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Imelda de la Paz Ongsiako MP

Imelda "Meldy" Ongsiako Cojuangco is a philanthropist and patroness of the arts. More here: .

Ramon Velasco Ongsiako MP (b. - 1949)

Ramon Ongsiako, in his youth, belonged to the Royal Court of the 1921 Manila Carnival Queen.

Adela Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Adela Ongsiako-Clemena MP (deceased)

Adela Velasco Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Caridad Velasco Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Crisanta Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Irene Soriano Ongsiako MP (1852 - c.1881)

Juan Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Juan Velasco Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Julia Damasa Leaño Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Lucio Isidro Velasco Ongsiako MP (1903 - d.)

Lucio Soriano Ongsiako MP (deceased)

Naty Bernardo MP (deceased)

Naty Ongsiako, better known as Naty Bernardo, was a Filipino pre-war actress on stage and screen. More here: .

Oscar de la Paz Ongsiako MP (b. - 1995)

Oscar de la Paz Ongsiako was one of the founding partners behind Siguion-Reyna, Montecillo and Ongsiako Law Offices.