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Saemingr Odinsson, King in Hålogaland MP (c.239 - d.)

Basics Father: Odin (according to Snorre's Ynglingatal) Mother: Skade (same source) Children: Undocumented, but ancestors of Håkon Jarl the powerful. Alternatives In Snorre's preface to h...

Sigar Odinsson, King in Hunaland MP (c.625 - c.654)

[ ] In the Völsung cycle, Sigi is the ancestor of the Völsung lineage. In the Völsunga saga (1), he is said to be one of the sons of Odin.[1] He is also listed among Odin's sons in the Nafnaþulur. He...

Njård King of Svitjod Odinson (Svitjod) MP (deceased)

Sigrlami Odinsson, King of Gardariki MP (c.245 - d.)

[ ] [ ] Svafrlami was in the H and U version of the Hervarar saga the son of Sigrlami, who was the son of Odin. In the R version, Svafrlami is called Sigrlami and his parentage is not given. Svafrl...