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Apachamo Kekataugh (Catataugh) Powhatan MP (1557 - d.)

Cockacoeske, Leader of the Pamunkey MP (c.1634 - 1686)

Everything you wanted to know about Cockacoeske Powhatan Cockacoeske Powhatan -

"Young Cornstalk" Powhatan MP (1598 - 1650)

From Don Greene's Shawnee Heritage Vol IV p 167 In 1616 he went to England with his aunt Matoaka and returned in 1617 with John Rolfe after her death. Un 1618, after the death of Chief Powhatan, he l...

Dashing Stream Powhatan MP (1474 - 1525)

Dashing Stream, who was born May 6, 1474, on the banks of a tributary of the Lancer river, which headed in the Blue Ridge mountains. He died in 1540. Dashing Stream was the father of Scented Flower, wh...

Japasaw Iopassus Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (1590 - c.1620)

Japasaw (aka ioppasus) King of the Patawomeck and Paupauwiske Japasaw (aka ioppasus)is recognized as the brother of the great Chief Powhatan, father of Pocahontas, although researchers feel he is...

Ka Okee "Mary" Arroya or Arroyah Wahanganoche (Powhatan) MP (1622 - c.1704)

Kocoum Powhatan MP (1590 - 1613)

Kocoum married Matoaka Amonute "Pocahontas" "Rebecca" /Unknown/, daughter of Wahansonacock "Wa-Hun-Sen-A-Caw /Unknown/ and Winanuske "Winganucki" /Unknown/, about 1611 in , , Virginia. (Matoaka Amonute...

Matachanna "Cleopatra" Powhatan Powhatan, (Sister of Pochontas) MP (c.1610 - 1684)

Gayle Prettyhawk Phillips Bausmith Chief Nemattanon Don Luis de Velsco Japasaw my 15th great grandfather YESTERDAY · FRIENDS Nemattanon alias Don Luis de Velasco, Chief Powatan, taken by the Spa...

Matoaka Amonute "Rebecca" Powhatan, aka Pocahontas MP (1595 - 1617)

A note about names and titles from : Although Pocahontas was not a princess in the context of Powhatan culture, the Virginia Company nevertheless presented her as a princess to the English public. ...

Morning Flower Powhatan MP (1528 - 1570)

Morning Ripple Wininocock Mangopesamom Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (c.1470 - 1518)

a weroance ? links

Murmuring Ripple Powhatan (Chief of Attanoughkomouch), Chief of Attanoughkomouck Tribe MP (c.1425 - 1495)

Chief of the Attanoughkomouck (?) tribe links see also:

Nantaquas MP (c.1594 - d.)

Captain John Smith spoke of Nantaquas in his letter to Queen Anne.

Nicketti "She Who Sweeps the Dew from the Flowers" Hughes (Powhatan) MP (c.1625 - c.1720)

Powhatan at the end of the names are identifiers for tribal affiliation only, no records exist of any individual actually having the last name Powhatan. The current Pamunkey (Powhatan) tribe only state...

Nonoma "Shawnee" Cornstalk (Powhatan) MP (1630 - 1679)

Married her uncle Links Shawnee Heritage IV  By Don Greene.  Page 168

Opechancanough Mangopeesomon Stream Powhatan, Chief of the Pamunkey MP (c.1545 - 1645)

Brother of Chief Powatan (real name Wahunsonacock) When Powatan died in1618, Opechancanough took over. he was much more violent than his brother. in 1622 he invaded Jamestown. Brother Wahunsonacock was...

Opichapam Itoyatin Sasawpen Powhatan MP (1550 - c.1620)

Running Stream "Don Luis", Weroance / Ensenore of the Powhatan MP (c.1510 - 1618)

Jamestown & The Powhatans ( video ) : Lots of educational articles : Cultures at Jamestown (PDF) Life at Jamestown (PDF) Living with the Indians (PDF) Tobacco and Labor (PDF) Angela (PDF) ...

Tahacope Powhatan MP (1580 - d.)

According to Shawnee Heritage IV, entry 222, she was full sister to Metha (Mehta) Powhatan, and a daughter of Ponnoiske Quiquoghcohannock. But nothing else is known about her.

Taux Powhattan (Powhatan) MP (1593 - d.)

Wahanganoche Arroyha Powhatan, King of the Patawomeck MP (1620 - 1664)

Chief Wahanganoche, King of Patawomke (Patawomeck, a tribe now recognized by the State of Virginia) From: THE VIRGINIA INDIAN TRIBES: 17TH CENTURY, Leaflet 57, Apr 1933, 2nd Printing Sept 1940, Dep...

Wahunsonacock Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (1545 - 1618)

Powhatan. The ruling chief and practically the founder of the Powhatan confederacy (q. v.) in Virginia at the period of the first English settlement. His proper name was Wahunsonacock, but he was commo...

Powhatan (sister/wife of Dashing Stream Powhatan) MP (1474 - 1525)

Ann? Debedeavon (Powhatan) (c.1595 - 1623)

We don't really know what her name was - the reason for assigning "Ann" appears to be that Ensign Thomas Savage's known (English) wife was called both Hannah and Ann(e) (the names were effectively inte...

cheif japasaw iopassus powhatan (deceased)

Chief Ensenore Powhatan (c.1520 - d.)

chief morning flower powhatan (deceased)

Chief Murmurimg Ripple Powhatan (1474 - 1525)

Chief Opechancanough POWHATAN (1545 - d.)

Chief Opechancanough POWHATAN (1545 - d.)

Chief Running Stream Powhattan (Powhatan) (1520 - 1570)

Chief Wabunsonacock Powhatan (1570 - d.)

Chief Wabunsonacock Powhatan (1570 - c.1618)

Chief Wahunsunacock Powhatan Hill (deceased)

cleopatra shawano cherokee (powhatan) (1580 - 1641)

Cleopatra Shawano Powhatan (1602 - 1641)

Cocacoeske of Totopotomoi (Powhatan), of the Pamunky (c.1632 - 1687)

Dashing Stream Powhatan (1474 - 1526)

Dashing Stream Powhatan (1474 - 1526)

Daughter Powhatan (c.1562 - d.)

Elizabeth Spurlock (Powhatan Indian) (1717 - 1739)

Family lore says she was at least part Powhattan Indian, but this has not been proven.

emperor wahunsonacick big chief powhatan (1545 - 1615)

Emperor Wahunsomacock Powhatan (1545 - 1618)

Heliku Powhatan (c.1715 - c.1750)

Keaokai Powhatan (c.1718 - c.1764)

Mary Powhatan (1720 - 1781)

Mary Powhatan (c.1720 - 1781)

Mary Powhatan (c.1720 - 1781)

Mary Powhatan (c.1720 - 1781)

Metha Powhatan (Cornstalk) (c.1570 - 1605)

According to Shawnee Heritage IV, entry 221, she was the daughter of Chief Powhatan and Ponnoiske Quiquoghcohannock, given in marriage to Chief Dededeavon of the Accawmacke (sub)confederacy as one of h...

Morning Flower Powhatan (1500 - 1570)

Morning Flower Powhatan, Chief (1389 - d.)

An ggggg-uncle to the historic Pocohantas.

Motoaka Pocahontis Powhatan (1595 - 1617)

Mrs. Powhatan (deceased)

Murmuring Ripple Powhatan (1415 - 1495)

Nectowance Powhatan Powhatan, Werowance of the Powhatan (c.1600 - c.1649)

Necotowance Nectowance (c. 1600-1649) was the Weroance (chief) of the Pamunkey tribe following the death of his father[citation needed] Opechancanough. After his death he was succeeded by Totopotomoi...

NN Powhatan (deceased)

NN Powhatan (1599 - 1641)

Nonoma Powhatan (Winganuske) (deceased)

Nonoma Winganuske Powhatan (deceased)

One Other Powhatan (deceased)

Oopechaganauha (Powatan Name) Sarah (slave name) McCain (Powhatan) (c.1741 - c.1799)

Opitchapam Powhatan (deceased)

Opussunaquonuske (Opachisco) Powhatan (1555 - d.)

Princess Nicketti Powhatan (deceased)

Princess Nicketti Powhatan (1644 - 1720)

Running Stream Powhatan (1500 - 1570)

Running stream Arroyah Powhatan (1516 - 1570)

Scent Flower Powhatan (b. - 1600)

Scent Flower Powhatan (Flower) (1517 - d.)

Unknown Powhatan (deceased)

Princess Wahanee of Powhatan Tribe (1735 - d.)

wahunsenacewh powhatan (deceased)

Wahunsunacock Powhatan (deceased)

winanuske powhatan (nonma) (1545 - 1617)

Wowincho Powhatan (1560 - d.)

Young Wind Clan powhatan (1623 - 1690)