken Chain, Volume 1, Chapter VIII, page 585

Chaya Isaac (Katzenellenpogen) (deceased)

R' David Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. of Volkovysk (deceased)

Dov Berish Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

R' Dovid Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Vilkija (deceased)

Esther Toyba Spiegel (Katzenellenpogen) (b. - 1940)

R' Feiwel Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Fruma Toyba Katzenellenpogen (Horowitz) (deceased)

Gitel Katzenellenpogen (Kligsberg) (b. - 1905)

R' Isaac Solomon Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1661)

Jacob Haim Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

R' Joshua Heschel Katzenellenpogen of Brest Litovsk (deceased)

R' Mattithiah Lieberman Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Schneitach (deceased)

R' Menachem Nachum Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Birzai (deceased)

Menachem Nahum KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

R' Menachem Nahum Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Kedainiai (deceased)

Menachem Nahum Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

R' Meshullam (Yekutiel) Zalman Katzenellenpogen of Lublin (b. - 1786)

R' Meshullam Zalman Katzenellenpogen of Joniskis (b. - 1830)

R' Meshullam Zalman Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

R' Mordechai Moshe Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

R' Moses Naftali Katzenellenbogen, A.B.D. Krzeszow and Tarnogrod (b. - 1867)

R' Moses Mordecai Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Kedainiai (deceased)

Nachum Eli KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Nachum Eli (Elijah) Katzenellenpogen (1818 - d.)

R' Nahum Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Vilkija (deceased)

R' Nathan Veitel Katzenellenpogen (b. - c.1673)

Nesha Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Rachel Katzenellenpogen (Horowitz) (b. - 1803)

Rebecca Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

R' Saul Katzenellenpogen of Plock and Vilna (1770 - 1825)

Russian rabbi; born at Brest-Litovsk about 1770; died at Wilna Jan. 12, 1825. He was one of the four sons of Rabbi Joseph b. Abraham Katzenellenbogen of Brest-Litovsk. After living for some time in Pol...

Sheine Miriam Bereznicki (Katzenellenpogen) (deceased)

R' Simcha Joel Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

R' Simcha Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. Zabludow (deceased)

R' Simcha Joel Katzenellenpogen of Brest Litovsk (deceased)

Wife of R' David Katzenellenpogen (Tiktiner) (deceased)

Wife of R' Dovid Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Wife of R' Jacob Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Wife of R' Joel Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Wife of R' Menachem Mendel Auerbach (Katzenellenpogen) (deceased)

Wife of R' Mordechai Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Wife of R' Simcha Joel Katzenellenpogen (Leiner) (deceased)

Wife of R' Yaacov Chaim Katzenellenpogen (Teomim) (deceased)

Wife of Zeev Wolf (Velvel) Blankfield (Katzenellenpogen) (c.1770 - d.)

Yosela Hurwitz (Katzenellenpogen) of Salant (deceased)

Yota Katzenellenpogen, of Druya (deceased)

rabbi of Druya

Yota (Ita) Leiner (Katzenellenpogen) (1849 - 1906)

R' Zeev Wolf Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1747)

R' Zvi Hirsch Katzenellenpogen, A.B.D. of Slawatycze (b. - 1890)