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wife Yehoshafat Queen of Judea MP (deceased)

Alexandria Salome Regent of Judea (deceased)

Alexandria of Judea (deceased)

Antipater III of Judea (-46 - -4)

Antipater (first-born son of Herod I) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia See Antipater (disambiguation) for other people of this name. Antipater (ca. 46 BC – 4 BC) was Herod the Great's...

Archelaus of Judea (deceased)

Malthace of Judea (deceased)

Roxane of Judea (d. King Herod) (deceased)

Wagner, Sir Anthony Richard; ‘Pedigree and Progress: Essays in the Genealogical Interpretation of History’ ___________ says she marries Pheras II (cousin): issue of ...

Salampio of Judea (deceased)

Simeon of Priestly line Joarib of Judea (deceased)