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Edgardo Lardizabal Paras MP (1922 - d.)

Edgardo Lardizabal Paras served as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines from 16 April 1986 to 04 July 1992. More here: .

Ricardo Mercader Paras MP (1891 - 1984)

Ricardo Mercader Paras graduated his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines in 1913, and placed second in the Bar Examinations that same year. He engaged in private law practice before...

-- Paras (deceased)

? Paras (deceased)

? Causing (Paras) (deceased)

Adelaida Paras (de la Rosa) (deceased)

Adelaida Paras (deceased)

Adele? Paras (deceased)

Agatona Paras (Rodriguez) (deceased)

Agustin Paras (deceased)

Agustin Paras (deceased)

Agustin Paras (1700 - d.)

Agustin Paras (1780 - 1860)

alberto paras (deceased)

alberto sr. paras (deceased)

Alejandro Paras (b. - 1970)

Alonso Paras (1700 - d.)

Amelia Carlos Paras (Espiritu Carlos) (deceased)

Ana Domingo-Gonzales (deceased)

Ana Domingo-Madriaga (deceased)

Anacleto, Sr. Paras (deceased)

Anastacio Paras (deceased)

Andrew Paras (c.1935 - 1989)

Andrus Paras (deceased)

Angel Paras (deceased)

Angeles Paras (1921 - 1993)

angelina morales-paras (deceased)

Anicetta Paras (Sacdalan) (1923 - 1996)

Ann Lensmann (Paras) (1848 - 1933)

Ann Paras (b. - 1878)

Ann Must / Paras (Pichen) (1856 - 1929)

Anna Pent (Paras) (1896 - d.)

Anna Paras (c.1715 - d.)

Named as a parent in the death record of Engel de Wolf .

Antonia Díaz Parás (deceased)

Antonia (Toni) Paras (Manos) (deceased)

Antonia Paje Paras (deceased)

Agatona is the first name?

Antonio Yap Paras, Sr. (deceased)

Aquilina Paras (deceased)

Aristotle Paras (deceased)

Armando paras (deceased)

Arsenio Paras (deceased)

Arsenio "Boy" Paras (b. - 2009)

Asta Paras ← Parras (1921 - d.)

Athena Paras (Varcados) (1889 - 1957)

Aurea Paras (deceased)

Aurea Sandico Paras (Hipolito) (deceased)

Aurea Paras (deceased)

Beatriz Paras (Espinosa) (deceased)

beatriz Paras (deceased)

Benedicto Paras (1933 - 2001)

Beng Beng Paras (deceased)

Bonifacio Paras (deceased)

Buenaventura Cuyugan Paras (deceased)

Jesus "Buster" Paras (deceased)

Carmelita Paras (Ayson) (c.2004 - d.)

Carmen hipolito Paras (Feliciano) (1923 - 2008)

Cecilia Paras (deceased)

Cecilio Paras (deceased)

Cesar Paras (deceased)

Chito Paras (deceased)

Chris Paras (deceased)

Chris Paras (1927 - d.)

Clemente Paras (deceased)

Com Paras Ram (deceased)

Concepcion Paras (deceased)

concepcion paras (deceased)

Constancia Paras (deceased)

Gus (1909 - 1973)

Consuelo Paras (deceased)

Corazon Escoto (Paras) (deceased)

cornelio paras (deceased)

Crisanto Paras (deceased)

Crisanto Paras (deceased)

Dahlia Paras (deceased)

Daniel Paras (deceased)

daniel Paras (deceased)

Daniel Johansson Backa (Påras) (1738 - d.)

Daniel Antonio Paras (deceased)

Daniel Antonio Paras (deceased)

David Paras (b. - 2009)

Delfin Paras (1918 - 1977)

Demetria Paras (deceased)

Dionisio Paras (deceased)

Dominador Aguilar Paras (deceased)

Domingo Paras (deceased)

Dr. Armando Paras, I (deceased)

Edna Zubiri-Paras (deceased)

Eduviges Villapaña Paras (deceased)

Efrocina Paras (deceased)

Efrocina Paras (Panlilio) (deceased)

Elena Vergara Paras (deceased)

Elena Welsh Paras (deceased)

Eleuterio Panlilio Paras (deceased)

Elizabeth Paras (c.1794 - d.)

Emilio Pineda Paras (deceased)

Encarnacion Paras (del Rosario) (deceased)

Epifanio Paras (deceased)

Eriberto Paras (deceased)

Esperanza Alcoseba (Esperanza Paras Arriaga) (deceased)

Esteban Paras (deceased)