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Bridei mac Fergus (of the Picts), of the Picts MP (c.720 - 763)

Domangart mac Fergus, Rí na Dál Riata MP (c.465 - c.507)

Alert – Arguments can be made for the historicity of Domangart, but his supposed father, Fergus, is legendary. His profile can be accessed by clicking here . § Wikipedia also has a webpage for Fergus ...

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Gilbert mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway MP (1126 - 1185)

A younger son of Fergus, Prince of Galloway Gilbert of Galloway1 M, #4584, d. 1 January 1185 Gilbert of Galloway|d. 1 Jan 1185|p459.htm#i4584|Fergus, Lord of Galloway|d. 1161|p459.htm#i4585|||...

Óengus mac Fergusa MP (b. - 761)

Oengus was an historical person, but his father, Fergus, is a legendary figure; his profile can be found here: Fergus Mór mac Earc, Rí na Dál Riata {Legendary, Annals of Tigernach} Óengus son of Fergus...

Talorgan mac Fergus, of the Picts MP (b. - 750)


Uchtred mac Fergus, Lord of Galloway MP (1118 - 1174)

Name variations: Uhtred, Uchtred, Uctredus, Huctred, Ochtredus Uchtred, son of Fergus of Galloway, married Gunhilda of Dunbar. They were the parents of Lochlann (also known by his French name Roland) ...

Ainnie mac Fergus, {Mythological} (deceased)

Angus II mac Fergus (c.742 - d.)

Ardan mac Fergus, {Mythological} (deceased)

Ciar mac Fergus, {Mythological} (deceased)

Notes: The Ciarraige were a people found in early medieval Ireland. Origins: The word Ciarraige means the people of Ciar, and denoted descent from Ciar, son of Fergus mac Róich. Branches of the Ciarrai...

Daughter Mac Fergus (c.1063 - d.)

Eve mac Fergus (Fitz Uchtred) (1150 - d.)

Fiachu mac Fergus, {Mythological} (deceased)

Lughach Mac Fergus (deceased)

Main mac Fergus, "Tohach" of the Isles (758 - d.)

Naoise mac Fergus, {Mythological} (deceased)

Notes: In Irish mythology, Noíse or Noisiu (modern spelling: Naoise; Irish pronunciation: [%CB%88n%CC%AA%CB%A0i%CB%90%CA%83%C9%99]) was the nephew of King Conchobar mac Nessa of Ulster, and a son of Us...