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Arturo de la Rosa Macapagal MP (1942 - 2015)

Arturo de la Rosa Macapagal is a sharp-shooter. He has represented the Philippines at the Olympics in 1972 and 1976, and other international sports competitions: More here: .

Diosdado Macapagal MP (1910 - 1997)

Diosdado Pangan Macapagal was the 9th President of the Philippines. More here: Source: Diosdado Macapagal's Baptismal Register:

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo MP

Gloria Macaraeg Macapagal-Arroyo was the 14th President of the Phillippines. Source: "Gloria Macapagal Arroyo". Wikipedia, 2016. . Date accessed: 28 Nov. 2016. "KGMA - Official Website Of Presi...

Macapagal (deceased)

??? Franco (Macapagal) (deceased)

??? Macapagal (deceased)

??? Macapagal (deceased)

Abraham Macapagal (deceased)

Abundia Macapagal (deceased)

Abundia Macapagal-Melencio (deceased)

Alejandro Macapagal (1837 - d.)

Alfonso Macapagal (deceased)

Alverta Ágata Bina Macapagal (deceased)

Amado Macapagal (deceased)

Amando Macapagal (deceased)

Amor macapagal (deceased)

Amparo Castelo-Macapagal (deceased)

Ana de Asís (b. - 1880)

Source: Lorenzo Tobias and Ana de Asís' Marriage Register:

Andres Rivera Macapagal (deceased)

Angel Macapagal (deceased)

Angel Macapagal (1917 - 1993)

Apolinario Macapagal (deceased)

Araceli Macapagal (1907 - d.)

Source: Araceli Macapagal's Birth Certificate:

Arnaldo Macapagal (deceased)

Asturia Macapagal (deceased)

Aurea Nucom Macapagal (deceased)

Aurelio Macapagal (1885 - d.)

Aurelio Macapagal's godfather was León Gutiérrez, who was single from Lubao, Pampanga. Source: Aurelio Macapagal's Baptismal Register:

Barbara Mallen (Macapagal) (deceased)

Ben Macapagal (deceased)

Bernarda Lapira Macapagal (1743 - d.)

Bernardo Lapira Macapagal (1752 - d.)

Buenaventura Macapagal (1814 - d.)

Candida Macapagal (deceased)

Carl Macapagal (deceased)

Carlito Tiamzon Macapagal (1937 - 2001)

Catalino Macapagal (deceased)

Catalino Macapagal (deceased)

Cecilia Dela Cruz (Macapagal) (deceased)

Cipriana Madrid Macapagal (deceased)

Ciriaco Macapagal (1824 - d.)

Clara Concepción Macapagal (deceased)

Clementina Macapagal (deceased)

Conrado Macapagal (deceased)

Corazon Dabu Macapagal (deceased)

Cornelia Balarag Macapagal (Cornelia Balarag) (1873 - 1953)

Cristobal Macapagal (deceased)

Cristóbal Lapira Macapagal (1745 - d.)

delfin alejandro macapagal (deceased)

Delmacia ? Macapagal (deceased)

Demetrio Galang Macapagal (deceased)

Diosdado Macapagal (deceased)

Dominador Macapagal (deceased)

Domingo Encarnacion Macapagal, Sr (c.1927 - d.)

Eden Macapagal (deceased)

Elizabeth Macapagal (deceased)

Emeterio Macapagal (deceased)

Emiliano Macapagal (deceased)

Emiterio Macapagal (deceased)

Enrique Lapira Macapagal (1747 - d.)

Escolástica Benita Macapagal (deceased)

Estefanía Gómez (1840 - d.)

Estelita Macapagal (deceased)

Estella Macapagal (deceased)

Eugenio Lapira Macapagal (deceased)

Eugenio Lapira Macapagal (deceased)

Eulogio Macapagal (deceased)

Eusavio Macapagal (deceased)

Eustaquia Macapagal (1753 - d.)

Evarista Macapagal (1837 - d.)

Fabian Macapagal (deceased)

Felicidad Macapagal (deceased)

Felipa Prudencia Macapagal (1834 - d.)

Felix Macapagal (deceased)

Feliza Macapagal (1884 - d.)

Feliza Macapagal's godmother was Benita Macapagal, who was a widow from Guagua, Pampanga. Source: Feliza Macapagal's Baptismal Register:

Ferdinand Macapagal (deceased)

Fernando Macapagal (deceased)

Filomena Mallari (1833 - d.)

Florentina Lapira Macapagal (1743 - d.)

Francisco Macapagal (deceased)

Gabina?? Tumangan (Macapagal) (deceased)

Gaspar Lapira Macapagal (1738 - d.)

Gregoria Samot (Macapagal) (deceased)

Gregorio Macapagal (deceased)

Gregorio Mallari (1835 - d.)

Gregorio Macaraeg (1875 - d.)

Hernan Galapon (Macapagal) (deceased)

Ignacia Macapagal (deceased)

Ignacia Macapagal (deceased)

Joaquin Macapagal (deceased)

Jose Macapagal (deceased)

Jose Macapagal (deceased)

Jose Macapagal (deceased)

Josefa Macapagal- Cortez (deceased)

José Macapagal (deceased)

José Lapira Macapagal (deceased)

José de San Buenaventura Macapagal (1729 - d.)

José Lapira Macapagal (1736 - d.)

José Mallari (1832 - d.)

José Gregorio Lapira Macapagal (1749 - d.)

juan macapagal (deceased)