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Cellach mac Causantín MP (b. - 937)

Donald II "The Madman", King of Scots MP (c.862 - 900)

Name: King Donald II of Scotland Father: King Constantine I Mother: unknown Relation to Elizabeth II: 31st great-grandfather House of: MacAlpin Ascended to the throne: 889 Married: unkn...

Ildulb mac Causantin, Rí na h'Alba MP (954 - 962)

Ildulb mac Causantín, anglicised as Indulf,[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh, "the Aggressor"[2] (died 962) was king of Scots from 954. He was the son of Constantine II (Causantín mac ...

Sigurda Mac Causantin (House of Mac Alpin) MP (c.882 - c.897)

Possible name Sigurda? Otherwise unknown. Possible name Sigurda? Otherwise unknown.

Ildulb mac Causantin (9th King of Scots), Rí na h'Alba (930 - 962)

nn mac Causantín (deceased)