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Alfonso Mayo Recto MP (1887 - 1936)

Alfonso Mayo Recto was a writer and a legislator from Tayabas. He was also a Judge of the Court of First Instance.

Claro Mayo Recto, Jr. MP (1890 - 1960)

Claro Mayo Recto was a Filipino politician, jurist, poet and statesman. More here: . References: "Find A Grave Index," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 8 July 2015), Claro M Recto, 1960; Buria...

?? Recto (deceased)

???? Recto (deceased)

???? Recto (deceased)

Alejandro Recto (deceased)

ALFONSO RECTO II (c.1931 - d.)

Alfonso Recto (deceased)

Amado Recto (deceased)

amelia-nene tajonera Recto (deceased)

angel Recto (deceased)

Angelina Recto (deceased)

Anita Recto (deceased)

Antonio M. Recto (deceased)

Antonio Recto (deceased)

Artemio Dia - Recto (deceased)

Artemio Dia Recto (deceased)

Avelino Guerra Recto (deceased)

Baselisa Recto (deceased)

Basilisa Recto (deceased)

Bitoy Guerra Recto (deceased)


Carolina Lavares RECTO (DOLENDO) (deceased)

Cesar LOPEZ RECTO (deceased)

Cesar Recto (deceased)

cezar Recto (deceased)

Claro Recto, Sr (deceased)

Claro Recto Sr had served as a gobernadorcillo in Tiaong, Tayabas and a sergeant in the Spanish forces. Resources: Constantino, Renato. The Making of a Filipino (a Story of Philippine Colonial Po...

Claro Tajonera Recto (1924 - 1994)

Claro M Recto (deceased)

Claro Mayo Recto (deceased)

Claro (Kapitan Tarong) Recto (deceased)

Conchita Recto Zamora (Recto) (deceased)

Concordia Recto (deceased)

Consuelo Recto (deceased)

Consuelo Castillo-Recto (deceased)

Consuelo Recto (Castillo) (deceased)

Corazon Recto (deceased)

Damaso Recto (deceased)

Delfina Hulguin (Recto) (deceased)

elvira arrastia recto (deceased)

Emeterio Recto (deceased)


eying tajonera Recto (deceased)

Fabella Recto-Moran (deceased)

Fabiola Recto (deceased)

felesa tajonera Recto (tajonera) (deceased)

Filomena Recto (deceased)

Fortunata Guerra Recto (deceased)

Fortunato Recto (deceased)

Gervacio Recto (deceased)

Gregorio Recto (deceased)

Guilherme Recto (deceased)

Helen Recto-Zamora (RECTO) (1924 - 1997)

Hilaria (1st) Gonzales-Recto (deceased)

Hilda Recto (deceased)

Imelda Triol (Recto) (deceased)


Jose Maria Silos Recto (1917 - 1963)

Justo Recto (deceased)

Justo Recto (deceased)

Justo Gonzales Recto (deceased)

Letecia Recto (b. - 2014)

Lilia Recto (deceased)

Lucina Recto (deceased)

Lucinda Santos Recto (deceased)

Luis Recto (deceased)

Mamerta Recto Broqueza (Recto) (1866 - 1946)

Manuel San Jose Recto (c.1920 - d.)

Marcelino Recto (deceased)

Marcelino Recto (deceased)

Margarita Recto (deceased)

Margarita Recto - Ballebas (deceased)

Margarito Recto (deceased)

Margarito Agravante Recto (deceased)

Margarito Dia - Recto (deceased)

Margarito Dia Recto (deceased)

Maria Recto (deceased)

MARIA RECTO (LOPEZ) (deceased)

Maria Buela Recto (deceased)

Maria Clara Silos Recto (c.1910 - d.)

Mariano Recto (deceased)

Maris Stella Recto (Godinez) (deceased)

Mecedes Dia-Recto (deceased)

Merced Recto (deceased)

Merced Umali Recto (Dia) (deceased)

MICHAEL RECTO (c.1932 - d.)

Nanay Sasing Ampiloquio Recto (deceased)

Nena Recto (deceased)

nestor Recto (deceased)

Paciano Recto (deceased)

Paciano Recto (deceased)

Paulino Recto Sr. (deceased)

pepe Recto (deceased)

Prisca Recto (deceased)

Purification Recto (deceased)

rafael tajonera Recto (deceased)

RAMON RECTO (c.1919 - d.)

Ramonsito recto ysmael (deceased)

raul Recto (deceased)

Rodrigo Sunico Recto (deceased)