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1st Baha'i in the family Daee of Kuchek Khanum (deceased)

Adeeba Khanum (deceased)

Afzal Jahan Khanum (deceased)

Ahmadi Khanum (deceased)


Alima Khanum (1404 - 1442)

Hatice Âlime (Halime) Hüma Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: هما خاتون, c. 1410 - September 1449) was the fourth wife of Ottoman Sultan Murad...

Ameneh Istanbulchi (Farzaneh) (Khanum Joon) (deceased)

Amina Jannif (Khanum) (b. - 1987)

Amina Khanum (deceased)

Amtul Hamid Khanum (deceased)

Aapa (c.1948 - c.2001)

Asfia Khanum (1946 - d.)

Asghari Khanum (deceased)

Athiya Khanum (deceased)

Ayesha Khanum (Soghra) (deceased)

Ayesha Khanum (deceased)

Azeeza Khanum (deceased)

Badrunissa Khanum (deceased)

Bahhiyeh Khanum (deceased)

Begum Khanum (deceased)

Beygom Khanum (deceased)

Bibi Khanum (deceased)

Bismillah Khanum (deceased)

BooBu Sahab Begum Khanum (deceased)

Bushra Khanum (deceased)

Bushra Khanum (deceased)

Chandni Khanum (deceased)

Choti Khanum (deceased)

Derakhshande Khanum (deceased)

Dilaram Khanum (gilani) (deceased)

Dilber Khanum (deceased)

Djigda Khanum (b. - c.1252)

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jigda-Khatun (Georgian: ჯიგდა-ხათუნი) (died 1252) was a queen consort of Georgia as...

Dora Khanum Dora Kurdi Khanum (deceased)

Dr.Sadequa Khanum (deceased)

Ellahie Khanum (deceased)

Fahmida Khanum (deceased)

Farkhanda Khanum (Ali) (deceased)

Fathima Khanum (deceased)

Fatimih Mahd-i-'Ulya. (deceased)

Bahalullah's second marriage was to his widowed cousin Fátimih Khánum, in Tehran in 1849 when she was 21 and he was 32. She was known as Mahd-i- Ulyá.

Firdosi khanum (deceased)

Gawhar Khánum (deceased)

Gawhar (Gohar) Khanum (deceased)

Ghamar Soltan Estahbanati (Bibi Khanum) (deceased)

Gohar Khanum (Wah) (b. - 1908)

Gohar Khanum Gohar Khanum of Wah village was the only daughter of Sultan Mohammad Khan and Husan Jaan or ‘Maaourie’ as referred by most of the family. Husan Jaan was the eldest of three d...

Habiba Khanum Tungekar (Khanum) (1921 - 2010)

Hafiza Khanum (deceased)

Hafsa Khanum (deceased)

Hajie Khanum (deceased)

Hameeda Khanum (deceased)

Haseena (b. - 1995)

Hasina Khanum (deceased)

Humaira Khanum (deceased)

Husna Khanum (deceased)

Hussaini Khanum (deceased)

Hussanara (1955 - 2013)

Iqbal Khanum (deceased)

Iqbal khanum (deceased)

Iqbal Khanum (deceased)

Iran Khanum (deceased)

Janpari Khanum (deceased)

Javed Khanum (deceased)

Kakub us Sabah Khanum (deceased)

Kaukab us Sabah (Khanum) (deceased)

Kausar Khanum (deceased)

Kausar Khanum (deceased)

Khadija Khanum (deceased)

Khadíjih Nuri (Khánum) (deceased)

khair khanum (deceased)

Khalda Adib Khanum (Khan) (deceased)

Khalida Khanum (b. - 2007)

Khalida Khanum (b. - 2005)

Khalida Khanum (deceased)

Khalida Khanum (deceased)

Khalida Khanum (deceased)

Khatoun Khanum (deceased)

Khurshedun khanum (deceased)

Khursheed ara Khanum (deceased)

Kishwar Khanum (deceased)

Kobra Khanum (deceased)


Kubra Khanum (deceased)

Mah Sharaf Khanum (deceased)

Malieh Khanum (deceased)

Mansoor Khanum (deceased)


Maqbool Khanum (deceased)

Mariam Khanum (deceased)

Maryam Khanum (deceased)

Marzia Khanum (Kallo) (deceased)

Marzia Khanum (deceased)

Masoome Khanum (deceased)

Meerium Goldie (Khanum) (deceased)

Mohsina Khanum (b. - 2006)

MUCHUL KHANUM (deceased)

Muluk Khanum (deceased)

Muluk Khanum (deceased)

mum's dadi Khanum (deceased)

Mumbarik Rustam (Khanum) (deceased)

Muryam Khanum (deceased)

<private> Nasser Khanum (1885 - 1968)