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Alvin Periera (deceased)

Angela Dorothy Periera (1916 - 1970)

Anna Louise Periera (DeYeso) (1932 - 2011)

Anthony Dexter Perry (Periera Cardozo) (1882 - 1946)

Anthony I Periera (1880 - 1946)

Antonio Periera da Silva (deceased)

Antony Periera (deceased)

Artur Rosa Periera Brites (1930 - d.)

BENNY PERIERA (deceased)

Boniface Periera (deceased)

Bonnaventure Periera (deceased)

Bridget Maria Clark (Periera) (b. - 2011)

Bridget worked in Kuwait for many years and later moved to Toronto.she was married to John Tellis but he passed away young in life.Bridget remarried in her later years to John Clark.

Camil Periera (deceased)

Carmel John Periera (deceased)

Catherine Periera (deceased)

Cecilia Ribeiro (Periera) (deceased)

Christine D' Souza (deceased)

Clara Periera (deceased)

Daniel Fernandes Periera (deceased)

Edith Periera (deceased)

Elizabeth Periera (deceased)

Eliza D'silva (Periera) (deceased)

Emily Isidore (b. - 2018)

Emily Periera-Laplace (deceased)

Ermine Periera (Mascarenhas) (deceased)

FELIX PERIERA (deceased)

Fernando Periera da Silva (deceased)

Filomena Periera (De Almeida) (deceased)

Florine Saldanha (Periera) (1912 - 1997)

Francisco De Rosa Periera (Perry) (1902 - d.)

I find this to be facinating so I figured I would share :)boxer: Frank Perry aka Blacky Perry (Born as Francisco Baptista Pereira) Global ID: 169708Division: featherweightNationality: United States / P...

Francis Periera (deceased)

george periera (deceased)

George "Lefty" "Cricket" Bogart Periera (1914 - 2008)

Geraldine Periera/Esparza (deceased)

Germana Maria De Sousa (Germana Maria Periera) (b. - 2009)


Guillermina Sanchez Y Periera De Lucca (1850 - d.)

Hazel Menezes Periera (deceased)

Irene Buchbinder (Periera Gottleib) (1910 - 2013)

Isaac Periera (deceased)

Isabel Periera (Pereira) (deceased)

J.A. Periera (deceased)

Jerome Periera (deceased)

Jimmy Periera (deceased)

Joachim Periera (deceased)

Joana D'silva (Amranwadi - Periera) (b. - 1900)

JOAO PERIERA (deceased)

Joaquim Periera (1877 - d.)

John Periera (deceased)

John Periera (deceased)

John Williams-Periera (deceased)

John Periera (deceased)

Jose de Souza Periera (1852 - d.)

jose periera (deceased)

Joseph Periera (deceased)

juana periera (deceased)

Keith Periera (deceased)

LaVerne Periera/Perry (deceased)

Lawrence Periera (deceased)

Leo Hygiene Pereira (Periera) (1915 - 1993)

Lewise Periera, Hassan (deceased)

Ligori Periera, Kadnasalli (deceased)

Lilian Mary Periera (deceased)

lilly periera (deceased)

Linnet Periera (deceased)

Loyola Periera (deceased)

Lucy Mascarenhas (Periera) (deceased)

Lucy Periera (deceased)

Magdalene Periera (deceased)

Manuel G Periera (1874 - c.1921)

Manuel Velasquez Periera (deceased)

Marcelina Augusta Periera (deceased)

Margaret Roberta Periera (Young) (1899 - 2000)

Passenger Lists London- Demerara 30.9.1916 SS Sargasso Direct Line London -Demerara 23.5.1924 SS Specialist Harrison Line

Margerita Periera (Rodrigues) (deceased)

Margret Periera (deceased)

Maria Periera (deceased)

Maria Rona Rodrigues (Periera) (deceased)

Maria Periera (deceased)

Maria de Medeiros (Periera) (deceased)

Maria Periera (Fialho) (48 - d.)

Marianna Costa Periera (1870 - 1947)

Marie Estrella Sousa (Periera) (1906 - 1973)

Mary P Bettencourt (Periera) (1879 - d.)

Mary Periera (1883 - d.)

Mary Periera (Morgan) (1874 - 1926)

Mary Periera (Mary D'souza) (deceased)

Mary E. Silva Williams-Periera (Silva) (1885 - d.)

Maximo Periera (deceased)

Mercine D'Silva (Periera) (deceased)

Micheal Periera (deceased)

nazareth periera (deceased)

Nelson G Periera (deceased)

Pablo Williams-Periera (1875 - d.)

Pauline Almeida (Periera) (deceased)

Paul Periera (1934 - d.)

Periera (deceased)

philomina periera (deceased)

Porfiria Doroteia da Costa Periera (deceased)

Rachel Periera (de Pass) (deceased)

Regina Periera (Castelino) (deceased)