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Emilio Chiong Veloso Osmeña MP (deceased)

Emilio Veloso Osmeña, in his youth, was the King Consort to the Miss Philippines at the 1930 Manila Carnival. He became a physician. Sadly, he was killed by Japanese invaders during their occupation of...

Pedro Singson Gotiaoco MP (1856 - 1921)

Don Pedro Lee Gotiaoco was a 19th century “rags-to-riches” Chinese immigrant tycoon, philanthropist and Cebu Chinese community leader. His Chinese name is “Go Bun Tiao” in the Hokkien and pronounced “W...

Sergio Osmeña, Sr. MP (1878 - 1961)

Sergio Suico Osmeña is the fourth President of the Philippines. More here: . * Link to Pedro Singson Gotiaco is not verified ** Reference "Remembering the Grand Old Man of Cebu". National H...

Sergio Chiong Veloso Osmeña, Jr. MP (1916 - 1984)

Sergio "Serging" Veloso Osmeña, Jr. was a Filipino politician who became a mayor, governor, congressman and senator. He ran as the Liberal party presidential candidate in the 1969 elections against Fer...

Vicenta Osmeña MP (1902 - 1982)

Vicenta Veloso Osmeña belonged to the Royal Court of the 1921 Manila Carnival Queen. Juan Veloso and Vicenta Osmeña married twice: first on October 23, 1923 in Naga, Cebu followed by their second on ...

? Severino osmena MP (deceased)

Amando Osmeña MP (deceased)

Caridad Osmena MP (deceased)

Doña Carmen O.(Osmeña) Medalle MP (deceased)

Catalina Sarmiento Osmeña MP (deceased)

Catalina Osmena MP (deceased)

Edilberto S. Osmena MP (deceased)

enosencia bello osmena MP (deceased)

Erlinda Osmena MP (deceased)

Fidel Sr. Osmeña MP (deceased)

Francisco Osmena MP (deceased)

Gaudalupe V. Osmena MP (deceased)

Gloria Angeles (Osmena) MP (deceased)

Guillermo Rita Osmeña MP (deceased)

Helen Osmeña MP (deceased)

herminigildo bello osmena MP (deceased)

Jose Carballo Osmeña MP (deceased)

Jose Vicente "Pepito" Osmena MP (deceased)

luis osmeña MP (deceased)

marcella bello nuevo (osmena) MP (deceased)

Natividad de la Rama Osmeña MP (deceased)

Olympia Osmena MP (deceased)

Patricio Osmena MP (deceased)

Paula Suico MP (deceased)

Paulino Osmena MP (b. - 1994)

pedro bello osmena MP (deceased)

Ramon Osmeña MP (deceased)

romana osmena MP (deceased)

Rosario Marilao Osmena MP (deceased)

Selerina Osmena MP (deceased)

Sergio Osmena, Sr. MP (deceased)

Severino Osmeña MP (deceased)

Severino Osmeña MP (deceased)

teotimo osmena osmena (sacay) MP (deceased)

Vicenta Rita MP (deceased)

Don Victoriano Osmeña MP (deceased)