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Adélaide of the Franks MP (792 - 846)

Adelaide d'Aquitaine F, #103201 Last Edited=13 Jul 2005 Adelaide d'Aquitaine is the daughter of Louis I, Roi de France and Irmengard of Hesbain. Forrás / Source: Ben M. Angel notes: The ...

Childéric, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.160 - 253)

born: 160 or 170 or 186 or 211 or 212 Hilderic King of the Franks Born : Bef 212 Died : 253 Ruled from 213 Father Sunno (Huano) King of the Franks Mother Marriage ? Children Abt. 2...

Chlodius III, King of the Sicambrian Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.200 - 289)

born 200 or 210 or 228 or 264? Clodius III King of the Franks Born : Bef 264 Died : 298 Ruled from 271 Father Bartherus King of the Franks Mother Marriage ? Children Bef 289 - ...

Chlotaire IV, King of the Franks MP (b. - c.719)

Chram of the Franks MP (c.513 - 561)

Clodomir IV, King of the Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (104 - 166)

Clodomir IV , (legendary) King of the Franks (148/9-166), reigned seventeen years. Expelled Nero's legions from Metz and Trier. He married Hafilda, daughter of the King of the Rugis. Chlodmir IV King...

Dagobert II, King of the Salian Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.300 - c.379)

Dagobert II was a French king from the sacred Merovingian bloodline, the last Merovingian to hold the title "Holy Roman Emperor". - --- - - - - - - - - - born: 299 or 300 or 310 dead: 346 or 379 or 389...

Grotte of the Franks MP (69 - 100)

born 69 or 78 Marriage to: Ratherius Of The Franks, King of the Franks, Chief of the Sicambrian Franks rance

Lambert II, bishop of Metz MP (c.670 - 741)

Lantbert [Lambert] II im Austrien Primate of Gaul and Germany, first Abbot of Lorsch and an uncle of St. Chrodegang. b.bef.710: s/o Chrodobertur (Robert) II and Doda Poiters d.bef.741 m.Chrotli...

Gauthier, King of the Sicambrian Franks (Fictitious Person) MP (c.252 - 306)

Like many Germanic peoples, the Franks developed an origin story to connect themselves with peoples of antiquity. In the case of the Franks, these peoples were the Sicambri and the Trojans. An anonymou...

(unknown wife of Chlodio II) Desposynl of The Franks (De Frimutel) (c.-50 - c.11)

Adaltrude or Aupais de Paris (of the Franks) (774 - 855)

Aeda Atalla Baroness of The Franks VonSaxony (c.785 - c.814)

Aganippus . King of the Franks (deceased)

Amalberge of the Franks (c.435 - c.478)

Antenor lV King of the Franks (b. - 69)

Bertrade Of the Franks (c.670 - 721)

Charlemagne King of the Franks (742 - 814)

Charles I Of the Franks (742 - 814)

Charles II Of the Franks (823 - 877)

Claudius III King of the Franks (deceased)

Clodius of The Franks (of the East Franks), II (deceased)

Clothaire Meroving King of The Franks (c.584 - 629)

Daghad of the Franks, II (deceased)

Ermentrude Of the Franks (Of Orleans) (830 - 869)

Genebald of The Franks (deceased)

Genebald of The Franks (deceased)

Herimerus King of the Franks (deceased)

Hildegarde, Princess Queen of the Franks (of Vinzgau) (deceased)

Ingonde Queen Of The Franks (b. - 590)

Judith Of the Franks (844 - 870)

Louis I Of the Franks (778 - 840)

King Luis I 'The Pious' of the Franks (Other Tree) (deceased)

Marcomir King of the Franks (222 - 281)

Memorana of the Franks (deceased)

Meruveus/Merovech King of the Franks (415 - 518)

Mrs Walter Queen Of The FRANKS (deceased)

Wife of Antenor IV (III) de Franks (10 - d.)

look for french language info born: 10 or 20 or or 49 or bef 63 Antenor III or IV or V Event(s) Birth: ABT 30 AD, GALIA, FRANCE, ROMAN EMPIRE Death: bef 0100, GALIA, FRANCE, ROMAN EMPIRE An...

NN2 Of the Franks (deceased)

NN2 Of the Franks (deceased)

Pharamond of Westphalia (of the Franks) (deceased)

Pippin III Of the Franks (715 - 768)

Regintrud of the Franks (635 - d.)

Rolande of the Franks (c.695 - d.)

Theodosa Princess of Burgundy and the Ostrogoths, QUEEN OF THE FRANKS (Theodosa) (c.520 - d.)

Theuderic King of the Franks, III (675 - 691)

Ymbergide Imberltrude Queen Of The Franks (Franks) (375 - d.)