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Janet Michelle KEROUAC MP (1952 - 1996)

Everything you wanted to know about Jan Kerouac: you wanted to know about Jan Kerouac:

Jack Kerouac MP (1922 - 1969)

From Jean-Louis "Jack" Kérouac (/ˈkɛruːæk/ or /ˈkɛrɵæk/; March 12, 1922 – October 21, 1969) was an American novelist and poet. He is considered a literary iconoclast and, alongside Will...

Alfred Kerouac MP (deceased)

Amanda Kerouac MP (deceased)

Angell Ponton (Kerouac) MP (1820 - d.)

Blanche (Kerouac) Pichette MP (deceased)

Cecile Scadden (Kerouac) MP (deceased)

Cordelia Guertin (Kerouac) MP (deceased)

Demerise Kerouac MP (deceased)

Edie Parker MP (1922 - 1993)

Edie Kerouac-Parker (1922–1993) was the author of her memoir, "You'll Be Okay" from the Beat Generation, and the first wife of Jack Kerouac. She and Joan Vollmer shared an apartment on 118th Street i...

Édouard Kérouac MP (1803 - 1868)

François-Hyacinthe Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1660 - 1730)

Gérard KEROUAC MP (deceased)

Henry Kerouac MP (deceased)

Jacques Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1764 - d.)

Joseph Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1775 - 1860)

Juliet Kerouac (Dionne) MP (deceased)

Louis Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1762 - d.)

Louis Kérouac MP (1788 - d.)

Louis-Gabriel Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1732 - 1779)

Louis-Godfrey Kérouac MP (1829 - d.)

Louis-Grégoire Kérouac MP (1801 - d.)

Louise Kerouac MP (deceased)

Lucretia Kerouac (Brosseau) MP (deceased)

Marguerite Kérouac dite Lebrice MP (deceased)

Marie Louise Kerouac MP (1878 - d.)

Marie-Catherine Kérouac dite Lebrice MP (1757 - 1828)

Marie-Reine Kérouac dite Lebrice MP (c.1770 - d.)

Marie-Suzanne Kérouac MP (deceased)

Marthe Kérouac MP (deceased)

Mary Pamela Bédard (Kerouac) MP (1869 - 1948)

Maurice-Louis-Alexandre Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (c.1706 - 1736)

Notes for Maurice-Louis-Alexandre LeBrice dit De Keroack: [isyl020101.GED] Some Genealogical Notes on Jack Kerouac's Paternal Ancestry by Paul R. Keroack #157: -Maurice-Louis had come to Canada fro...

Pierre Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1767 - 1866)

Simon-Alexandre Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1735 - d.)

Simon-Alexandre Kérouac dit Lebrice MP (1760 - 1823)