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Einar 'Hardkjeft' Hard-Jaw of Orkney MP (deceased)

Einar Hardkjeft, grandson of Thorfinn Orkneyjarl. c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the youngest Einar ” 797]. Snorre names "Hallad, the second Einar, the thir...

Einar 'Klining' Buttered-bread of Orkney MP (deceased)

Einar Klining, grandchild of Thorfinn Orkneyjarl c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “ Hallad , Hrollaug and the youngest Einar ” 797]. Snorre names "Hallad, the second Einar, the third...

King Lot, Vulgate Cycle MP (deceased)

The Early French Vulgate Cycle, dating from the early 13th Century, is also called the Lancelot-Grail . See

Margaret Caithness of Orkney, Heiress of Lovat MP (1289 - 1387)

NN Wife of Thorfinn Sigurdsson Jarl of Orkney, Mistress of Eudes de Penthièvre (NN) MP (deceased)

Sumarlidi Sigurdsson (988-1015), Jarl of Orkney MP (c.988 - c.1015)

The saga says: Sigurd married a daughter of the Scottish king Malcolm, and their son was called Thorfin. Earl Sigurd had, besides, older sons; namely, Sumarlide, Bruse, and Einar Rangmund. c) E...

Waldemar Ragnvaldsson of Orkney MP (c.1035 - d.)

It is possible that Ragnvald Brusasson had a son called Vladimir or Waldemar with a wife from Kiev. Further sources needed.

Adam Bothwell Bishop of Orkney (Bothwell) MP (deceased)

Arlogia II Ragnvaldsdóttir of Orkney MP (c.1038 - d.)

It is possible that Ragnvald had a daughter called Arlogia, but sources are needed.

Aurchada of Orkney greve (mac Cathal O'Brien) MP (deceased)

Bergljot of Orkney MP (deceased)

RAGNHILD Paulsdatter . Orkneyinga Saga names (in order) “Thora…Ingirid…Herbjorg…Ragnhild” as the daughters of “Earl Paul Thorfinnson” and his wife, adding that Ragnhild was mother of “ Benedikt , fathe...

Earl of Orkney MP (deceased)

Earl Hilodve Thorfinsson (of Orkney) MP (deceased)

Earl Thorfinn 11, "the black" Sigurdsson (earl of Orkney) MP (deceased)

Einar 5th Earl of Orkney MP (deceased)

Einar II "Wrymouth" Sigurdsson, Earl of Orkney MP (c.990 - 1020)

Sigurd left four sons: Brusi, Sumarlidi, Einar and Thorfinn, each of whom would also bear the title Earl of Orkney. c) EINAR "Turf-Einar” . Orkneyinga Saga names “Hallad, Hrollaug and the youngest ...

Erlend I Einarsson Earl Of Orkney MP (c.888 - 954)

Gille Brigte Magnusson of Orkney, Orkney MP (1232 - d.)

Hamiliana Ragnvaldsdóttir of Orkney MP (c.1037 - d.)

There is a possibility that Ragnvald Orkneyjarl had a daughter called Hamiliana. Sources needed!

Igibiorg Bitling (Hakonsdatter of Orkney) MP (c.1106 - d.)

Ingebjörn of Orkney MP (1130 - d.)

John II, Earl of Orkney & Caithness MP (c.1259 - c.1312)

Lodvar of Orkney greve MP (934 - 988)

Lodver of Orkney MP (934 - 988)

Magnus Magnusson of Orkney, Earl of Caithness & Orkney MP (c.1235 - c.1284)

Magnus of Orkney MP (c.1270 - c.1321)

MAGNUS V, Jarl of Orkney and Earl of Caithness (?) 1311 to 1321 or a. 1329. On 28 Oct. 1 312 he witnessed the treaty of Inverness between King Robert I and Hakon V, King of Norway (1299 to 1319), and o...

NN Klining's father of Orkney MP (deceased)

Ossa (Offa) (of Orkney) MP (deceased)

Sir Patrick Ballantine Bishop of Orkney (Ballantine) MP (b. - 1607)

Ragnhild Pålsdatter of Orkney MP (1078 - d.)

Ragnhildr Pálsdóttir, daughter of Paul Thorfinnsson Orkneyjarl and his wife Hákonsdotter. PAUL Thorfinnsson, son of THORFINN II "the Black" Jarl of Orkney & his wife Ingibjörg Finnsdatter (-in pris...

Robert Reid, Abbot of Kinloss & Bishop of Orkney MP (b. - 1558)

Robert Reid (died 1558) was abbot of Kinloss, commendator-prior of Beauly, and bishop of Orkney. He was one of the greatest of the bishops of St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Scotland, and his legacy was...

Sigurd of Orkney MP (deceased)

Sigurd Digri Hlodversson (earl of Orkney) MP (deceased)

Suend (of Orkney), 1st Earl of Orkney? MP (deceased)

Svanlaug of Orkney MP (955 - 1025)

Svein Åsleifarsson of Orkney MP (deceased)

Thorfin 1 Rollo (Brico) Hausakliffer einarsson (5th earl of Orkney) MP (deceased)