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Achaius mac Ailpín MP (deceased)

Biography Achaius mac Ailpín His parents were Alpín mac Echdach, Rí na Dál Riata and N.N. . He is said to have been great grandfather of Óengus MacAlpin .

Domnall mac Ailpín, Rí na Dál Riata MP (812 - 862)

Domnall mac Ailpín (Modern Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Ailpein), [1] anglicised sometimes as Donald MacAlpin, and known in most modern regnal lists as Donald I (died 13 April 862), was king of the Picts from ...

Gregor Mac Alpin MP (c.820 - c.868)

There is no evidence to support the tradition that Gregor was the son of King Alpin. He may have been Griogair, son of Dungal. Prince Gregor MacAlpin (or Gregory the Great) 1st son of King Alpin, it ...

Áed mac Ailpín MP (deceased)