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Charles Polhill MP (1725 - 1805)

CHARLES. (CHIPSTEAD). Charles, (to be called No. 1 to distinguish him from his grandson,) the only surviving son to David IV and Elizabeth Borrett, was born May 8th 1725. He was thus 29 when he succe...

Charles Polhill MP (1689 - 1755)

Charles, the youngest son, a citizen of London and a Merchant Taylor, spent the early part of his life in Smyrna. On his return to England, the influence of his brother David IV with Lord Townsend (Sec...

David Polhill, MP MP (1674 - 1754)

David IV had predeceased him in 1754 source ==== Detail from the memorial to David Polhill (died 1754), MP for Rochester and Keeper of the Records in the Tower of London DAVID IV. THE POLITICIA...

Edmund Polhill MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Polhill (Ireton) MP (1647 - d.)

Elizabeth Polhill (Trevor) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Polhill (Borrett) MP (b. - 1785)

Elizabeth Polhill MP (deceased)

Gertrude Polhill (Hollis) MP (deceased)

Henry Polhill MP (deceased)

Henry Polhill MP (deceased)

John Polhill MP (deceased)

Martha Polhill (Streatfield) MP (1687 - 1742)

She died in May 1742 and was buried in velvet at Otford. Streatfeild, Margaret, Sevenoaks, co. Kent, spinster. Martha Polhill, wife of Charles Polhill, sister and sole ... Prerogative Court of Cant...

Thomas Polhill MP (c.1635 - d.)

David III was 26 years old when he succeeded in 1658 and within six months had purchased the extensive property of Chipstead Place, Sevenoaks, from Ralph Suckley (36). This spacious house in the parish...

Thomas Polhill MP (deceased)

. Polhill MP (deceased)

. Polhill MP (deceased)

. Polhill MP (deceased)

. Polhill MP (deceased)

. Polhill MP (deceased)

<Private> Polhill MP (deceased)

? Polhill MP (c.1621 - d.)

? Polhill MP (c.1623 - d.)

? Polhill MP (c.1641 - c.1641)

? Polhill MP (c.1643 - c.1644)

? Polhill MP (c.1644 - c.1644)

? Polhill MP (c.1645 - c.1645)

? Polhill MP (c.1647 - c.1647)

? Polhill MP (1649 - 1649)

? Polhill MP (1651 - c.1651)

? Polhill MP (1653 - d.)

? Polhill MP (1655 - d.)

abigail polhill MP (1777 - 1850)

Abraham Polhill MP (b. - 1624)

Abraham stayed at Goddington, in Shoreham, and dying in 1624 left a widow, Alice, a son Edward and three daughters. The wills of Abraham and Alice are in Appendix B6 and B7. WILL OF ABRAHAM POLHILL o...

Adelaide Emily Sophia Polhill MP (1831 - 1838)

Agnes Polhill MP (deceased)

Agnes Polhill MP (deceased)

Alice Webb (Polhill) MP (1749 - d.)

Alice Polhill MP (deceased)

WILL of Alice Polhill, widow, of Shoreham Made 13th July 1637. Proved 3rd. April 1638. To daughter Margaret Clay her best red petticoat and bands. To daughter of Margaret Clay her best green apro...

Ann Polhill MP (c.1611 - d.)

Ann Polhill MP (c.1583 - 1624)

Ann Polhill MP (c.1638 - d.)

Ann Polhill MP (c.1639 - 1726)

Anne, the eldest daughter, born 16th April 1638, married George Petty and lived at Colet's Well at the corner of Otford Green, A stone to their memory is now on the outside wall of the Lady Chapel of O...

Ann Polhill MP (deceased)

Ann Nash (Polhill) MP (1638 - d.)

Ann Ades (Polhill) MP (deceased)


Anne Polhill MP (1759 - d.)

Anne Margaret Polhill (Graham) MP (1801 - 1882)

Annes Polhill (Plumly) MP (deceased)

Arthur Edward Polhill MP (1826 - 1879)

Baker Polhill MP (1798 - 1853)

Barbara Nightingale (Polhill) MP (1917 - 1992)

Barbara Polhill MP (deceased)

Beatrice Mary POLHILL MP (1867 - d.)

His eldest daughter Beatrice, married Major Alfred George Streatfeild Beadwell who served in India, Egypt etc. and died September 1906.

Benjamin Mitchell Polhill MP (c.1832 - d.)

Catherine Polhill MP (deceased)

Charles POLHILL MP (deceased)

CHARLES II (SUNRIDGE AND KING'S LYNN.) The eldest son Charles, born 8th October 1805, succeeded his father George in September 1839. By contrast with his predecessors he lived a rather retired life, ...

Charles POLHILL MP (deceased)

Charles Polhill MP (1796 - 1813)

Charles Davenport Polhill MP (1839 - 1860)

Charlotte Polhill (McDermott) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Blackmore (Polhill) MP (deceased)

Christopher Polhill MP (c.1495 - d.)

Cornelia Miller (Polhill) MP (1834 - 1922)

David POLHILL MP (deceased)

David Polhill MP (c.1578 - 1650)

David II, the elder son of John and Friswith, was born in 1577. He entered into all his father's vast estates and married twice. Firstly to Margaret, daughter of Stephen Theobald of Seale. (49). On Mar...

David Polhill MP (c.1526 - 1578)

David I died in 1578 and lies buried in the chancel beneath the oldest known tomb in Otford Church. There is a square slab by the vestry door bearing the device of a shield inscribed ' David Polhill Al...

David Polhill MP (c.1609 - 1644)

David Polhill MP (1633 - 1665)

. David, the eldest son was born in 1633 and succeeded his grandfather David II The two elder sons, David and Thomas, in turn succeeded to the inheritance of Grandfather David II. David III was 26 ye...

David Polhill MP (deceased)

David Polhill MP (b. - c.1665)

Dinah Polhill (Noakes) MP (1831 - 1898)

Dorothie Polhill MP (deceased)

Dorothy Polhill MP (1570 - d.)

Dorothy Polhill MP (1764 - d.)

Drusilla Polhill (Stanford) MP (1849 - d.)

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Edward Polhill MP (deceased)

Edward Polhill MP (deceased)


Edward Polhill MP (1789 - 1859)

Edward Polhill MP (1761 - d.)

Edward Polhill MP (1742 - d.)

Edward Brooke Polhill MP (1834 - 1844)

EDWIN POLHILL MP (1838 - d.)

Eliazabeth Polhill MP (c.1560 - d.)

Elisabeth Polhill (Coppard) MP (b. - 1782)

Elisabeth Polhill MP (b. - 1757)

Elisabeth Polhill MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Mary POLHILL MP (1868 - d.)

Elizabeth Polhill MP (c.1615 - 1679)

Elizabeth Raddish (Polhill) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Polhill MP (b. - 1686)

Thomas, described as "being politely learned, affable and a bachelor" died 9th February 1667 aged 54, and lies on the north side next to his sister Elizabeth "pious and to this church munificent, die...

Elizabeth Polhill (Daniel) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Polhill (Byng) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Polhill (Marsh) MP (b. - 1670)

WILL of ELIZABETH POLHILL, wife of WILLIAM POLHILL, of Maidstone, gentleman. Made 26th August 1665. Proved 7th. April 1670. House in Sandwich wherein my late husband Paul Lukyn lived and died, la...

Elizabeth Polhill (Codde) MP (deceased)

Emily Polhill MP (1824 - 1898)

Emily Hines Polhill (Nisbit) MP (1832 - 1905)