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Yizhak Lapid (Lopata) (1916 - 1985)

Agustina Lapid (deceased)

Alejandra Lapid (deceased)

Ambrosio Lapid (deceased)

Angel Lapid (deceased)

Antonia Lapid (deceased)

Ari Lapid (deceased)

Arturo Lapid (deceased)

Arye Lapid (c.1916 - d.)

Belen Lapid (deceased)

Benita Lapid (Briones) (b. - c.1948)

Benito Lapid (deceased)

Bienvenido Lapid (1934 - 1992)

Canota Jiao Lapid (deceased)

Carmen Lapid (deceased)

Carmen Lapid (Alviz) (deceased)

casimira cruz lapid (deceased)

Castor Lapid (deceased)

Catalino lapid (deceased)

Catalino Lapid (deceased)

Ceferino Tolentino Lapid, Sr. (1936 - 1987)

Dalia Lapid (deceased)

David Lapid (deceased)

Drora Lapid (Schikler) (deceased)

egna lapid (deceased)

egnacio lapid (deceased)

Eladio Calilung Lapid, Sr. (1906 - 1997)

Eladio Tolentino Lapid, Jr. (b. - 1990)

eladio lapid (deceased)

Elchanan Lopata (Lapid) (deceased)

Eliseo Tolentino Lapid (1941 - 1995)

Emiliania Lapid (b. - 2011)

Ernesto Lapid (deceased)

Esteban Lapid (deceased)

Eusebio Mendoza Lapid (1876 - 1968)

Federico Lapid Jr (deceased)

Federico Jiao Lapid Sr (deceased)

Feliciano Casenas Lapid (deceased)

Feliciano Lapid (deceased)

Florncia lapid (deceased)

Francisco Lapid (deceased)

Gavina Vergara Lapid (deceased)

Second Wife of Isaac Lapid

George Lapid (deceased)

Gilbert Lapid (deceased)

Graciano Calilung Lapid (deceased)

Gregorio Lapid (deceased)

Haim Lapid (deceased)

Hava Lapid (Lopata) (deceased)

Hila Lapid (11 - d.)

Hilario Lansang Lapid (1912 - 1974)

Hilario lapid (deceased)

Hortense Lapid (Polsky) (1920 - 1971)

Isaac Lapid (deceased)

Married to Vito Mendoza Lapid (1st wife) and to Gavina Vergara Lapid (2nd wife)

Isaac Lapid (Lapiniecki) (deceased)

isaac lapid (deceased)

Isaac lapid (deceased)

Ising Lapid (deceased)

Itzhak Lefkovitch Lapid (1917 - 2008)

Jacinta Gaviola Lapid (deceased)

Jerry Lapid (Lapidus) (1919 - 2010)

Jess Lapid (deceased)

Jojit Lapid (deceased)

Josefa Nicolas Lapid (Valencia) (deceased)

Juan Lapid (deceased)

Juana Cruz Lapid (deceased)

Lamberto Valencia Lapid (b. - 2015)

Leonila (Mallari) Lapid (deceased)

Lilly Valencia Lapid (1933 - d.)

Lourdes Foronda Lapid (1915 - 1985)

Luis Lugay Lapid (deceased)

Luz Lapid (Valencia) (deceased)

Malka Lapid (Lapiniecki) (deceased)

Maria Lapid (deceased)

Mary Lapid (deceased)

Michal Lapid (1917 - 1966)

Miriam Lapid (deceased)

Miriam Lapid (deceased)

Mordechai Lapid (1937 - 1993)

אסיר ציון בברית המועצות

Moshe Lapid (1987 - 2014)

Natividad Lapid (1938 - d.)

Nemesia Calilung Lapid (deceased)

Nicasio Lapid (deceased)

nicasio lapid (deceased)

Noa Shir Lapid (12 - d.)

Oscar Lumba Lapid (1930 - 2011)

Pablo Lapid (deceased)

Pedro Lapid (deceased)

pepe lapid (deceased)

priscilla lapid (1946 - d.)

reynaldo sr. lapid (deceased)

Ricardo Calilung Lapid (1911 - 1942)

Rina Lapid (Lobach) (deceased)

Roberto Lapid (1956 - 2006)

Rodolfo Lumba Lapid (1928 - 2010)

Rosalina Mariano Lapid (deceased)

Rufino Lapid (deceased)

Sara Lapid (Ekshtein) (1919 - 2008)

Sara Lapid (kooper) (1940 - 2002)

Sara Gertrude Lapid (Jaben) (1920 - 2012)

Sara Gertrude Lapid left us peacefully on April 10, 2012, with her daughter, Elyse and friends by her side. Sara was born to Kasil Jaben and Chie Rive on April 12, 1920, in Ciechanowiec, Poland. It is ...

Shalom Lapid (b. - 1993)