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Engracia Arcinas Laconico MP (deceased)

Engracia Arcinas Laconico-Zara was the Miss Philippines at the 7th National Beauty Contest at the 1933 Manila Carnival. More here:

Francisca Castro Laconico (deceased)

Johnny Laconico (deceased)

Juan Laconico (deceased)

Luis Arcinas Laconico (1909 - d.)

Luis Laconico (deceased)

Manoling Laconico (deceased)

Norma Valmonte Laconico (1921 - d.)

Panfilo Laconico (deceased)

Ramon Laconico (deceased)

Rebecca Laconico (deceased)

Rosario Arcinas (Laconico) (deceased)

Vicente Castro Laconico, II (deceased)