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Adelaide de Nevers MP (deceased)

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Adèle d'Anjou, comtesse de Vendôme MP (998 - 1034)

1. ADELA d'Anjou (-26 Feb [1033/35]). The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum names "Gosfridum Martellum et filiam Adelam" as the children of "Fulco Nerra"[148]. The primary source which confirms her marri...

Agnès I de Nevers, comtesse de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre MP (c.1170 - c.1192)

- ès Ire, née en 1170, morte en 1192, comtesse de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre (1185-1192), fille de Guy, comte de Nevers, d'Auxerre et de Tonnerre, et de Mathilde de Bourgogne.Héritière des comtés...

Aldesinde Lucie de Nevers, dite "de Tonnerre" MP (c.1080 - 1116)

[LUCIE] de Nevers . The Origine et Historia Brevi Nivernensium Comitum records the marriage of "Guillelmus Tornodorensis ex propria uxore unam filiam" and "Aimoni Borbonensi"[1675]. A charter dated 6 S...

Anne Ayotte MP (1640 - 1694)

Notes * Location info: Québec (birth,marriage,death), Sillery (marriage)* Elle eut 5 enfants. Firstname: Anne Name: Ayotte Hayot Gender: F Occupation: Born: 26 July 1640 Parish/City: Quebec Country: C...

Bertha "Blance" de Crequy MP (c.1035 - 1067)

Ermengarde de Nevers MP (c.1055 - 1090)

Ermengarde de Bar-sur-Seine & de Tonnerre, heiress, comtesse de Tonnerre MP (c.1030 - 1085)

Hugues-Renaud was named Count of Tonnerre and Bar-sur-Seine after his mother Azeka died. When he chose to become a priest, he ceded his title to Tonnerre to his cousin Ermengarde de Tonnerre, wife of G...

Ermengarde de Nevers MP (1073 - c.1100)

Elisabeth de Nevers daughter of Renaud II and 1st wife Ida Raymonde de Lyon et de ForezELISABETH de Nevers . The Origine et Historia Brevi Nivernensium Comitum records that the daughter of "Guillelmus…...

Bodon, comte de Nevers, VII. comte de Vendôme MP (995 - 1023)

- BODON de Nevers , son of LANDRY de Monceau Comte de Nevers & his wife Mathilde de Mâcon [Bourgogne-Comt%C3%A9] (-[1023]). "Landricus comes" donated property to the abbey of Flavigny by charter dat...

Euphrosine de Nevers, comtesse de Vendôme MP (c.1060 - 1110)


Foulques "L'Oison" de Nevers, comte de Vendôme MP (1014 - 1066)

Guillaume III, comte de Nevers, Auxerre et Tonnerre MP (1107 - 1161)


Guillaume IV de Nevers (d'Auxerre), comte de Nevers, Auxerre et Tonnerre MP (c.1130 - 1168)


Guillaume II de Nevers, comte de Tonnerre MP (c.1049 - c.1089)

Guillaume I, comte de Nevers MP (1014 - 1083)

- Titles: Count of Nevers, Count of Auxerre, Count of Tonnerre

Guillaume II, comte de Nevers et d'Auxerre MP (1083 - 1148)

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Guillaume V, comte de Nevers, Auxerre et Tonnerre MP (1168 - 1181)


Guy de Nevers, comte de Nevers, Auxerre et Tonnerre MP (1131 - 1175)


Guy de Nevers MP (c.1070 - 1118)

Hedwige de France, comtesse d'Auxerre MP (bef.1005 - aft.1063)

or Adèle (Alaïs). She was Countess of Auxerre. It is not clear whether she was a daughter or sister of Robert II of France. If she was his daughter, Robert II must have had two daughters of the same name.

Henriette de Clèves, duchesse de Nevers MP (1542 - 1601)

Henriette of ClevesFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHenriette of Cleves, Duchess of Nevers and Duchess of Rethel (31 October 1542[1]- 24 June 1601)[2], was a French noblewoman and heiress of the Cl...

Landry de Nevers, III MP (975 - 1028)

COMTES de NEVERS 990-1181Settipani highlights, and further expands, the following family group in Poitou, suggesting possible connections with the families of Ramnulf Comte de Poitou and Audebert Vicom...

Mahaut 'Mathilde' de Bourgogne, Comtesse de Grignon MP (c.1150 - 1192)


Mathilde de Nevers (de Bourgogne), dame de Limais MP (978 - aft.1025)

Alternate Name listing: "De Bourgogne"Birth Date: Either 976 or 978.Death Location: Auxerre, 89024, Yonne, Bourgogne, France, or alternate listing: Saint-Étienne, Loire, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Petronille de Vendôme (de Château Gontier) MP (c.1025 - 1078)


Renaud I, comte de Nevers MP (b. - 1040)

I de Nevers, Comte de Nevers et Torrene and in French: Renauld I (972-29 May 1040) was count of Nevers 1000-1040. Family [edit] MarriageHe married Hedwig (or Advisa) of France on Jan 25, 1016, daughter...

Renaud II, comte de Nevers MP (c.1047 - 1089)

He married secondly Agnès de Beaugency, daughter of Lancelin II, Seigneur de Beaugencyand Adelberge (?) , circa 1076 [G%C3%A9n%C3%A9alogie des rois de France, online ].

Robert de Nevers, seigneur de Crâon et de Sablé MP (c.1026 - 1098)

Wikipedia:Translated from French language if a smooth translation can be found please remove this. Janet Milburn 12/17: Robert le Bourguignon became lord of Sablé by his alliance with the unique ...

Sibylle de Nevers, duchesse consort de Bourgogne MP (1058 - 1078)

??? (deceased)

Aaron William Nevers (1868 - 1932)

Abigail Nevers (Forehand) (1772 - 1849)

Abigail Nevers (Wesson) (deceased)

Abigale Nevers (c.1870 - 1925)

GEDCOM Note ===== Biography ==Abigale was born about 1870. She passed away in 1925. == Sources == * Personal knowledge. "New Brunswick Provincial Marriages 1789-1950," database with images, FamilySearc...

Abuelo Jeff Nevers (deceased)

Addison Richard Nevers (1844 - 1913)

Adelaide, comtesse de Nevers (1098 - 1153)

Adelaide (Havoise, Adela, or Alice) de Nevers (deceased)

Adelberge de Nevers (978 - 1025)

Adèle, comtesse de Joigny (c.1145 - 1192)

Adèle FRANCE (DE) (deceased)

Adele de Nevers (c.1145 - 1192)

Adelicia de Nevers (1179 - aft.1217)

The connection between the following person and the family of the Comte de Nevers has not been established. 1. ADELICIA de Nevers, daughter of --- (-after 1217). The first wife of Geoffroy [V] Vicomte...

Adeline Nevers (Kindred) (1886 - 1965)

Adrienne de Nevers (c.1445 - aft.1466)

Advise of Nevers (de Sable) (deceased)

Aelis de Nevers (deceased)

Daughter of Guillaume III, comte de Nevers

Agnès de Nevers (b. - 1196)

Agnès (deceased)

Agnès, Comtesse de Nevers (c.1055 - 1137)

Agnes De Nevers (1125 - d.)

Agnes de Nevers (1170 - 1192)

Aimée PRUGNE (b. - 1965)

Albion Nevers (1840 - 1900)

Alexander Nevers (1787 - 1833)

GEDCOM Note ===== Biography == This biography was auto-generated by a GEDCOM import. Nevers-61 was created by Debbie Chenoweth through the import ofMiles_Chenoweth%20Family%20Tree.ged on Apr 4, 2014. T...

Alferetta Nevers(Potter)(McLean) (c.1861 - 1915)

Alicia Normandia Bretaña (deceased)

Alix de Beaujeu (b. - 1219)

Almira Maria Wood (Nevers) (deceased)

Alpheus Nevers (1811 - 1854)

Althea Jane Nevers (Dickinson) (1838 - d.)

Amable Brabant (Nevers) (1771 - 1853)

André Jules Nevers (1914 - 1985)

Andrew Nevers (deceased)

anna nevers (burrell) (deceased)

Anna Nevers (Wyman) (1756 - 1852)

Anna Bliss (Nevers) (1754 - 1788)

Ann Guertin (Nevers) (deceased)

ANNA NEVERS (deceased)

Anne Catherine Marie De Nevers

Anne de Nevers (c.1110 - 1180)

- . ANNE de Nevers . The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "comitissa Anna…soror comitis Renaldi Nivernensis" as mother of "Robertus [comes Alvernie]"[150]. m GUILLAUME [VIII] "le Vieux" Co...

Anne Ayotte (1640 - 1694)


Annie S Andrews (Nevers) (1894 - 1963)

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Ann Isabel Miles (Nevers) (deceased)

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Ann Mallory-Kearney (Nevers) (1770 - 1858)

Ann Nevers (Burrell) (1744 - 1830)

His son Samuel who married Ann Burrel brought Mayflower descendants to the line as she was the great great granddaughter of John Alden. Information on Samuel and Ann's family can be found at:

Ann Nevers (1798 - 1882)

Arthur Frederick Nevers (deceased)

Arthur Nevers (deceased)

Avoie de Nevers (Sable) (deceased)

Barbara Nevers (c.1935 - d.)

Barbara Jean Nevers (deceased)

Barbara Nevers (deceased)

Barbara Jackson Nevers (deceased)

Bathsheba Green Nevers (1759 - d.)

B. G. Nevers (deceased)

Ben Hur Nevers (1919 - d.)

Benjamin Marshall Nevers (deceased)

Benoni Nevers (deceased)

Bertha Nevers (1866 - 1895)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-1248597282@ U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 Yates Publishing Operations Inc 1,7836::0 === GEDCOM Source ===Source number: 23785.001; Source type: Ped...

Bethsheba Nevers (Green) (1703 - 1765)

GEDCOM Note ===== Biography ==== Sources == * Bethsheba Nevers Biography == This biography is a rough draft. It was auto-generated by a GEDCOM import and needs to be edited. === Name ===: Name: Bathshe...

Bethsheba Crosby (Nevers) (1760 - 1826)

Beverly Nevers (c.1933 - d.)

Bonne von Artois (deceased)

Bouchard de Nevers, comte de Vendôme (1055 - 1085)

Bouchard "le chauve" de Nevers, comte de Vendôme (deceased)

Buddy Nevers (deceased)

Burgondie de Craon (de Nevers) (1050 - 1130)

Burnham Havelock Nevers (1868 - 1950)

GEDCOM Note ===== Biography ==Burnham was born in 1868. He was the son of Samuel Nevers and Margery Phillips . He passed away in 1950. * Fact: Burial Coldstream Hillside Cemetery, Coldstream, Carleton ...