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Agnes McIntosh MP (1889 - d.)

Alexander McIntosh MP (c.1799 - 1881)

Arrived in Petone,NZ 12 Dec 1840 on the 'London'. Had 10 children McIntosh Bay. Buried in family plot.* Immigration : Dec 12 1840 - Alexander arrived at Petone on 12/12/1840, on the 'London' with...

Alexander Mhor McIntosh MP (c.1600 - c.1676)

Alexander McIntosh MP (1723 - d.)

Ann Aiken (McIntosh) MP (c.1829 - 1899)

April Scott MP

April Ann McIntosh (born January 29, 1979) is an American actress and model known professionally as April Scott. She has appeared on television programs such as Deal or No Deal, The Shield, CSI: Miam...

Arabella McIntosh (Firth) MP (1839 - 1884)

Arrived on the George Fyfe 1842 alt b.3/3/1839

Beatrice Caroline McIntosh MP (1904 - d.)

Catherine Antoinette Whitely (McIntosh) MP (1852 - d.)

Catherine Eliza McIntosh (Whitely-Wint) MP (1870 - d.)

Charolette Elizabeth Spencer (McIntosh) MP (1858 - 1914)

Christian McNab (McIntosh) MP (deceased)

Christian McNab (McIntosh) MP (1751 - d.)

Delia Bull McIntosh (Tisdale) MP (b. - 1831)

Donald McIntosh MP (c.1680 - d.)

Donald McIntosh MP (1749 - d.)

Donald McIntosh MP (c.1630 - d.)

Donald McIntosh MP (1710 - d.)

Donald McIntosh MP (1780 - d.)

Louise Slaughter, U.S. Congress MP

Louise McIntosh Slaughter, a Representative from New York; born Louise McIntosh in Harlan County, Ky., August 14, 1929; B.S., University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., 1951; M.S., University of Kentuck...

Elizabeth Knox (McIntosh) MP (1725 - 1785)

Listed on as: ELIZA McINTOSH KNOX Birth 1725/1720 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Death 1780 in Phoenixville, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States Andrew Knox & Margrat Richis...

Experience McIntosh (Holbrook) MP (1671 - 1714)

Ezekiel C. McIntosh MP (1806 - 1855)

Ezekiel C. McIntosh (1806-1855), a prosperous Troy, New York merchant and president of the Schenectady and Troy Railroad, in November 1832. They had no children, and McIntosh's death at age 49 left her...

Female McIntosh MP (1903 - d.)

George McIntosh MP (1788 - 1863)

George and his wife, Isabell, moved with their families from Tazewell County, Virginia in 1838. They drove ox teams pulling covered wagons and brought cattle with them. It is believed they arrived in V...

Grace Amelia McIntosh MP (1855 - d.)

Grissel McIntosh (McLaughlin) MP (deceased)

Grissel McIntosh MP (1741 - d.)

Grizel "Grace" Stewart (McIntosh) MP (1779 - 1855)

Ref: MH Family Tree record Children: John, Alexander, Donald, Janet, William, Bell, Dorothy, David

Henry McIntosh MP (1832 - 1906)

Buried in family plot, Addington Cemetery

Isabell McIntosh (Brewster) MP (1794 - 1865)

Isobel McIntosh MP (1742 - d.)

Isobel McInosh MP (1760 - d.)

Parents are Donald McIntosh & Margaret McDonald. Not sure, but Donald might be her uncle?

Isobel McIntosh MP (1786 - d.)

James(John) McIntosh MP (deceased)

Janet McIntosh MP (c.1736 - d.)

Janet McIntosh (Farqharson) MP (c.1570 - d.)

Janet McIntosh (Rattray) MP (c.1530 - d.)

John McIntosh MP (1830 - 1900)

alt b.1826

John Alexander McIntosh MP (1839 - 1899)

John McIntosh MP (1708 - d.)

John McComie Mohr McIntosh, Jr. MP (c.1558 - 1606)

John McIntosh MP (c.1645 - c.1698)

John "McComie Mohr" McIntosh MP (c.1574 - d.)

John McComie McIntosh, Sr. MP (c.1530 - c.1606)

John McIntosh MP (1746 - 1829)

According to the Midlothian: Edinburgh - Register of Marriages, 1751-1800, John was a tailor.

John McIntosh, Propagator of the "McIntosh Red" Apple MP (1777 - 1845)

'John McIntosh John was born 8/15/1777 in the Mohawk Valley of Herkimer County, New York in early America. John emigrated to Upper Canada, now Ontario, sometime in 1795-1801 he settles in Matilda Tow...

Male McIntosh MP (1895 - d.)

Male McIntosh MP (1908 - d.)

Male McIntosh MP (1906 - d.)

Malinda Talbert Young (McIntosh) MP (1808 - 1829)

Margaret Oliphant McIntosh (McFarlane) MP (c.1801 - 1881)

Had 10 children. Buried in family plot.

Margaret McIntosh (Farquharson) MP (c.1640 - d.)

Margaret McIntosh MP (1739 - d.)

Margaret McIntosh MP (c.1783 - d.)

Margaret McIntosh MP (c.1779 - d.)

Maria McIntosh (Carmen) MP (1772 - 1866)

Mary McIntosh (Milee) MP (b. - 1888)

Mary Ann Graham (McIntosh) MP (1829 - 1830)

Maud Alice McInnes (McIntosh) MP (1875 - 1933)

Percival David McIntosh MP (deceased)

Robert McIntosh MP (c.1678 - 1760)

Robert McIntosh MP (1781 - 1829)

Ref: MH Family Tree record John and Isabel lived in Logierait, Perthshire. Their son Robert arrived in NSW in 1814 with the 46th Regiment of which he was bandmaster. His wife Ellen and their childr...

Sarah McLish (McIntosh) MP (1824 - 1903)

Stephanie McIntosh MP

Susan Elizabeth McIntosh MP (1848 - d.)

Thomas McIntosh MP (1751 - d.)

Violet 'Aunt Vie' Maud McIntosh MP (1925 - d.)

William McIntosh MP (1712 - d.)

William McIntosh MP (1850 - 1909)

Capt. William McIntosh MP (1665 - 1724)

William McIntosh MP (1773 - 1843)

William Tustunnuggee Hutkee White Warrior McIntosh, Chief MP (c.1775 - 1825)

William McIntosh (ca. 1775–1825) led part of the pro-American Creek forces against the Red Sticks William McIntosh was a controversial chief of the Lower Creeks in early-nineteenth-century Georgia. H...

Mcintosh MP (1730 - d.)

mcintosh MP (deceased)

McIntosh MP (deceased)

Mcintosh MP (1821 - d.)

Arnott (McIntosh) MP (deceased)

McIntosh MP (deceased)

McIntosh MP (deceased)

McIntosh MP (deceased)

"Jerri" Mcintosh MP (deceased)

"Shorty" McIntosh MP (deceased)

"Tosh" Little (McIntosh) MP (deceased)

(America) Mary M Bishop (McIntosh) MP (1871 - d.)

(Possible) Sallie Chamness (McIntosh) MP (deceased)

-- Mcintosh MP (deceased)

-- Mcintosh (Sargant) MP (deceased)

... McIntosh, of Rimore MP (deceased)

10 McIntosh MP (deceased)

11 McIntosh MP (deceased)

2 McIntosh MP (deceased)

3 McIntosh MP (deceased)

9 McIntosh MP (deceased)

<private> McIntosh (Ready) MP (deceased)

? McIntosh MP (deceased)

? McIntosh MP (deceased)

? McIntosh MP (deceased)

? McIntosh MP (deceased)

? Mcintosh MP (deceased)